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Texe Marrs Exclusive Special Report

Texe Marrs

Republican Candidates for President

So far, we’ve had two nationally televised debates by Republicans vying for the presidency. With the exception of Ron Paul, all the Republican candidates are pro-war, pro-Israel, and pro-Wall Street. Mitt Romney is the frontrunner. He’s the liberal who led “Gay Pride” parades in Massachusetts and once boasted, “I can out-Kennedy Ted Kennedy.”

Michelle Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, is attractive, energetic, and articulate. Unfortunately, if elected, she has assured us that she’ll be a feminine version of the disgraced ex-president George W. Bush. Bachmann loves foreign wars, has no real problem with illegal immigration, and can be expected to salute and scream out “Heil Netanyahu” every time the Zionists call her name.

GOP Debate Held June 13, 2011

Ron Paul is the only constitutionalist among this bunch. Too bad he’s too cowardly to take on the Zionists. Paul is also too frightened to tell the truth about such subjects as 9/11 and Obama’s fake birth certificate, and he says he has no problem at all with the homosexual lifestyle and agenda. Pity. Still, in my opinion he’s the best of a motley crew.

Oh, incidentally, watch out for Texas Governor Rick Perry. He’s a shrewd and wily guy. A Bilderberger and disciple of the New World Order crowd, he’s a real campaigner and could win if he chooses to run. If he were to become president he would be a combination of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, though he might be more colorful than all three of his predecessors.

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