codex magica

Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

The Wicked New World Order Army and the Rise of the Fourth Beast Kingdom

Above: Three architects of the global army of antichrist.

Right: United Nations building in New York—where Illuminati bureaucrats map out plan for UN and NATO military campaigns.

Left: United Nations and NATO flags have replaced the American flag in this U.S. Air Force recruiting poster. Recently, American airmen almost mutinied when Pentagon brass ordered them to remove the "U.S." insignia from the collars of their dress blue uniform. Faced with ferocious protests, President Clinton and his military bigwigs backed down.

Left: San Francisco cops teach Russian police how to break down doors and confiscate weapons of American citizens.


Right: U.S. soldiers search a Haitian man for weapons. Our troops are now disarming citizens in Kosovo, and the same thing will happen in America soon. Gun confiscation is required under the United Nations plan of global disarmament.

Above:Russian T-72 tank heading south in Southern Oregon. The ministry friend who sent us these photographs also sighted French artillery and Russian "Bear" nuclear-armed bomber aircraft.

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