Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

Are We Losing Our Heritage?

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

Psalm 127:3

There is no doubt that the left is waging an all out war against our families. Politics, education, entertainment, even gender, medical, life and, of course, the culture war.

    The Left hates normal. The Left hates peace. You can’t start a revolution among a happy and contented people. Without Jesus there is constant turmoil and upheaval—there is no peace.

And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children.

Isaiah 54:13

    Outside of churches, colleges were the first area infiltrated to create revolution. And so successful has the Left become, that too often, even conservative parents, who should be proud that their child has earned a place in a top college typically find, that even after the first year, their child has become a different person with a shiny new liberal mindset. Now the Left have lowered their sights.

    Who best to make the next target in this upheaval? Is it we, who have already been brought up with Christian, or at least conservative, values? True, turmoil has undoubtedly affected us. But we have a Sure Foundation, and the ability to think hasn’t been educated out of us. Instead, their sights have been sited on the least able to defend and differentiate subterranean moral values.

    From infancy, children are taught to obey. When parents place defenseless young children in day care, parental authority is freely given to strangers with often dubious moral values.

    Now the State says your children don’t belong to you. With this comes propaganda (in favor of outrageous liberal values); suppression of ideas, especially “wrongthink;” critical thinking is replaced by Critical Race Theory; normalization of once radical, immoral ideas; virtue signaling (when children, in their confusion, give in to adult-instigated peer pressure in hopes of creating peace); specific anti-Christian programming (but the After School Satanic Book Club is okay). And this is just at day care or school.

    Add to this the entertainment industries’ affirmation of this moral turpitude in movies, cartoons, video games and books; drag queen story hour or dance shows; creating state-dependent automatons.

    I’m overwhelmed, but there’s more.

    Add in the State and pharma industries’ involvement in your child’s health. The number of vaccinations demanded for child vaccinations has almost quadrupled since the 1980s. But vaccinate you must. (Why is autism almost nonexistent among the Amish?) ADD and ADHD treatment has sky-rocketed. And we wonder why children are attacking parents and teachers.

    The heritage of our country and our children are in more a precarious state than ever. But more importantly, our children’s very souls. Is it too late? One key is sure, we must reclaim our children and grandchildren—ground them in the love of Jesus, family and country.  

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