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Texe Marrs

A Texe Marrs Exclusive: Don’t Blame Obama! Republican President George W. Bush and His Supreme Court Justice Roberts Are Responsible for ObamaCare and Socialized Medicine being Shoved Down Our Throats.

Blame George W. Bush for ObamaCare

The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld ObamaCare. The votes of the justices was 5 to 4, and the deciding vote was cast by Chief Justice John Roberts, who also wrote the majority opinion.

Now get this: John Roberts was President George W. Bush’s pick for the Supreme Court, and every single Republican in Congress voted for Roberts’ nomination.

In other words, it is primarily George W. Bush and John Roberts who made sure that America is to be transformed into a “Socialist Paradise” through its healthcare system.

Bush the Taxer, Bush the Socialist

Roberts writes in his majority opinion that ObamaCare is a tax, and so, from now on, Americans will be taxed for healthcare. Not only that, but U.S. citizens will be taxed to give absolutely free healthcare to the 35 million illegal aliens inside our borders.

As a federal tax, the ObamaCare law empowers the IRS to investigate and prosecute every taxpayer who refuses to pay it. In fact, every individual and every business in the U.S.A. will annually be required to disclose on their 1040 tax return whether the healthcare tax has been paid. The Big Brother Police State advances once again.

George W. Bush, then, will go down in history as a great taxer, a socialist President, and chief architect of the Big Brother Police State. He gave us John Roberts, and John Roberts is forcing a disapproving America to take the red pill of socialized medicine!

In so doing, Justice Roberts joined dirty hands with the four corrupt, pro-Communist justices on the Supreme Court—lesbian Jews Ruth Baader Ginsberg, Angela Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan, and the metrosexual Stephen Breyer, also a Jew.

The Bilderbergers and Bohemian Grovesters are ecstatic, no doubt. And so are America’s militant homosexuals.

Roberts a Shameless Homosexual Activist

You will recall that when Roberts was nominated for the Supreme Court, in an exclusive exposé report I warned that John Roberts was a closet homosexual and liberal activist. I further warned that his decisions on the Court would reflect Robert’s sexual depravity.

Karl Rove and George W. Bush
George W. Bush, reputedly a bisexual, and his Texas handler, Karl Rove, well-known in homosexual circles as one of their own. Together, they gave America a homosexual activist, John Roberts, as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
I reported to you that it was John Roberts who, as a private attorney, had been the gay community’s most successful advocate in the courts. In fact, Roberts represented the Gay, Lesbian, and Trangender group’s challenge to the Texas State law criminalizing homosexual sodomy. This is public record and was known by President Bush and his White House chums.

The homosexuals know John Roberts as their most effective champion. And get this—so ardent is Roberts in his support of these sexual perverts that he worked as a lawyer for the gay group without pay—pro bono!

The shame of it all was that Christian evangelicals, ignorant and stupid as they really are, fell right in line and supported President Bush’s choice of homosexual activist John Roberts to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Jay Sekulow, Richard Land—the whole kit and kaboodle of evangelicals insisted that Congress put Bush’s gay buddy, John Roberts on the highest Court of the land.

These wicked and apostate evangelicals backed bisexual George W. Bush and his homosexual crony, Karl Rove, to the hilt, both in the matters of Zionism and warmongering, and in support of Bush’s choice of homosexual attorney John Roberts as Chief Justice.

Tossed In A Jewish Slime Pit

Now we see in what slime pit the evangelical church and its hero, George W. Bush, have tossed us. Now, thanks to Bush and Roberts, we have socialized medicine in America. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin would be proud.

And why not?—the evangelicals favorite nation, Israel, has socialized healthcare. In Israel, abortions—the murder of living babies—are paid for in full by the government. This is the same Israeli government that has been subsidized by U.S. taxpayers since its founding in 1948. No surprise, either, because Israel’s very first Prime Minister, Khazar Polish terrorist David Ben Gurion, was a Communist and an admitted admirer of Lenin and his Red regime in Moscow. The Soviet regime also had a government-run healthcare system, one which was both lethal in its incompetence and controlling its operation. In Soviet Russia, as in all socialist countries, abortions were commonplace.

Today’s socialist Israel is murdering babies every day in its government-run hospitals, and American taxpayers are floating the bill through our foreign aid to Israel.

Exactly the same will occur from now on in the U.S.A.—the murder of hundreds of babies each day by abortion will be carried out. And you and I, as citizens who are required to dutifully pay our ObamaCare tax levy, will foot the bill.

Thank you, evangelical churches and Republican Party stalwarts for giving us George W. Bush.

Thank you George W. Bush for giving us John Roberts.

Thank you, John Roberts, for forcing socialized medicine—and a whopping increase in taxes to pay for it—down our reddened throats.

Thank you, Jews and Israel, for the “gift” of both abortions and socialized medicine.

Thank you, Satan, you devil!

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