Special Bonus Report
by Steve Reilly

Full Media Onslaught

Steve Reilly

Steve Reilly

More “anti-Hillary” than “pro-Trump” would fairly describe my pre-election stance. Upon Trump’s victory, I mainly felt relief, but figured very little would change (per usual). I adopted the naive belief that should Trump start achieving results, the “screamers” would be ignored and the nation may actually move forward.

    In retrospect, that was terribly unrealistic and wholly unsupported by post WWII US history.

    The manner in which events transpired after Trump’s election illustrated an immediate mobilization of extremely powerful forces against the president elect. Crestfallen supporters asked if Trump would ever be allowed the opportunity to “make America great again” free of the constant sidetracking of accusations, investigations, exaggerations, and lies.

    Clearly, this was much larger than hysterical Hillary supporters refusing to “get over it.” The deep state’s entrenched bureaucrats, lapdog mainstream media (MSM), well-trained academics, foundations—all its “forces” were marshalled and marching in lockstep. It’s the most powerful political “order of battle” ever. Since November, it’s been a continuous, highly coordinated operation intent on removing the president from office.

    As a voracious reader, I’ve witnessed the release of dozens (and dozens) of anti-Trump, fearmongering books published since the election. It’s unprecedented. They appeared almost immediately. The following are a mere sampling including a short topic summary from the books:

Collusion: Beginning with a meeting with Christopher Steele, the man behind the shattering dossier that first brought the allegations to light...

Devil’s Bargain: “Trump became the avatar of a dark but powerful worldview that dominated the airwaves and spoke to voters whom others couldn’t see.”

Russian Roulette: Isikoff and Korn (both spook hacks) claim Trump colluded with Russia.

Trumpocracy: “Trump is damaging democracy in ways even the critical media has missed.”

The Despot’s Apprentice: “With each authoritarian tactic or tweet, Trump poses a unique threat to democratic government in the world’s most powerful democracy.”

It’s Even Worse Than You Think: “Provides unique insight about how our lives are affected by many actions that the new administration quietly approves without drawing the attention of the Washington press corps.”

Michael Wolff

Michael Wolff, author of the book, Fire and Fury proves that fake news sells.

    One book in particular is representative of the group: Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff. The book exceeded 1.7 million copies sold by its third week—unprecedented for nonfiction. But it’s not nonfiction...and the author admits as much. Rather, it’s fake news in book form.

    Initially, the MSM reported as fact its clear falsehoods. While conceding the falsity of certain allegations, one New York Times reporter claimed it contains “enough notionally accurate” information to pose problems for Trump. Isn’t notionally accurate like saying vaguely precise? A “journalist”—of all people—should know better.

    As if feeding some bizarre wish to have their greatest desires about Trump’s “awfulness” proven true, apparently readers get enough.

    Those wanting “anti-Trump” needn’t pick up a book, merely turn on the television. Since the election, the MSM negativity onslaught has not abated in the slightest.

    Due to the coordinated efforts to destroy him and his administration, Trump must’ve immediately realized the seriousness of his situation. The non-stop nature of the leaks (all from unnamed sources, of course), allegations, dossier garbage, setup and fall of Michael Flynn, Russian collusion—an all out blitzkrieg attack on our nation’s leader.

    The investigations loomed, then commenced, and made for excellent MSM fake news “disaster presidency” and “administration in crisis” fodder. The Russia collusion investigation consumed money and time that could have been used to “make America great again.” But, making America great again is not the goal of those directing the attack.

    What is their goal? This is one of the main areas Texe Marrs spent decades amassing research and exposing—the plans of these evil villians who live in the shadows. (see, e.g., Circle of Intrigue, Days of Hunger Days of Chaos, Conspiracy World, Codex Magica, Project L.U.C.I.D.)

    What does our past say about our present? Certainly, today’s apoplectic media and the deep state’s use of intelligence agents against the president recalls Nixon. Two decades earlier, however, Senator Joseph McCarthy endured, and finally succumbed to, an establishment onslaught from which we can learn quite a lot.

    In the coming months, we’ll delve into McCarthy and his very well-founded allegations that earned him an astoundingly long list of enemies.  

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