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Texe Marrs

Mysterious Monuments of the New World Order

After the publication of my newest book, Mysterious Monuments, can anyone seriously doubt the mushrooming explosion of an Architectural Colossus across America and the world?

North American Union Pyramids

That much of the new 
Euro Goddess
architecture has globalist New World Order aims is clear. Take, for example the three North American Union pyramids erected just off the highway in Princeton, West Virginia. In front of the Egyptian-style monoliths are three flags—Those of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Imagine—Egyptian-style pyramid monuments, flying foreign flags and signaling the end of American sovereignty, audaciously built with U.S. taxpayer funding. What an outrage!

Get Ready For The Amero!

But there's more. Like the pyramids and circular buildings of the U.S. Mint, in Fort Worth, Texas. This is the government treasury complex which is now manufacturing and printing the multicolored U.S.A. currency. Designed by an admitted Masonic architect, the printing press of this facility may someday soon be distributing piles of a brand new North American Union currency—the sinister, planned Amero.

Divine Goddess of Europe

Across the Atlantic, in Brussels, Belgium, in front of the European Union Building, stands a strange, yet revealing monument. It is a statue of a modern-day goddess, holding high the symbol of the Euro in her hand. Below her, cowering in a supine, slave position are the figures of a man and woman. These represent the people of Europe, the Divine Woman's admiring subjects, vassals of the New World Order.

Also in Europe, amazingly built in the shape of an unfinished "Tower of Babel," is the new European Parliament building. Arching up toward the sky and surrounded by occultic arches, triangles, circles, and domes, its architectural message is undeniable. The Illuminati elite are determined to do what their forebearers in ancient Babylon failed to do—complete the satanic kingdom for planet earth.

Staggering to Contemplate

Over 875 astounding photos in Mysterious Monuments leave readers with glossy eyes. It is staggering to contemplate. Rising up right before our eyes is a new, carefully orchestrated New World Order; and not just of political, economic, religious, and social dimensions. This new Colossus is tangible—it exists in stone, brick, metal, glass, wood, and plaster.

This is real, and now we are all confronted with unimaginable evil staring us in the face. As the cover of my massive new book announces, "Mysterious Monuments today enshroud the world with magic and seduction."

What should we do about this amazing knowledge and discovery? I leave the answer to this probing question to you, dear friends. But what I do know is that never again will the cowardly doubters and skeptics be able to dodge the dark, ever present truth.

Those who love to heap scorn on "conspiracy theorists" are now themselves put to shame. The already gigantic Architectural Colossus of sinister Illuminist purpose grows larger and larger each day, even each hour. The day of reckoning prophesied to occur is closing in on us all.

Mysterious Monuments—Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs,
Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places

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Mysterious Monuments

Mysterious Monuments—Encyclopedia of Secret Illuminati Designs, Masonic Architecture, and Occult Places


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