Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

Nine Ways China Controls America

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

Matthew 6:24

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

China is working furiously to conquer the U.S. from the inside out. Understand that when one does business with a communist country, a person or corporation always runs the risk of the communist government taking back permission, access or even usurping your company’s existence in China. China wields power with an iron glove.

    Please know that I don’t begrudge the Chinese worker a living. And, I would surely love to see greater freedom and human rights in China. This article targets the Chinese State. The Chinese machine has little regard for its own citizens’ lives.

1. Medical products: Michelle covered this topic in her excellent article in the May Power of Prophecy newsletter. China has largely done with medicine (and manufacturing in general) what it did with steel: dump excessive amounts on the market, drive the prices to rock-bottom, and force American competition to shut down or sell-out and thus become the major or sole supplier. The last U.S. plant to manufacture penicillin closed in 2004. With this power, recently China suggested they could withhold antibiotics if they so desired.

2. Manufacturing: Many popular brand names have sold out in part or wholly to manufacturing in China: Apple/iPhone, Samsonite, Johnson & Johnson Bandaids, Fossil, Lululemon, Victoria’s Secret, L.L. Bean, Levi Strauss, New Balance, Radio Flyer, American Girl dolls, Ray Ban, Nike, Adidas, and even many European designers have moved production to China. China has now set their sites higher: Made in China 2025. In May 2015 China implemented a new plan to move away from being the “world’s factory” of producing cheap goods and move to producing higher-value products and services, like aerospace, semiconductors, bio-medical, and other high-tech to achieve independence from foreign suppliers for such products.

3. U.S. Treasuries: Foreign governments hold about one-third of America’s debt. As of January 2020, China is the #2 foreign investor of America’s foreign-owned debt, holding $1.1 trillion of U.S. treasuries (Japan is #1 at $1.27 trillion). China buys treasuries to help depress the value of its own currency making exports less expensive and more appealing to U.S. consumers.

4. Real Estate: China has been buying up agricultural land, hotels, office buildings, other commercial buildings and even residential property. But bigger than that, under Obama, Hong Kong (China) had control of the Long Beach, California shipping terminal—one of the largest shipping terminals in the U.S. (Trump forced China to sell). In February 2018 China also, through a shell company, tried to buy the 136 year-old Chicago Stock Exchange. The SEC after giving initial approval, was forced to block the sale under President Trump.

5. Politicians: (Or their friends and families) have sold their own souls to China for the opportunity to make their wildest financial dreams come true: Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden; John Boehner, former speaker of the House; Charles Boustany, former U.S. Representative from Louisiana; David Firestein, U.S. diplomat mostly for Chinese relations; Mike Holtzman, special advisor under Bill Clinton; Andy Purdy, former cybersecurity strategist under George W. Bush; James Wolfenstein, formerly of the World Bank and so many more. Some are registered as “foreign agents.”

6. Big Business: Sold out to gain Chinese market share. However, in selling out to China many international companies complain that China has strong-armed them into handing over trade secrets in exchange for market access. In some sectors, Beijing will only let foreign firms operate through joint ventures in which Chinese partners have the majority stake, holding these companies hostage to the demands of communist China.

Food imported from China
7. Is Your Food From China? Listed to the right is a small sample of U.S. food imports from China. Industrial, agricultural practices, and food production in China is poorly regulated at best. Shopping at the healthy food stores? Whole Foods (Jeff Bezos/Amazon) defends importing some foods from China, while Trader Joe’s is committed to not stocking Chinese imported foods.

8. Higher Education: China donates billions to 87 schools, including the California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the New York and New Jersey Institutes of Technology, and Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Why donate so much to U.S. higher education? China is creating Confucious Institutes—the purpose of these is to act as bases for ideological warfare by perverting the views of American students.

9. China’s Bully Position: Space war, satellite-destroying missiles, nuclear threat, lasers, and cyberattacks. Intelligence, espionage, high-tech theft of U.S. national security secrets and technology. The U.S. had not prosecuted a Security case in over 30 years. In September 2019, under President Trump, three cases were prosecuted involving technology theft operations—from American defense contractors, cyberhacking, and economic espionage (for targeting jet aircraft engine trade secrets). China can also use its world-wide dominance in rare earth minerals. For example, cobalt which is used in high-tech manufacturing of computer chips, is nearly completely controlled by China.


First, for our own sakes, let’s pressure our politicians and corporations to bring essential manufacturing back to the United States. Antibiotics, pain medications, and other life-saving drugs and medical equipment should be at the top of the list. Second, let’s hold our politicians, businesses, capital investors and special interest PACs accountable for their kowtowing to China. They should block Chinese and Chinese shell company ownership of an organization or product connected with national security or health and well-being. Third, read labels and buy American (when you can). If not, buy other-than-Chinese-made goods (when you can). There are many websites that list which items or brands are still made in the U.S.A. Fourth, do business with local Mom-and-Pop stores. Let freedom ring!  

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