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The Murder of Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie was said to be a very sweet girl. A 1999 graduate of Capital High School in Olympia, Washington, her teachers described her as "bright and intelligent, idealistic, a star student, always smiling, a young person who unselfishly was always thinking of others."

At Evergreen University, where she attended for three years, close friends said that Rachel was very trusting. She consistently looked for the best in people and just knew there was good in everyone.

Rachel was mistaken. Not everyone is good. Some people, in fact, are just plain evil. Some people are murderers. And sometimes, an entire nation can be persuaded, through satanic philosophies, maniacal religion and political ideology, to engage in heinous criminal acts and genocidal atrocities.

Rachel, age 23, is dead. She died in Rafah, Palestine, where, at 5:20 p.m. on Sunday, March 16 this year, doctors at Najjar hospital pronounced Rachel Corrie dead of severe and irreparable trauma to her body resulting in fatal skull and chest fractures.

A Martyr's Death

Rachel died a martyr, murdered by cruel and callous people who deliberately ran her down with a giant, heavy bulldozer, crushing her frail body, breaking her back, and sending blood gushing out of her ears, nose, and mouth.

It was Israeli soldiers who savagely and wantonly murdered Rachel Corrie, ending her young and promising life. Rachel and some friends had gone to Israel and to occupied Palestine to see first hand what was happening in that chaotic region of the world. When they discovered Israeli military bulldozers razing and tearing down the homes of innocent Palestinians, even of the elderly and sick, they decided to peacefully protest.

When told that an Israeli bulldozer was nearby smashing the home of a Palestinian physician simply because the doctor had befriended the visiting students, Rachel put on a fluorescent orange jacket over her blouse, and she and several other American students rushed to that site.

Courageously, standing some fifty feet from the Israeli Army bulldozer as it slowly approached her Palestinian friend's modest home, Rachel used a bullhorn to plead with the Israeli bulldozer driver and his assistant, begging them not to commit this terrible crime. As she spoke, a young, male American associate stood just a few feet away from Rachel, his hands tightly clasped, praying to God and beseeching the Lord to intervene.

At first the bulldozer halted. The Israeli soldiers looked down from its cab directly into Rachel's eyes. Then, abruptly, the terrible vehicle was jammed into high gear; it lunged forward and headed straight toward her.

Rachel courageously held her ground and tried once again to plead with them. She obviously thought those Israeli soldiers would not deliberately and intentionally run her over.

After all, these were civilized people, the Jews, educated people who claimed a belief in a Holy God. Surely, the bulldozer would stop before its monstrous steel blade reached the spot where she stood. Rachel knew that the soldiers clearly saw her there, standing vulnerable and unprotected.

But the unthinkable occurred. The Israeli soldier driving the bulldozer, a stern and contemptuous smirk on his face, rammed the machine onward. He knocked Rachel down, ran the bulldozer entirely over her body and buried her with its tons of steel. After a few seconds, he put the machine in reverse without even bothering to lift the heavy blade, effectively running over her a second time.

Rachel pleads with the Israeli driver to stop. A friend nearby reverently clasps his hands together and prays.

Rachel, in a bright orange jacket, stands in front of the Israeli bulldozer.

Rachel's contorted body is left behind after the driver of the bulldozer drug his blade over her a second time.

Rachel's battered body, smeared by dirt and gushing blood, is tended to by friends on the spot where she was killed.

"My back is broken"

Rachel's stunned friends quickly ran to her maimed, still body and administered first aid. The pitiful young girl sobbed, moaned and cried out, "Please…help me…My back is broken."

As they were kneeling over her, other Israeli soldiers on a U.S.-made military tank drove up and gazed on the scene. Rachel's friends pleaded with the soldiers to use their radio to seek immediate medical help for her, hoping in vain that they would call for an Israeli military doctor to come and assist.

The unaffected soldiers simply shook their head no and retreated without offering assistance.

Finally, the clock ticking away, life slowly ebbing from Rachel's mangled body, a Palestinian ambulance arrived. Its driver and an aide lifted Rachel onto a stretcher and it sped away to a Palestinian hospital. On the way, Rachel's voice grew silent, and upon arrival, she was pronounced dead.

A stunned friend of Rachel Corrie, killed trying to stop a bulldozer from razing an innocent Palestinian family's home, is shown her U.S.A. passport.

Sobbing friends of Rachel comfort each other.

A Defiant Israel Denies Responsibility

I cry when I think of the horror that befell young Rachel Corrie. I can imagine my own daughter or grandchild, innocent and trusting, thinking they were doing good, falling victim to ruthless, Soviet-like Israeli soldiers bent on punishing not only innocent Palestinians whom they despise and persecute, but also anyone who dares to assist their would-be victims.

As expected, the Israeli military and civilian authorities in Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's bloodthirsty government refused to accept one iota of responsibility for Rachel Corrie's violent murder. They said she should not have been there and, in fact, even today the Israeli military continues to maim and murder peace activists and news reporters. Indeed, murder and barbarism are official policy of the Israeli government.

And what, you may ask, has the administration of U.S.A. President George W. Bush done about this atrocity? After all, Rachel Corrie was an American citizen. Should not the United States demand an apology? Should not our President call a press conference and insist that Sharon's government arrest the perpetrators, both the guilty soldiers directly involved and their knowing military and civilian superiors?

Should not these despicable homicidal killers be extradited to the United States to stand trial and be brought to justice?

It is not surprising that President Bush has not made so much as a single peep of protest to the Israelis. That is understandable because, quite frankly, the Jews and Israel "own" this corrupt administration. They own Mr. Bush, and he, their puppet, faithfully does their bidding.

The same goes for the uncaring evangelical Christian leadership. Men like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and Billy Graham could care less about what happened to Rachel Corrie. They preach that Israel can do no wrong; they are concerned only with promoting Zionist political ambitions and to hell with Christian principles which do not fit the Israeli agenda.

Nor have the media-CNN, FOX, ABC,CBS, etc., etc., uttered more than a passing reference about the tragic events of last March 16, when young Rachel Corrie's life was snuffed out by cruel and sadistic Israeli killers. They, too, you see, are owned and controlled by Zionist Jewish interests. They, too, like Bush, his Washington D.C. cohorts, and the pro-Zionist Christian lobby, are complicit in the murder of Rachel Corrie.

In Beijing, Communist China, in 1989, this protester for democracy stood bravely in front of advancing Red Army tanks. With millions of eyes anxiously watching over international television, the tanks halted in their tracks. In Israel, with only a few frightened bystanders observing, Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli Army bulldozer.

In Memory of Rachel Corrie

However, we, as true, Bible honoring Christians who believe in mercy and justice cannot and will not forget what happened to Rachel. I urge you to let everyone whom you can possibly reach know exactly what happened that fateful day, when she so unjustly suffered and was crushed to death.

I promise you, I will not forget the memory of this slain young woman. Never!

Let the life and death of Rachel Corrie for us become a cause celebré, a rallying cry in our struggle to overcome the surging forces of evil. Let us, with one accord, scream out at the top of our lungs, "REMEMBER RACHEL CORRIE! REMEMBER WHAT AN UNGODLY AND UNREPENTANT ZIONIST ISRAEL AND HER CALLOUS AND INHUMAN LEADERS AND SUPPORTERS HAVE DONE!"

(Note: In the last 30 months, Israel has been responsible for the killing of 2,181 Palestinians and the injuring of another 22,218. Virtually all were civilians, and many were old men, women and children. Power of Prophecy opposes these terrible genocidal crimes by Israel, and we likewise oppose the deaths of Israelis by Palestinian suicide bombers. As Revelation 13 proclaims, "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.")

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