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Texe Marrs

Eye of the Storm

"For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind."

Hosea 8:7

As bad as things are today, could America and the world soon plunge headlong into a fiery era of ever unfolding misery and tragedy? Raised as a boy along the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast of Texas, my family and I were well aware that after the worst of hurricanes move ashore and wreak havoc, there comes a brief time when all seems calm. The howling winds die down and the torrential downpour of rain abates. People experience a false sense of relief. Then comes the deluge. You realize that you were only in the center, in the eye of the storm, and that there was much more to come. The natural tragedy continues, roaring on to its historical destiny as a killer hurricane.

Likewise, America and the planet seem to have only entered the eye of the storm. The worst of the dark night of evil is yet to come, and when the sun rises, the utter devastation will clearly be seen. But by then, it will be too late—too late for America, too late for humanity.

Birth Pangs Felt in Advance

The Scriptures tell us that there are always warning signs of what is to come. Before a great earthquake, tremors begin. Before a baby is delivered, the mother suffers birth pangs. A new era is emerging; afterwards, things will never be the same.

In the financial realm, we are told that the world is suffering a severe financial crisis caused by a credit and borrowing binge. Now we are being forced to pay for years of greed and excess. Because of the shattered economy, millions have been left homeless and jobless. Retirement pensions are shrunken and funds depleted.

Ours is today a world in which Satan temporarily rules, and he has encouraged and inspired men and women to live dangerously, to do the most evil they can do as fast and as furiously as they can. In effect, men and women, under Satan’s guidance, have been daring God to do something about their unparalleled wickedness. "Catch me if you can!," people everywhere taunt God in Heaven. "Try to stop me," they roar out in drunken laughter and mocking disrespect.

Angry Gays Attack a Church

We have just about seen it all now. In San Francisco several years ago, a band of rowdy and angry homosexuals surrounded a Christian church and interrupted a worship service in progress. They damaged cars in the parking lot, they beat on the windows and doors of the sanctuary with fists and sticks, and they loudly screamed curse words and profanity. Some even demanded the pastor and his flock come out and perform gay sex acts on them. I actually have the audiotape of what went on inside that church as the pastor tried to calm the children and the congregation prayed for their safety and for the salvation of the crazed homosexual offenders who threatened their lives.

The United States has elected by a wide majority a man with communist leanings, a man who, as a legislator, voted for partial birth abortion (murder) of babies and has promised lesbians, homosexuals, and transgender reprobates that he and Congress will pass a new "Hate Crimes" bill. That bill, now moving swiftly toward passage, will result in many citizens being arrested and imprisoned simply for criticizing homosexual or pedophile immorality. Prison time may also be meted out to those who dare to criticize the Illuminist-favored, outlaw nation of Israel.

Mona-Rahm Emanuel? The Real Rahm Emanuel
White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, a former ballet dancer, was depicted as heroic and well-built in this photo (left) that was published by the New York Daily News. Obviously, the photo is a media deception with the newspaper putting Rahm Emanuel’s head on another dancer’s body. The real Rahm Emanuel is pictured at right.

Two wars rage in the Middle East, in Iraq and Afghanistan, begun on the pretext of outrageous lies told by the USA’s politicians. President Obama is also using our military forces to bomb and attack inside a third country, Pakistan, and he has teamed up with the Christ-hating Jews of Israel to threaten yet a fourth nation now at peace—Iran.

Miss California, Carrie Prejean
Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was denied the Miss USA title because of her opinion opposing gay marriage.
Porno Movies About Jesus and Anne Frank on the Horizon

In Los Angeles, a Jewish moviemaker reputed to be the world’s top producer of XXX-rated porno films is planning to do two new movies this year. One will picture the sexual adventures of Jesus Christ, the other will depict a young Anne Frank being raped and sexually tortured at a Nazi concentration camp. This is how depraved America has become. Few, if any, are expected to protest these repulsive porno movies.

We recently witnessed the spectacle of a Miss U.S.A. pageant in which scantily clad girls vied for the crown. One, the lovely Miss California, was denied the title because her answer to an activist gay beauty contest judge indicated she did not favor marriage between two gay men or two gay women. The nation’s press castigated the young lady for her politically incorrect opinion.

The breakdown and demise of America’s culture is spectacular, as America sinks deep into a cesspool of call girl prostitution, drug gang criminality, political bribes and payoffs, raunchy music, and debauched conduct. Husbands are murdering wives, mothers killing their own innocent children, and a record number of satanically energized teens are murdering their parents and grandparents. As the Bible prophesied, the selfish masses have little "natural affection."

Little Girl Murdered and Her Body Stuffed Into A Suitcase

Melissa Huckaby
Melissa Huckaby, 28, a former Sunday school teacher, sexually abused and killed an 8-year old girl.
In Tracy, California, recently a 28-year old female Sunday School Teacher—whose grandfather is a Baptist pastor—abducted an eight year-old neighborhood girl, sexually used and abused her torn little body, then stuffed it into a suitcase and threw the suitcase into a nearby pond. The horrible crime took place inside the Baptist Church where the psychopathic rapist/killer taught Sunday school and where her grandfather regularly preached.

Friends, I believe this monstrous crime, a violation of innocent humanity as well as a despicable blasphemy against Christ inside a supposed House of God, is both fact and allegory. It is an allegory, or exemplar, of just how far sin and degradation have taken this once, great nation, the United States of America.

Many more victims are to come. A group mentality of death has been programmed into the psyche of the masses. Secret concentration camps have been built inside our borders; new laws have been passed enabling a Big Brother Police State to pitch the Bill of Rights out the window.

Meanwhile, the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, a Christ-hating, Jew, former ballet dancer, and Wall Street manipulator, sits next to President Barack Obama and is said to be the real power behind the throne. Obama, who by his own admission was mentored as a boy and teen by bisexual pervert, Communist Party official Frank J. Marshall, is readying the government in preparation for a bloody Leninist/Trotskyite purge of resisters.

The Jewish Illuminist plotters who tell Emanuel and Obama what to do and who pull the strings on Wall Street are gleefully orchestrating the next and final stage of events to come. They are also celebrating the stupidity of the dumbed-down American public that is blissfully unaware of the tragedy that awaits them.

Listen... Do You Hear It?

Yes, as horrible as things are today, America and the world have merely entered the eye of the storm. It’s only the halfway point.

Listen... Do you hear it? The winds are kicking up once again, the rains are increasing in intensity, the already battered house has begun to violently move to and fro... Disaster awaits and soon the whole of humanity shall learn: God should never have been mocked. We have sowed the wind. We shall now reap the whirlwind.

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