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Satanism, Sex Crimes, and Consequences

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." (The words of Jesus; Matthew 18:6)

Imagine an elite group of evil child molesters meeting privately in an undisclosed location. Imagine, too, these wicked sexual predators making plans to conduct grotesque, real-life experiments on innocent little boys and girls. In these experiments, the children will be systematically raped, sodomized, and physically violated. Detailed records will be kept of the children's reactions so that pedophiles worldwide can "enjoy" seeing the results.

Kinsey is shown here visiting satanic High Priest Aleister Crowley's temple at Thelema, in Sicily, with occult porno film maker Kenneth Anger. This photograph was obviously posed to create deeply occult symbols and images.

Satanic Doctor to Conduct Experiment

Next, imagine this elite group deciding that these horrendous sexual experiments are to be supervised by a well known professor, or "doctor," of zoology. The chosen doctor happens to be an admirer of the infamous British satanist, Aleister Crowley (the Beast), and is himself a pedophile and homosexual. He will be given millions of dollars to set up a sexual laboratory and institute at a public university somewhere in Middle America.

After this doctor's depraved team completes its abominable research, the mass media will be employed. The nation's newspapers, television, and radio, along with educational organizations, will join in congratulating the pedophile research doctor on a job well done. His name as a great thinker and scientist will go up in lights. The whole world shall sing his praises and be joyful for what this man has done to these little children, all in the name of science.

The Work is Begun and is Successful

And so it is that the doctor of zoology and his helpers go about their grim business of sexual molestation. Thousands of children are thrown into beds. Pedophile molesters described as "research associates" repugnantly and with wicked abandon ravage their cringing, young bodies. Some infants molested are only five months of age. The abused children are counted as statistics and labeled as "scientific subjects."

All goes according to plan. The satanist doctor's name becomes a household word. Educators toast his brilliance. Commendatory books are published examining his work and touting his findings. Clergymen and readers of mass circulation magazines—including family-oriented publications—agree with his conclusions and change their attitudes and behaviors accordingly.

No one seems upset. No one is alarmed. Yet, thousands of children are systematically tortured and raped. The majority of people rejoice that a stunning sexual revolution has taken place. Somehow, though, God's born again believers suspect that the world will never again be the same. Never.

A Horror Movie...or Real?

Could what I have just described be the makings of a raw and explicit horror movie? Or could it be real? Did these monstrously sordid events and acts actually take place, and in America no less, home of the brave and the free—a country where the President almost daily claims he has done this or that "for the good of our children?"

In fact, the scenes I have described are real. This vile plot and activity did take place—and not in Nazi Germany either. Not in Soviet Russia, not in Asia or in South America. These things happened in America in the lifetime of most of us. Furthermore, I believe they are still happening today as you read this. Hundreds, even thousands of little boys and girls are being offered up on the altar of pedophile sex magick. They are being abused regularly and often, and the authorities know about it and are doing nothing to prevent these filthy and ungodly crimes from occurring.

In her mind-absorbing book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences—The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme, Dr. Judith Reisman explodes the strange and malevolent myth of Albert Kinsey, the world-acclaimed satanic doctor responsible for this outrageous criminal atrocity. It was Kinsey who burst on the scene in the early 50s with his widely admired but shocking The Kinsey Report. The findings in this report were based on Kinsey's book, Sexual Behavior in the Adult Male. In it, the now famous Indiana University sex researcher claimed that homosexuality—as well as almost any other deviant and perverted sexual activity—is natural and normal. Children, said Kinsey, are sexual from birth, even in the crib. Kids just a year or two old were claimed to want "positive" sex and said to enjoy pleasurable feelings from sexual activity.

Children Strapped Down and Abused

Reisman's astonishing book documents some of the fiendish ways in which Dr. Kinsey and his institute carried out much of their research. For example, children three to seven years in age were regularly strapped or held down while grotesque sexual acts were performed on them. Stop watches were often used to time the children's physical responses.

Judith Reisman appropriately asks: "Where were the police and law enforcement authorities when these disgraceful and outrageous criminal acts were being committed? Where is the outrage in the academic community and the mass media today? Why, seemingly, is no one disturbed or alarmed at these atrocities committed in the name of science?"

As this staged photo illustrates, the Illuminati's public relations machine, with Rockefeller funding, created an image of Kinsey as a nice, caring, family-oriented researcher. In fact, he and his associates were part of an international ring of sadistic, pedophile child torturers and abusers.

Adult Sex with Children Normal

Kinsey's research findings were that adults who used children for "sex outlets" were quite normal. One Kinsey research associate, who was reported to have had various forms of sexual activity with 800 children, was deemed by Kinsey to be a "refined gentleman" and a "scientific hero." Government funds were used to help compensate this serial child molester for his contributions to science!

From Kinsey's flawed research conclusions a new generation built an entire, new working theory of sexual freedom and license. Kinsey was described by the press and the academic world as the "Father of the Sexual Revolution." Author and novelist Gore Vidal, himself a notorious homosexual, candidly stated that Kinsey was "the most famous man in America, in the world."

Rockefeller, Kinsey, and the Grand Scheme

In her revealing book, Dr. Judith Reisman for the first time exposes Kinsey's satanist connections. She also unmasks the fact that it was the Rockefeller Foundation that gave the wicked Dr. Kinsey the money to conduct his sin-laden, genocidal, child soul-killing research.

At the heart of it all was a "Grand Scheme" by the late Kinsey and his associates to destroy the very building blocks of society. Their goal was to create a New Civilization. The decadent dream of the surviving conspirators remains. They are determined to create a nonjudgmental, anti-God world where homosexual pedophiles can treat children like slabs of meat at a neighborhood flesh market—plundering them in the name of "loving and caring for their needs."

In effect, the release of the Kinsey Report was a planned and staged event, carefully and meticulously crafted in minute detail, intended to dissolve morality and to manipulate and catapult the entirety of humanity into a New Age of sexual and social slavery. As such, the Grand Scheme worked beautifully.

Our Twisted and Sick Culture

Look around you, kind readers of Power of Prophecy, and ask yourself: Why is our twisted and sick culture the way it is today? Why have even the youngest of our kids become sexual barbarians and menacing satanic warriors? Why is the MTV generation so devoid of a conscience? And what of their parents—the drug-crazed, sexually liberated, 60s New Age generation? This was an entire generation made into zombies by marijuana, cocaine, heavy metal music, and Hindu gurus. Between the mixed-up kids and their demented parents, America has become a dumbed-down nation of unthinking feelies and sexually weird immorals.

Dr. Judith Reisman, whose sensational book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, fully documents the grotesque, sexual crimes of Kinsey and the elite. This powerful book indicts virtually the entire political, media, and academic establishments of America.
America is now so far gone that no sooner is the President of the United States exposed as a sexual molester of a 21-year old intern, engaging in oral sex or possibly worse things in the very bowels of the oval office in the White House, than—lo and behold—his popularity ratings soar.

The majority of Americans cry out in unison to would-be accusers: "Leave our great President alone! So what if he is a sexual predator? So what if he, being a married man, has done these things to women, young and old alike, in the oval office? Who cares? Our economy is strong. We have money in our purses and billfolds. Anyway, Bill Clinton is only an anointed reflection of us all. We're all sexually free and liberated. America is Bill Clinton and he is us!"

Was it not Albert Kinsey, agent of the Illuminati and its Grand Scheme, who began this wicked era of sexual confusion and chaos? Why were he and his pedophile ring of child molesting collaborators allowed to go unpunished? Why have their sins been hidden from view for so long? And why has the courageous Dr. Judith Reisman become so hated and despised by the academic world since she first came out with her eye-opening revelations about the sex crimes committed by this elite group of international conspirators?

"The Wise Shall Understand"

As Dr. Reisman argues in her book, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences—The Red Queen and The Grand Scheme, it is time that Americans discover how their way of life has been so dramatically changed by an unheralded, little known cadre of evil sexual perverts and their financial backers. It is time that Americans learn of how monied "special interests" shut down the lone Congressional Committee that dared investigate. It is time for the truth to come out and be told. As Jesus our Lord promised us in His Word, in the last days many hidden secrets shall be uncovered, and the wise shall understand:

"And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." (Daniel 12:9-10)

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