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Texe Marrs

Uncooperative Churches and Groups Targeted by Feds

"Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me...For without cause have they hid for me their net in a pit, which without cause they have digged for my soul."

Psalm 35:1,7

"What do we need to do to shut down uncooperative Christian churches and groups and put them out of business forever?" This was the question that high-level Clinton Administration bureaucrats posed at a super-secret conclave at the White House in late October, 1998.

Among those attending this sinister get-together were UN diplomats; State Department big-wigs; top deputies of Janet Reno’s corrupt Justice Department; senior officials from the FBI, Customs Service, and the Treasury Department; and Bill and Hillary Clinton’s chief White House lieutenants.

Also present: The head of the Internal Revenue Service’s Exempt Organizations Division, an IRS unit headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah, that monitors and controls the finances and operations of the tens of thousands of churches and Christian ministries as well as over 10,000 conservative groups throughout the U.S.A. classified as Section 501(c)3 nonprofit entities.

A Terrible Master Plan

Out of this key meeting came a terrible Master Plan. Classified "Top Secret" and limited to the eyes only of a select group of federal law enforcement and political operatives, the plan is informally called "Operation D."

Power of Prophecy has so far been unable to ascertain the exact meaning of the letter "D" in Operation D, though we have our suspicions. The D most likely stands for "Destroy" or "Destruct."

"The assembled plotters at the secret White House meeting were briefed on their mission...Once these "cancerous cells" of fundamentalist Christianity and patriotic nationalism were elim-inated from the body politic, the edifice of the ultimate New Order could be rapidly built."
However, at least one reliable source insists the letter “D” ominously stands for Derzhinsky, the surname of Felix Derzhinsky, the hated and dreaded founder of the Soviet Union’s much feared and bloody secret police. During the awful, dark days of Lenin and Stalin, all churches in atheistic Russia and its captive Soviet States were shut down, and millions of faithful Christian believers were vilely persecuted, tortured, and put to death in remote gulag concentration camps. Derzhinsky was the cunning slaughterer who supervised this great terror.

The assembled plotters at the secret White House meeting were briefed on their mission. They were told that, so successful was the onward march of Socialism, only a very few Christian churches and patriotic nationalist groups now stood to prevent the final victory of The Great Work. This Great Work was depicted as the "Promised Land" of human and social advancement on Planet Earth. Once these "cancerous cells" of fundamentalist Christianity and patriotic nationalism were eliminated from the body politic, the edifice of the ultimate New Order could be rapidly built. Thus, a Final Solution is necessary—their task was to formulate a Plan that would result in the last vestiges of resistance being swept away forever.

A Five-Pronged Attack

At the secret White House meeting of October, 1998, it was decided that a five-pronged attack would be immediately launched against those few remaining churches and patriotic nationalist groups that continued to stubbornly resist the elite’s Socialist/Communist scheme for totalitarian control of the masses. This five-pronged attack would proceed as follows:

(1) Financial Power: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would play a key role, using its discretionary powers under Section 501c of the IRS Code to audit, investigate, harass, bully, intimidate, and, if possible, destroy the financial base of uncooperative Christian Churches and other nonprofit groups. Meanwhile, individual resisters (pastors, patriots, etc) would be targeted for repressive audits and their personal property and possessions eventually seized. A crippling financial crisis brought on by the IRS assault would thus envelop the resistance community.

(2) International Pressure: The State Department and United Nations would, through global treaty powers, undermine the very basis and possibility for effective resistance. Treaties presumably designed to prevent genocide, stop hate crimes, and protect children, would enable the U.S. Justice Department and the recently established International Criminal Court to investigate, indict, and imprison pastors and patriots, branding them as "hate criminals" grossly guilty of genocidal prejudice against foreign nations, immigrants, races and ethnic groups, people of other religions, and homosexuals and lesbians. Many parents will be arrested and thrown into jail cells, accused of teaching their minor children the forbidden knowledge that, "Jesus and Christianity are the only way to Heaven" or that, "America was once a great country where people lived in liberty and freedom under a Constitution that guaranteed freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms."

(3) Investigative and Intelligence Forces:The FBI, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), and other agencies would carry out investigative and spy operations against targeted churches, groups, and individuals. Privacy would be impossible. Wiretapping of telephones; placement of hidden videos at churches, job sites, and homes; and snooping into bank accounts would escalate.

It was noted that pastors, patriots, and bible-believing Christians rarely break laws, being unusually good and honest, upright citizens. Trumped-up charges can nevertheless be arranged as a result of federal tampering with evidence, faked recordings from bogus wiretaps, and forgery of financial documents by federal authorities.

(4) Judicial and Prosecutorial Assets:It is expected that corrupt Justice Department officials and the tainted judges of federal courts will cooperate in putting Christian resistance leaders and targeted patriotic Americans behind bars. After all, look how easy it was for a federal judge and a U.S. Attorney to get a deceived jury to convict and send to prison the innocent survivors of Waco, even after it was made clear that the bloody government attack on the innocent Branch Davidians was unprovoked and that the fiery massacre of men, women, and children inside their church and housing facility was planned, premeditated mass murder by Stalinist-like jackboots of federal law enforcement. Everyone knows that, as the old saying inside the Justice Department goes, "A federal grand jury can be led to indict a ham sandwich."

(5) Congressional Legislation:The fifth and final prong of the Secret Plan to shutdown and destroy Christian churches and patriotic organizations is to have cooperative Congressmen—Republican and Democratic— progressively pass legislation designed to stifle and suppress what was once understood to be lawful dissent, free speech and the constitutionally protected exercise of religious freedom. New laws would swiftly be enacted to control and eventually outlaw the possession of firearms by private citizens and to empower the IRS to investigate and rob uncooperative, freedom-loving churches and patriot groups. International agencies are to be delegated the power to enforce global hate crime laws and criminally try Christian fundamentalists and patriotic nationalist "hate-mongers." Also, new laws could give the FBI, IRS, U.S. Postal Service, and Justice Department virtually unlimited police powers to spy on, monitor, and shutdown Christian newsletters, magazines and Christian web sites on the worldwide internet which do not endorse approved "public policy."

Intent: To Destroy the Righteous

Thus, through the combined antichrist forces of financial, international, investigative and intelligence, judicial and prosecutorial, and legislative, the ruling elite fully intends to destroy for all time the only element of society remaining that stands for Christian liberty, human dignity and freedom, decency, privacy, and the pursuit of justice against the combined So-cialist/Communist forces of evil and tyranny.

In this and coming months, Power of Prophecy will not hesitate to shine the light of truth on Operation "D" and on the slimy dictators who seek through satanic and unconstitutional means to enslave us all. We know that, in so doing, we will become an even greater target for their five-pronged assault machine. But we do not fear these rebellious and ungodly men and women.

Frankly, I fervently pray for the evildoers, even for they who plot our destruction. Do they not know of their awful fate on that great Day of Judgement? Are they not aware of the solemn scripture which proclaims, "The angel of the Lord encampeth around them that fear Him, and delivereth them?"

Indeed, we fear only God, for only He can commit both body and soul either to eternal salvation or to eternal damnation.

Praise God for The Saints

We know also that there are just a few of you wonderful saints out there whom we can count on. Without your prayers and your financial support, we could not last even one day. But with your prayerful support, the very gates of hell cannot withstand God’s spotlight of truth.

"Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy...For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His Holy Name."

Psalm 33:18,21

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