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Leviathan In Space

Question: Is the devil orchestrating the U.S. space program? Power of Prophecy Ministries is releasing its newest video (and DVD disk) this month which presents a mountain of evidence indicating that the answer to this provocative question just might be...yes!

We know, of course, that the Holy Bible identifies Satan, or Lucifer, as the false deity worshipped by the ancients (and by many today) as the "star god" who fights against God's people from the heavenlies. The Apostle Paul, therefore, accurately identified Lucifer as "the prince of the power of the air." In Isaiah 14:12-15 we find the judgement of Lucifer, the fallen angel, who arrogantly boasted that he would someday defeat and take the place of the Most High God:

"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit."

The Real Space Race

We used to think that the Soviet Empire and the United States were competitors in a great space race. But, in fact, the real space race was the one going on out of human sight, in the realm and dimension from which Lucifer continues to wage futile warfare against God, His holy angels, and His people here on earth.

The amazing events involving our U.S. space program chronicled in Leviathan in Space demonstrate just how much the devil so desperately wants to win this space race, this war against God's Kingdom. NASA's organization and agenda are horribly permeated with Luciferian artifacts and activities. We point, for example, to striking evidence of Masonic occultism and to magician astronauts. Also, we, regrettably, must bring to light the dark history of NASA's chief founders.

The power of NASA's occultic origins is seen in the life of John ("Jack") Parsons, the scientist who helped found JPL Labs in Pasadena, California, and the genius who invented the solid fuel technology that made the space shots possible. The memory of Parsons is so well regarded by NASA that the agency has named a lunar area after him. Yet, as proven in a revealing book, Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons, Parsons is outed as a sexual pervert who headed the American branch of satanist Aleister Crowley's notorious secret society, the O.T.O.

Jack Parsons, genius inventor of solid fuels used for spacecraft, was high priest of the O.T.O., a satanic church. NASA honored Parsons by naming a crater after him on the dark side of the moon.
The Serpent's Seed, Nazis, and "Strong Powers"

On Halloween night, 1968, Jack Parsons and a woman disciple conducted a black magic satanic sex ritual called "Babalon working" in a vain attempt to invoke the Antichrist and produce a "man-child," a serpent seed offspring. Shortly afterward, Parsons was killed in what was claimed to be an accidental explosion in his home laboratory. The FBI quickly moved in and mysteriously seized all his records and notes.

However, perhaps the most famous and respected of NASA's space scientists was the late Werner von Braun. Von Braun had been a top leader in Adolf Hitler's Nazi rocket program and was brought to the U.S. after World War II. Possibly, Dr. Von Braun recognized the powers of hell that energized the space race. He is quoted once as ominously warning, "We find ourselves faced by strong powers whose base of operations is at present unknown to us."

The Masonic Lodge and Magical Rituals

My video, Leviathan In Space (Available in VHS or DVD), also documents an extensive Freemasonry influence and exposes various magical rituals connected to NASA operations. Take occult numerology, for example. Is it strange to you that the planned launch of Apollo 13—note the supernatural number of witchcraft, 13—was set for exactly 13:13 military time on April 11th? Apollo, of course, is a name of the pagan sun god. The Bible, in Revelation 9:11, identifies Apollyon (Apollo + On, another name of the chief Egyptian god) as the devil.

In the year 2000, the Scottish Rite, the largest masonic sect, formally established Tranquility Lodge #2000, a Masonic Lodge, on the moon.

Oddities and Weirdness in Space

Over and over, Leviathan in Space documents oddities and weirdness pointing to Satan having a field day in plotting out NASA's space activities. Examples include:

  • The strange face of a beast discovered in space by the Hubbell space telescope.
  • The "Chandra" X-ray laboratory telescope (Chandra is Hebrew for "star").
  • The stunning image of an all-seeing eye sent back from space by a NASA telescope. National Geographic magazine called it "The Eye On The Universe."

Astronomers were stunned when the Hubble space telescope sent back this incredible picture of what appears to be an "all-seeing eye" in space. (Click the image for a larger picture.)

  • What appear to be frightening creatures seen in space.
  • Spiders, bees, and rats sent aloft in space on NASA craft. Astonishing is the incredible NASA report that a number of the rats were beheaded in space by an astronaut who used a specially built miniature guillotine to off the hapless critters’ heads!

On Space Shuttle Mission STS-58, Dr. Martin Fettman, the first veterinarian in space, conducted an experiment by chopping off the heads of rats.

  • Actual film footage of what appear to be UFOs and strange lights active around NASA spacecraft.


Scientist Lewis Manson believes this petrified rock formation discovered on the moon is proof that dinosaurs once stalked the lunar surface.

Dinosaurs On the Moon?

And there is more I've discovered in this space theater of the bizarre. For example, the video examines mind-boggling fossil evidence of dinosaurs who once roamed the moon's surface.

Then there are the reports of the murder of some astronauts, especially one astronaut who had threatened to blow the whistle on NASA's ineptness and treachery. Is there also an ongoing coverup of the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle blow-ups and destruction?

Hoaxes and Scams

Finally, in the video I discuss the claims by some very intelligent researchers that man never went to the moon—that it was all a hoax! Some even call it "Moongate." Did astronauts Buzz Aldrin (33rd degree Mason) and Neil Armstrong in 1969 really walk on the lunar surface, or was it all a giant, criminal scam—perhaps the greatest scam of all time?

In my new video, I mention also the provocative Hollywood movie, Capricorn One. This movie's plot depicted

Challenger Explodes

Some allege that the explosions of the Challenger and other spacecraft were deliberate plots, even occult sacrifices. (Click the image to for a larger picture.)

a staged spaceshot hoax with astronauts being forced to cooperate or be killed. Oddly enough, actor O.J. Simpson played the starring role of an astronaut in the movie. Capricorn just happens to be the astrological sign of the horned goat (Satan?) in the Zodiac.


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