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Hidden Prophecies in the Book of Esther

“Wherein the king granted the destroy, to slay, and to cause to perish, all the power of the people...both little ones and women and to take the spoil of them for a prey.”

—Esther 8:11

“Then said Esther...let it be granted to the Jews...and let Haman’s ten sons be hanged upon the gallows. And the King commanded it so to be done...”

—Esther 9:13

Could the chilling account of the catastrophe, bloodshed, and treachery soon to befall America be concealed in the pages of a misunderstood and little suspected book of the Holy Bible? Could the riddle of modern-day Israel and the quest for global empire by its proxy, the United States, be solved simply by our heeding the prophetic warnings given in that unheralded Old Testament text?

The answer to both questions is, Yes! In the little book of Esther, I am convinced, are incredible prophetic keys of astonishing importance. For some inexplicable reason, God has hidden and imbedded these stunning prophetic truths in Esther. But beware: He who does not have eyes to see and ears to hear will be confused and will not understand; but the wise shall understand. Ask the average undiscerning Pastor or Christian what is the true meaning of Esther and he or she will surely say that Esther is simply a tale of how Jews faithful to God were saved from their enemies by the heroine Esther and her brave cousin, Mordecai. This is the Zionist and Judaizer version and interpretation.

In fact, God is neither named nor even mentioned in the entire text of the book of Esther! This is not a book about God but about the criminal acts of the Jewish people in rebellion against God.

God has shown me the little-known prophecies that are revealed in Esther. As it turns out, these prophecies are profound. Understand Esther and you will have a step-by-step guide to exactly what is to happen prophetically to America and Israel.

The Star Goddess and The God of War

First, it is necessary to realize that the name Esther stands for Star, or the Star Goddess. In Babylonia/Sumeria/Persia she was known as the goddess Astara, Astar, Ishtar or Ashtar. In Germania, her name was Ostara. In Greece, the people called her Astarte. In Babylon, she was called the Triple Goddess and her holy number was 666!

In the Bible, this Esther is seen to be a Jewish concubine, who became Queen of Persia by virtue of her great beauty, allure, and sexual charms. Esther won a contest to be the new Queen after the real Queen, Vashti, was ousted. It seems that Vashti was an upstanding moral woman who refused to parade around nude and show her body off to the drunken guests at one of the King’s brawling parties. That angered King Ahasuerus who was advised by his Court that an example must be made of Vashti, else more women might follow her virtuous example!

Now the glamorous Esther had a sly and shadowy cousin named Mordecai who cunningly advised and guided her. The name Mordecai literally means I am Marduk; Marduk was the great god of the Persians who was worshipped as Mars, fourth planet from the sun, god of war, ritual sacrifice and fire, also known as Merodach.

The Jewish duo of Esther, the Queen, and her conniving cousin, Mordecai, thus represents the idolatrous Persian deities, Ashtar, the Mother Goddess, and Marduk, the God.

Haman’s Plot to Kill the Jews

In the biblical story, the Jews who live in Persia are threatened by a Gentile named Haman, who happens to be Grand Vizier, or Governor, for the Persian King, Ahasuerus. Haman is concerned because the Jews are haughty and refuse to fit in with the Persian culture. Haman is also angered by Esther’s cousin, Mordecai. Mordecai looks down on Haman. Mordecai thinks he’s racially superior to Haman. Haman, you see, is a member of the Agagite tribe that Israel, generations before, had defeated.

Haman persuades King Ahasuerus that the Jews, being hostile and untrustworthy and hating everyone but their own race, should be put to death, and so the agreeable King allows Haman to cast lots (pur) to find an appropriate date for the killing of the nation’s entire Jewish population.

Esther’s Bloody Revenge

Mordecai, a hanger-on around the Palace grounds, found out about Haman’s plot and got Queen Esther to intervene. Esther put on perfume and made herself up beautifully. So taken with her was the King (remember the parallel story of King Herod and Salome?) that he told the sexy and gorgeous Esther that she can ask for anything in the kingdom she wants and it will be given to her.

To make a long story short, with the King’s permission, Esther overturned Haman’s edict to kill all the Jews. In its place, she got the dumbed-down King to go along with Esther’s revengeful, bloodthirsty scheme, which involved:

  1. The hanging on the gallows of Haman, enemy of the Jews.
  2. The double hanging on the gallows of Haman’s ten sons, none of whom, so far as we can tell from reading the scriptures, were guilty of any crimes.
  3. A license for the Jews to slaughter anyone whom they saw fit to murder anywhere in the Kingdom. Through this edict, a license to kill, tens of thousands of men, women, and even children were monstrously put to death simply because a Jew gave the word.
  4. The massacre of many of the workers on the Palace staff just for good measure.
  5. The taking of all the goods and properties owned by the dead victims.

According to the Bible’s book of Esther, many people in the Kingdom converted to the Jews’ religion (Babylonian Talmudism) so fearful were they of the murderous and vicious spirit of the unleashed Jews.

Interesting, too, is that harlot Queen Esther also maneuvered things so that her wily cousin, Mordecai, became Grand Vizier in place of the dead Haman. And so, he and Esther apparently ran things their way in the Kingdom with the stupid and drunken King Ahasuerus being figuratively led around by the nose.

Hamantaschen Cookies
Festival of Purim Commemorates Bloodshed

Today, in Jewish synagogues and meeting houses throughout the world, on a given day each spring, the high holy day festival of Purim is celebrated in honor of Queen Esther’s bloody accomplishments. During the festivities, Jewish children are given little triangle-shaped cookies which they eagerly bite into, imagining they are symbolically chomping off the head of their enemy, Haman.

The chief rabbis choose a living human “Haman” that all Jews can revile and hate on Purim. Twice, Saddam Hussein was chosen as the designated “Haman” for a given year.

I have much documentation in my files that, during the celebration of Purim, the liquor flows inside the synagogues, and parties go on and on, punctuated by dancing, drinking, costumes, and unrivalled reveling. Sexual orgies are commonplace, and worse things occur. There is evidence that Gentile children are kidnapped and ritually sacrificed, this being practiced by certain, especially evil Kabbalistic Jewish sects.

Purim Celebration

Purim Ordained by Jews, Not God

Now, get this! Nowhere in the Bible do we find God ordaining this wicked festival, Purim, as one of His designated Holy Days. In fact, in the book of Esther, it makes clear that it is the Jews themselves who ordained this day and who now require its celebration.

In truth, Purim is nothing less nor more than the hideous commemoration of the vile and fulsome hatred of Gentiles by the Jews. After all, the Jews’ own Holy Book, the Talmud, declares that Gentiles are but goyim (cattle) and are worthy of death. The arrogant and wicked Talmud, meanwhile, praises the Jewish race as so holy, pure, and great that even God and His angels are inferior to the intellect and wisdom of the top rabbis!

There is nothing in the Christian religion to compare with the murderous Jewish festival of Purim. Christ Jesus taught us to love our enemies and pray for them, not slaughter them and take their goods and property for spoil! Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and His Resurrection, but we have no Purim, nor could we. The very thought of such a thing is alien to the Christian spirit.

Purim Plot Lives

Now the facts I recount here about Esther, Mordecai, and the bloodlust and treachery of these cruel people are true. But there’s more. Within the book of Esther is God’s hidden prophetic journal for what is soon to transpire for Christians everywhere on earth, if the Zionist zealots get their way.

You will be shocked to discover that there is, on earth today, a real-life Queen Esther. There also does exist, today, an actual plot to massacre and put to death, by genocidal acts, everyone on earth who refuses to go along with the Plan for a Jewish Kingdom on Earth. And there is a modern-day King Ahasuerus and his minister, Mordecai, scheming and conniving to bring the entire globe under the tight-fisted control of the mysterious Queen Esther and her Jewish conspirators.

Who will be the next designated “Haman” whose head is to be bitten off by the Jewish rebels against Christ Jesus and His people? Is it you? Is it me? Will we be cruelly sacrificed by the Zionist overlords as victims simply because of our faith in Christ Jesus? And when will the taking of Christian victims begin?

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