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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

My Friends, Thank You!

Power of Prophecy ministries is so very grateful for the prayers and financial support of our partners and friends. Especially for the prayers of the saints, without which, long ago, the ministry would have been forced to close its doors.

The opposition to what we do is extremely powerful, and certain men and federal agencies are determined to shut our mouths! The pressure on me personally and on our staff is sometimes practically unbearable.

We have taken on dangerous forces of evil, and Satan and his disciples hate us unmercifully. Yet, because of your prayers and support, we are emboldened to continue in our fight for Truth.

Each day I ask the Lord, "Please Jesus, give me just one more day to get this message out—to warn people—to plead with lost souls." I thank our Savior that He is our shield and provider. Nevertheless, I don't take lightly the aid and comfort that you, the saints of God—My Friends!—constantly provide me and Power of Prophecy ministries.

Recently, we have had extraordinary expenses in producing our videos, sending out our newsletter, distributing free Christian literature to needy overseas missions, and sponsoring our worldwide radio program. Our postal expenses alone are huge and oppressive. Still, the rewards are great, and truly, the fields are white to harvest. We are thrilled with the opportunities God gives us to serve.

But regrettably, our bills continue to add up. So far this year, we have run a severe deficit each and every month. As a result, we are now considering cutting back on our radio programs and making other adjustments.

We are also asking our friends who receive this newsletter to kindly contribute just $15 to the ministry or to place at least one order for $15 each six months. Otherwise, as good stewards, we will be forced to discontinue their subscription.

We want you to know you are a valued member of our end-time crusade for Truth and Righteousness on behalf of our Savior Jesus Christ. If you are being blessed by this ministry, please let us hear from you as soon as possible. We desperately need your love gifts, your encouragement, and your fervent prayers.

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