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This Place is Terrible

Black horned devil at Rennes Le Château Doorway to the Chapel at Rennes Le Château
Left: This idol of a black horned devil stands in the Chapel at Rennes Le Château.

Top: The doorway to the Chapel shockingly announces, "This Place is Terrible."

Imagine visiting a supposedly Christian church only to discover that over the entrance doorway is the mind-boggling inscription carved in stone, "This Place is Terrible." Then, once inside, your senses are further shocked when you discover, standing there right in front of you, a demonic statue of a horned black devil.

In fact, such a church does exist; it is the curious Chapel at Rennes Le Château in the Pyranees mountain region of France. The inscription over the doorway, in French, reads "Terribilis est Locus Iste;" in English—"This Place is Terrible."

It is said that inside this abominable Roman Catholic Chapel is a secret trap door in the stone floor that leads to the fiery abyss; that is, to hell, and from this entrance the Devil himself comes and goes.

The priest, Berenger Sauniére, who installed the diabolic statue in his church back in 1891 told close friends that he had discovered a strange ancient manuscript, Le Rouge Serpent (The Red Dragon) which told him of infernal things. It seems that the priest took this manuscript to Paris to consult with higher-level clergy of the Catholic Church who were reputed to be clandestine members of the heretical secret society, The Priory of Sion. The priest, Sauniére, received instructions from his superiors and returned to Rennes le Château, reportedly with a huge sum of cash.

Whether we believe every detail of this odd story is immaterial. The fact is, the Chapel exists. I discuss its inscriptions, its infernal devil idol, and more in my revealing encyclopedic book, Mysterious Monuments, and picture it in my latest video, Face to Face With the Devil (available in DVD only). Truly, this world is far more wicked and diabolical than most people are prepared to accept. No wonder the Scriptures warn that our struggle is not exclusively with flesh and blood but with the higher powers, the spiritual powers of darkness.

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