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The Two Faces of Zionism

"A doubleminded man is unstable in all his ways."

James 1:8

Is there even a shekel's worth of difference between the two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans? The 
George Wallace for President
late Alabama Governor George Wallace, a populist if there ever was one, in 1968 created his own political group, the American Independent Party, in his colorful race for the presidency of the United States. At every campaign stop, Wallace would shake his fist from the rostrum, declaring to the adoring throng of supporters, "There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans."

Wallace's campaign people even minted and distributed a shiny, new dime. On one side was an elephant, on the reverse a donkey, symbols of the two major parties. "Throw it up in the air," said the Wallace campaign ads, "no matter which side it lands on—won't make a bit of difference."

How on-target Wallace was! In fact, the segregationist Governor got so many votes that year, he frightened the dickens out of the establishment. Fearing he would do it all over again in 1972, they took action to put George Wallace permanently out of commission. A "Manchurian Candidate" assassin ruthlessly shot him four times, rendering him immobile and pitifully incapacitated in a wheelchair, a paraplegic, for the rest of his days.

Say what you want about George Wallace. He wasn't in the pockets of the wealthy and the elite. Nor was the Alabama spitfire politician in the employ of the powerful Jewish Zionist lobby. He was truly an American Independent.

As Worthless as Perfume and Lace on a Horse Saddle

Sadly, the same is not true for today's presidential candidates. Except for Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX), every single one of them is a manipulator and deceiver whose political philosophy and views are predictably homogenized. Democrat or Republican, these men and women are as worthless as perfume and lace on a horse saddle. They've all long ago sold their souls to their Zionist slavemasters, for whom they obediently carry water and chop firewood: "Massah, is they's anythin' else yo might require of me today? Oh, thank yo, Massah, thank yo for the shekels yo put in mah pocket. Thank yo, kind suh!"

Nope, there's not a shekel's worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans. When the Zionists say, "Jump!," the froggies all ask, "How high?"

Froggies Jump to Endorse Iraq War

Take the Iraq War, for instance. In 2006, the Democrats were swept into office by voters sick of Bush's insane and suicidal Iraq debacle. Polls showed then and show today that a huge majority of Americans want us out of that Middle East madhouse now! But what have the Democrats and their new Senate and House leaders done to get us out of this bloody, non-ending quagmire of doom? Not a flittery thing! They can't because the Jews who run America want this war. It's a war fought for Israel and they don't give a plug nickel how many Gentile American soldiers are killed or have their limbs blown off.

Illegal Alien Invasion A Favorite of Both Parties

Then, there is the illegal alien issue. "Georgy Boy" Bush and his corporate and CFR pals want the North American Union. They want tens of millions of Mexicans (cheap, peon labor) to invade and conquer the southwest. They want to end American sovereignty forever. The latest amnesty bill lusted after by Bush and the CFR is co-sponsored by a Republican Senator, Arizona's Jon Kyl, and Massachusetts own resident liberal Democrat crazy, Senator Ted Kennedy. Republicans like Senators John McCain, Governor Mitt Romney, and Mayor Rudy "Girlie Boy" Giuliani endorse the amnesty scam which caves in and gives 30 million illegals amnesty, green cards, social security benefits—the whole enchilada, so to speak. But, then, the entire Democrat Party leadership loves the scam as well.

Left:Two hearts joined, Democrat and Republican.

Below:Hillary and McCain are buddies who once engaged in a "chug-a-lug" contest to see which one could put down the most scotch whiskey.

Again, we have the Jewish Zionist lobby queuing up to ram a bogus "Immigration Reform" bill down Americans' throats. Predictable, because the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, that revealing blueprint of Jewish world domination first published way back in 1898, calls for an erasure of all borders, the free traffic of immigrants, and the end of national sovereignties.

So, whatever the Zionists want, the Democrats and Republicans clamor and grovel to give to them. It means more shekels in their pockets. So, farewell, U.S.A. "Hasta La Vista, Baby! Buenos Dias, North American Union!"

Secret Societies and Globalist Groups Are Zionist Fronts

What we must keep firmly in mind is that it is the Synagogue of Satan that dictates American politics today. The Synagogue has set up numerous front organizations and secret societies to carry out its deadly mission. The Bohemian Grovesters, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Order of Skull and Bones, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and a host of other lap-dog groups dutifully execute the orders given them by Zionist overlords operating under the Prime Directive of the Cabala Clique. The membership of all these Zionist front groups is made up of both Republicans and Democrats. The Zionist movement, like the Roman god Janus and the Masonic double-headed eagle, clearly has two faces.

Edmond de Rothschild is honored on Israel's 500-shekel note as "Father of Israel." Today, the Rothschilds and other Jewish elite control both the Democrat and Republican parties through their money and media powers.
Above left: Mayor Rudy Giuliani proclaims Abraham Foxman Day in New York City. Foxman is, of course, head of the notorious, anti-American Jewish ADL.
Above: Hillary revealed her own Jewish roots in an interview with a New York magazine. She is a favored speaker for Jewish groups.

A Jewish President Once Again

It may be that the Jewish billionaires will see another Jewish blood President elected this year. I've already proven that the Bush family is of crypto-Jewish bloodline. That explains why George W. kisses up to the neocon fanatics and is so eager to sacrifice American Gentile lives in Baghdad, Fallujah, and Kabul for Israel's financial and imperialist benefit.

After I revealed the Bush Dynasty's Jewish heritage last year, an official, establishment-approved book was published, written by noted Jewish historian, Michael B. Oren. Oren's Power, Faith, and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present, essentially confirms my findings. Oren traces the Bush family back to the 19th century and introduces readers to another man named George Bush, then a Jewish scholar and professor of Hebrew at New York University. That Professor George Bush, in 1844, authored a very interesting volume, called The Dry Bones of Israel Revived, which advocated a new Israeli nation be founded in Palestine and that Jews be "elevated" to premier world status.

Oh yes. There's the 19th century Jew, Professor George Bush, a Zionist, and today's successor, President George Bush, a crypto-Jew and Zionist par excellence, circa 2007.

Of course Georgy Boy, a Republican, is a Skull and Bones alumnae. But wait, so was his 2006 Democrat Party opposition, Senator John Kerry. Kerry, too, was outed as a crypto-Jew first by Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy, then by the Boston Globe newspaper in his home state of Taxachusetts (oh, sorry, I meant, "Massachusetts"). All the time, the home state voters thought that in Kerry, they were voting for a Catholic, like them. Kerry pretended to be Irish. He even wore green and proudly marched at the head of Boston's St. Patrick's Day parades. Then, we exposed the deceiver's true bonafides—Kerry is of Czechoslovakian-origin Jewish ethnicity and his grandfather was a Wall Street Jewish money man. Kerry wasn't even the true family name (the real name is Kohn).

Bush, Republican, and Kerry, Democrat—not a shekel's worth of difference. Incidentally, Senator Kerry supported the unconstitutional Bush Iraq War, and he endorses the illegal alien invasion. If Kerry were President today? You got it—he'd be just like Bush, only, maybe, even dumber (Kerry's college GPA at Yale was actually worse than Bush's).

Mayor Rudy Julie-annie, Gay Drag Queen

Bush, Republican, has appointed more homosexuals to high office in his administration than did old Bill Clinton, Democrat and champion of gay causes. And if we get Giuliani in the Oval Office? Well, the NYC politico is not only a practicing transvestite drag queen, he's a bisexual who shacked up with his male homosexual lover in their New York apartment for some three years. Predictably, the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay activist group, has endorsed Rudy "Julie-annie" for President.

Far left:Rudy's bare legs must have really excited New York City's teeming multitudes of homosexual fanatics. Left center: Isn't Rudy Giuliani fabulous? Top left: Rudy Giuliani's police commissioner buddy was exposed as a corrupt money-embezzler and indicted. Above: Mayor Rudy lived with a homosexual lover for three years. Here he is inviting gay friends to the Mayor's mansion.

Governor Mitt Romney, 
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, a Mormon, has long been a champion of the gay and lesbian community. He once bragged he was more liberal on this issue than even Senator Ted Kennedy!
another Republican presidential hopeful, has long been a homosexual rights cheerleader. Romney once passed out pink-colored flyers at a "gay pride" parade, and he sponsored same sex marriages in his home state, Taxachusetts (oops, I did it again. I meant "Massachusetts").

Hillary and Her Hellcats

But, Texe, you say, if not a Republican for President, what about (shudder, shake, brrr!!) Hillary? Yep, she's gay! The homosexual advocate groups have long acknowledged the Democrat Party's Numero Uno, Hillary Clinton, as one of their own.

You can find out more about Hillary and her hellcat girlfriends in my exposé video, Big Sister is Rising!

And before I forget, uhh, did I mention that Democrat Hillary has not only been a rabid, blue-dog supporter of anti-American Jewish lobby groups like the ADL and AIPAC, she is herself a Jew? That's right, as the New York senior Senator happily related to New Yorker magazine a few years back, her Jewish grandmother, Della Murray Rosenberg, spoke Yiddish around the Rodham house when she was a girl and also cooked up a lot of tasty Jewish ethnic meals.

Shekels alive, folks! We've been had. America is under siege, the enemy hordes are at the gate and both the Republican and Democrat Parties have cowardly abandoned their posts. There are, indeed, two faces of Zionism, and both are very, very ugly.

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