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Hunger, Thirst, and Concentration Camps

Across America and the planet, we are now witnessing an unheralded explosion of the most virulent forms of religious apostasy. Incredibly, this is just as Jesus and the Bible's prophets foresaw. Yet, only those with eyes to see and ears to hear are even dimly aware of the rising tide of perverted spirituality. If you are one of the overcomers whom God has blessed with His precious gift of discernment, you will understand. You will recognize that what I reveal here is horribly sick and evil.

However, if you are not blessed with this gift of discernment, PLEASE DON'T READ ANY FURTHER. You will only get frustrated and mad. And you'll probably end up writing to Texe Marrs accusing me of being narrow-minded, intolerant and judgmental.You may even get so angry, you'll furiously brand me a tool of the devil, guilty of being an accuser of the brethren.

I'm used to this kind of response however, so if you do read the facts documented here, and it makes you see red, go ahead--feel free to write and blast me. I can take it. But, remember: What I say and present here is true. So, why attack the messenger?

Kenneth Hagin and the Spirit of the Serpent

I begin with a look at the man whom Word of Faith advocates and charismatics like Paul Crouch and Kenneth Copeland lionize and call "dad" and "papa"—Kenneth Hagin. I have a video of a series of "Holy Ghost" meetings evangelist Kenneth Hagin 

Kenneth Hagin

conducted in Chesterfield, Missouri in October, 1997. At one of these sessions, Satan was seen to manifest himself in the very body of Hagin. Hagin's tongue literally began sticking out and wiggling like a serpent's tongue.

The crowd, mesmerized by the evil display, groaned and virtually went insane as Hagin commenced to hiss like a serpent. Suddenly, many of the people began to slither down feet first out of their seats and onto the floor. Some were themselves hissing and wiggling their tongues.

Later, Hagin collapsed on stage, being proclaimed "drunk in the spirit." It took several men to hold him upright. Hagin's "name it and claim it" evangelist buddy, Kenneth Copeland, also got into the act.

Robert Schuller Assaults a Flight Attendant

Last January, the Associated Press and other news organizations reported that the Reverend Robert Schuller had been charged with the crime of physically assaulting an airline flight attendant. Reportedly, while the plane was aloft, Schuller became angry when the flight attendant refused to serve him some cheese. Schuller stood up and grabbed and shook the attendant by the shoulders. Later hauled into court, Schuller paid a $1,200 fine and apologized to the plane's crew and passengers. Asked by newspaper reporters about the incident, Schuller refused to acknowledge guilt, proclaiming "I have not broken even one of the Ten Commandments."

Robert Schuller is pastor of California's Crystal Cathedral. He is financially backed by Australian media billionaire Rupert Murdock, whose tabloids in Britain profit from their lurid, bare pictures of beautiful young women. Schuller has also been the recipient of money and influence from another Illuminati operative, the late Armand Hammer, a noted Marxist and Soviet bag man. It was Hammer who, years ago, arranged for the Communist hardliners in the Kremlin to broadcast Schuller's Hour of Power program on Russian television.

Jack Van Impe
Jack Van Impe—A Puppet of the Pope

Jack Van Impe and his wife, Rexella, continue their propaganda campaign for Pope John Paul II. Van Impe's prophecy show is broadcast weekly over TBN's global and ecumenical TV network. On one segment, Van Impe said that he reads and loves everything that either the Pope or Billy Graham write. "The Pope is fulfilling what Christ told us to do," Van Impe added.

Jack Van Impe regularly quotes favorably from old Catholic books containing the discredited prophecies of now dead Catholic "prophets." He also quotes the Mary apparitions, expressing his and Rexella's conviction that "Mother Mary" is appearing everywhere with words of truth for mankind.

One of the most hideous things Jack Van Impe is doing is his rabid promotion of the New Catholic Catechism. This Vatican approved guidebook to the Catholic Church's official doctrines proclaims that Jews and Moslems do not need to convert to Jesus. It says that Mary and the saints are worthy of adoration and should be prayed to for intercession. The Catechism states that outside the Catholic Church "there is no salvation." The Catechism further explains that salvation and grace are not granted through faith, but also in exchange for good works and through use of the rosary and the sacraments.

The Catechism endorsed by Van Impe teaches of the necessity of confession to a priest and claims that when infants are baptized by a Catholic priest, they are "regenerated" and cleansed from original sin.

These doctrines are clearly unscriptural. Yet, on one of his popular TV programs, Jack Van Impe held high a copy of the New Catholic Catechism and boldly announced, "This book contains the Gospel of Jesus Christ I believe in."

Falwell, The Christian Establishment, and the Moonies

Reverend Sun Myung Moon claims to be the new Messiah, come to earth to 
Christian evangelical leaders are often paid by Reverend Moon to help give the cult leader an aura of respectability.
complete the mission that Jesus so miserably failed. Moon says that he and his wife are the "true parents for all humanity." Such distasteful blasphemy should draw scorn and ridicule from Christian leaders. Why, then, have Tim and Beverly LaHaye clandestinely accepted thousands of dollars from Moon's front organizations?

Why did Jerry Falwell's organization once pocket a stupendous $3.5 million "gift" from cultist Moon and continue to have scholarships to his Liberty University funded by Moon? Why too, did the Reverend Robert Schuller and the Christian Coalition's Ralph Reed accept handsome sums as honoraria in exchange for their celebrity attendance at Moonie social functions?

Tony Campolo Makes TV Host Sick

Tony Campolo is the acclaimed Christian author and college professor of religion who is widely quoted by the press as a strong supporter of his friend, Bill Clinton. Campolo believes in the "feminine side of Jesus." He says that homosexuals shacking up together is okay. When asked if two homosexuals having sex is acceptable from a biblical standpoint, Campolo retorted that he doesn't see anything wrong with the two "cuddling together" in bed.

Christian evangelicals devoid of discernment love Tony Campolo. But surprisingly, some unsaved nonbelievers can see right through the man's Christian pretense. Last year, Campolo was a guest on ABC-TV's Politically Incorrect program. Questioned time and again about his Christian faith, Campolo pandered to the liberal audience, even making vulgar sexual comments.

At one point, the host, a secular Jew, Bill Maher, stopped Campolo for a commercial and said, "We're going to take a break because the religious guy's getting dirty."

Later in the same show, Maher got so disgusted he turned to Campolo and blurted out, "It makes me sick actually you know, because everything you say is like programmed to get applause. It's like the guy's a master of the soundbite. You're supposed to be the Holy guy on the show!"

From Serpents to Sound Bites

America's churches now are experiencing the hissing of the serpent. Spiritual atrocities have become commonplace. One of the world's best known "Christian" TV personalities angrily assaults a flight attendant and then brags, "I have not broken even one of the Ten Commandments." Another TV star, a so-called "prophecy teacher," warmly embraces the Pope's unholy doctrines and quotes "Mother Mary." Some of the biggest names in Christendom stuff their bulging pockets with cash from a depraved, satanically led blasphemer and false Messiah, Reverend Moon. Meanwhile, a Christian author and pal of President Bill Clinton's is castigated on TV by a secular Jew for his dirty talk!

My friends, I don't make these things up. I wish I did because my heart is at the breaking point. Just imagine what many lost people who need Jesus are saying today about Christianity. Because of the unconscionable acts of these reprobates, Jesus and His Church are being given a bad name. That is tragic and sad. So very sad.

The devil at Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral? In January 1998, Schuller conducted an international conference of 2,200 church leaders at his Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. This picture of the assembled church leaders is from Schuller's own newsletter, PowerLines (April 1998). Curiously, in the picture, a rather unusual image can be found (blow-up, right). What is this? Does it not bear a striking resemblance to the image of Baphomet (top right), unmasked as the devil in Texe Marrs' book, Mystery Mark of the New Age?

How much worse can things get? Is this, indeed, that time of wickedness of which the Apostle Paul prophesied? He warned us that lawlessness, deceit, and falsehoods—even spread by supposedly Christian teachers—would result in a tragic "Falling Away" from the faith (II Thessalonians 2:3). This Falling Away, prophesied in the scriptures, would condition the world for the ascension to power of the Son of Perdition, or Antichrist. It would also enable the "Strong Delusion" to overwhelm the multitudes of people everywhere on earth.

My friends, we must rebuke these deceitful teachers and ministers of unrighteousness. Let us also pray for them, in the sincere hope that some might cast off their lies and falsehoods and return to the true faith.

Equally important, now is the time for all of us who love Jesus and hold His Word in awe to raise our voices in unison and shout to these false ministers; "Enough is enough. You cannot serve two masters. Choose this day whom you will serve: Christ or Satan."

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