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Texe Marrs

Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina
Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO, announced she is running for the Republican Party ticket for President. When asked the first thing she would do in the White House, Fiorina said her first phone call would be to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

     “Fiorina is big on “Israel First.” So are the 25 other Republican Party candidates. This proves that Israel runs America and that Washington D.C. is a satellite of Tel Aviv!

     “Would an America First candidate please stand up? How about someone who, with their first phone call, would dial up the Federal Reserve and give the chairman some needed directions. What about phoning Putin in the Kremlin in Moscow, or Merkel in Germany.

     “Indeed, why not use that important first phone call to speak with the Governor of Texas, or California? These states have more people than the tiny Israel!

Carly Fiorina

     “The American Jewish magazine, Forward, recently published a cover showing an elephant (the GOP) carrying an Israeli flag and wearing a Yarmulka skull cap. It’s subtitle was telling: How Orthodox (Jewish) Money is Shaping National Politics.”  

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