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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

"Why I Wrote Project L.U.C.I.D."

A frightening behemoth is rising up from the depths of America's hidden SS establishment. Like a vast and monstrous silicon octopus, Project L.U.C.I.D. is stretching forth its ominous and threatening, high tech tentacles. Multitudes of unsuspecting, helpless victims will very soon be encircled and crushed by Big Brother's new, Gestapo police state. Who among us can possibly escape the electronic cages now being prepared for all mankind?

This evil has been a long time coming. For over 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, I observed fantastic, technological advances come to reality—laser-guided "smart" munitions; missile warning radars; spy satellites; neutron bombs; remotely piloted vehicles (drone aircraft); Mirv'd ICBM platforms; and incredible, electronic, "killer" gadgetry that defies the imagination.

I recall driving each day past the huge and monstrously solemn building at Lackland Air Force Base where young warriors train in the latest cryptographic equipment and techniques.

My mind also goes back to the highly classified building in Italy—lacking windows, surrounded by barbed wire, patrolled by security police, and fortified by concrete—in which I toiled for many months. Inside, powerful, room-sized computers hummed and buzzed as electronic communications machines—seeming to come straight out of some futuristic, Buck Rogers movie—monitored climactic events occurring across the globe.

Stationed in Germany, I was the commander of hundreds of technicians and specialists who traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East, establishing classified communications links and transmitting cryptologically encoded messages back and forth on secure lines.

At the University of Texas at Austin for five years, I taught officer cadets American defense policy, the organization of the Air Force, and the history of aviation and aerospace. I also imparted to them knowledge of military strategy and tactics and introduced them to a wide range of new, Star Wars-era aircraft and armaments. We even game-played, "How to Fight and Win World War III."

Later, following my retirement as a U.S. Air Force officer, I put my technological knowledge to effective use, founding the high tech consulting firm, Tech Trends. As president of Tech Trends, I was privileged to meet and share information with some of America's best technological minds. I also researched and wrote books on futuristic high technology for such major New York publishers as Stein & Day, Simon Schuster, Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill/Tab Books, Dow Jones-Irwin, Barron's, and Facts on File. Among those books: Robotica: The Whole Universe Catalog of Robots; The Personal Robot Book; Careers in Computers; High Technology Job Finder; High Technology Careers; and Careers With Robots.

My investigations took me to research laboratories and exotic corporate locales where I became privy to mind-boggling information about horrendously destructive, high technology systems on the drawing boards. In the last few years, I have steadily seen those same, dark systems introduced in the public marketplace, often presented as something positive, good, and beneficial for the progress and prosperity of mankind.

Project L.U.C.I.D., which involves an array of black science tools and Big Brother electronic devices, will also be touted by government as a boon to society. And the brainwashed masses will believe this incredible lie.

A key component of this behemoth, police state control system is L.U.C.I.D. net, a universal system of linked databases. Its sponsors claim it will be a godsend to the global law enforcement community, especially in fighting international and domestic terrorism. Strangely, however, L.U.C.I.D. net requires computer registration, constant electronic surveillance, and a microchip-integrated Universal Biometrics I.D. Card for every child born on planet Earth! Why do babies need to be tracked and monitored? Is there any known case in the annals of criminal history in which a baby in a cradle committed some heinous act of global terrorism?

The powers who rule over us are already implementing many aspects of this draconian, computerized control system. They are doing so without our permission and, for the most part, without our knowledge!

If you complain, they will tell you, of course, that they are doing this for your own good, that their control sensors will guarantee you security and safety. However, in their book, Computer Consciousness, authors H. Dominic Corvey and Neil McAlister sound words of caution: "If we fail to fear the computer's ability to become a latter-day Baal who demands our sacrifices on the altar of technology," they warn, "then we may, unresistingly, become first its worshippers, and finally its sacrifices."

Please, I beg you, order and read Project L.U.C.I.D. carefully and prayerfully. Sincerely ask yourself, "Is this not the setting up of the Beast 666 Universal Human Control System prophesied in the book of Revelation? Will this hideous, Gestapo-like, high tech system not swallow up our liberties and end in the bloody reign of an all-powerful, Orwellian World Government? Do we not have much to fear from "the computer's ability to become a latter-day Baal?" Might we, unless we resist, "become first its worshippers, and finally its sacrifices?"

—Texe Marrs

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