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Michelle Hallmark Powell

Michelle Hallmark Powell

Lenin’s RED TERROR Is Now Coming to Pass in America’s Woke Cancel Culture!

Vladimir Lenin had only a tiny cabal of diehard followers, yet he was able to seize control of the world’s largest country, Russia. There then proceeded a reign of horrific terror that lasted seventy years.

    America is living through a terrifying “woke” movement right now. We have a majority of treasonous leadership class who are changing the basis of our Republic. Things are not going to get better and calm down without God’s intervention. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

    History tells us that the Bolsheviks were more murderous than today’s left as they lived in a more violent age. They didn’t immediately launch mass purges but slowly legitimized criminal anarchy and corrupting the justice system. Here in America we have seen the beginnings of violence during the 2020 rioting which continues to this day in many Democrat controlled cities. Most of the offenders are not arrested, and if they are they are quickly let go with a mere slap on the hand.

    The Bolsheviks framed their political abuses as a “war on privilege.” Does not that sound familiar to Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s war chants. The plunder of bourgeois property was encouraged as social justice in Russia. That exact thing is going on here in our country. Armed gangs robbed the propertied and grew rich as law and order vanished. Isn’t it a coincidence that one of the Black Lives Matter co-founders, Patrisse Khan-Cullors is now in the news because of the four mansions she has acquired? Rob and plunder the working class to benefit the leftist is the norm.

    The class based economic warfare along with a revolution in criminal justice totally changed Russia. There as here, crime became a class issue, where criminals went free and class enemies were targeted and received severe sentences on the flimsiest of grounds.

    As the socio-economic crisis deepened the courts focused less on actual thieves but to the merchants, factory owners, army officers, and former government officials to prosecute.

    Knowing how the Bolsheviks took over Russia makes it much easier to understand what is going on in our beloved America. If you are not one of the “woke” people you will be persecuted, slandered, and if possible destroyed for doing what is correct. The forcing of the Critical Race Theory being shoved down our throats, taught in our schools, and now being a part of our military is pure Marxism. Thus another similarity to Lenin’s Red Terror.

    In South Carolina, Army sergeant Jonathan Pentland has been charged with assault for shoving a black man who was harassing women in his neighborhood. Pentland, being white, was automatically presumed to be racist, was put under investigation by the Army, and DOJ, has been condemned by his superiors, and the police let a mob surround and vandalize his house. A “Space Force” officer lost his leadership after denouncing Critical Race Theory as pure Marxism. Derek Chauvin, a policeman who is probably going to prison for the accidental killing of George Floyd is among the hundreds of police that are being tried and convicted for attempting to do their job. The criminal is the good guy now and the policeman and victim are the people at fault. The cry of the “woke” is de-fund the police and anyone (conservatives) who disagrees with them is a racist.

    Then we have the tearing down and defacing of our historical statues and memorials. They are trying to rewrite history by just removing all aspects the “woke” do not agree with. The statue of Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key, Ulysses S. Grant, and the majority of all statues depicting the Confederacy are being removed.

The statue of Russian Tsar Alexander III was ripped down soon after the 1917 revolution that led to communist rule in Russia. Similarly, a statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston (amongst so many others) has been beheaded as calls to remove sculptures commemorating American history sweep America.

    The Vietnam memorial in Washington, D.C. was defaced in 2020 and just this week in Queens, New York a Vietnam memorial was painted with swastikas and atrocities written on it.

    Many games and books have been banned as being considered racist. Dr. Seuss, Mr. Potato Head, Snow White and hundreds more are disappearing from our libraries and bookstores throughout the country.

    In Russia statues, books, and buildings were destroyed in the name of Marxism, for a better, fairer Russia. We know how that ended.

    What will the future of America look like? We can only pray that it does not get as horrible as it did in the Lenin Red Terror days. The left does not want to be placated by their little victories. This is a crusade, a religion for them and as long as we do not stop them they will become more extreme, vengeful, and dangerous. This could be a prelude to rape, torture, imprisonment and murder of Christians and Patriots who are the majority of American people, by the leftist who are being urged on by the globalist elite class.

    If we continue on this “woke” cancel culture path we will see more and more similarities of the Bolsheviks of Lenin’s time and the radical left Marxist “woke“ cancel culture of today here in America.  

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