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Texe Marrs

Who is ruler of this present Earth? Who is the presiding monarch of our planet and its 200-plus nation-states? Is it the Lord Almighty, whose magnificent name is Jesus, or is it Satan who, in our day and age, rules over the affairs of men?

To those unfamiliar with Scripture, it seems unfathomable—even preposterous—to admit that Satan, that wicked and monstrous creature of hell, is god of this world. But, in fact, this is exactly what the Holy Bible teaches.

Though ignorant, unsaved men and women every-where believe themselves to be masters of their own destiny, in truth they serve a god. His name is Satan. They may scoff or ridicule the notion. But again, I assert: Every person alive today on planet Earth who does not have Jesus is under bondage to the Evil One. Their deity and master is Lucifer—god of this world.

Satan Given Temporary Throne

Our Father in Heaven, God over all, has given Satan his temporary throne and endowed him with miraculous, if limited, powers. In the wilderness, Jesus was tested and offered the kingdoms of this world if He would bow down and worship Satan. Our Lord refused, rebuking the Adversary for his blasphemy. But Christ did not deny that these worldly kingdoms were Satan's to give.

Later, Jesus told Pilate, "My Kingdom is not of this world" (John 18:36). The Lord declared to His disciples, "I have chosen you out of the world" (John 15:19) and encouraged them by proclaiming that He, Jesus, had overcome the world. Moreover, the Apostle John instructed fellow Christians: "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is He (God's Holy Spirit) that is in you, than he (Satan) that is in the world" (I John 4:4).

True Christian Not of This World

And thus we come to a mind-boggling and wonderful discovery: The man or woman who is of God is not of this world. He or she is not subservient to Satan nor under the influence of the devil's dark angels. The man and woman of God is free, having obtained liberty through Christ Jesus and having become a pilgrim and alien, passing through, but not of this world. The Christian's glorious home and eternal abode is Heaven, where born again Christians shall live joyously with Christ forevermore.

What, then, of the unsaved person, the man or woman who knows not God? Again, we come to a shocking discovery: The lost person belongs, body and soul, to Satan. He or she is attached to this perishing, feudal world of which the devil is temporarily lord of the manor and possessor.

Yes, Satan is king of the unsaved world. And there is but one avenue of escape from the horrendous clutches of the one whom the Apostle Paul called the "god of this world" (II Corinthians 4:3-4). Only a person with a repentant heart who cries out to Jesus as Lord and Saviour can escape the ravages of this present-day world.

Lunatics in Charge of Planet

And what a sickeningly wild and desperately craven world this has become! The lunatics are now in charge of the asylum. Earth is turned into a nightmare as Satan furiously charges about, angry that his time is short and seeking whom he may devour. The ravages of the Evil One have made Earth into a fearful world, a dim place with no prospects and no future. Someday—I believe very soon—a new world is coming, with a victorious Jesus to reign as King and Overseer (see II Peter 3:13 and Revelation 21). But until He comes, things will only wax worse and worse (II Timothy 3:13).

How long will it be before Christ returns? I set no dates, but the signs of His coming are clearly at hand. As in Noah's day, the world is filled with wickedness, and man, without God, does not cease to continuously produce evil works. Consider please, the following, prime examples of these evil works, and witness the Earth's gathering darkness. Then, decide for yourself how close we are to the end.

A Pedophile Priest Victim Help Line

In Dublin, Ireland, the Catholic Church recently opened a special telephone help line for victims of child abuse by the clergy. The line went into operation after countless instances of rape and molestation by pedophile Catholic priests. The latest reported in Ireland was a 71-year old pedophile priest who sexually molested at least 74 children during his 36 year pastorate. (New York Daily News, July 27, 1997)

Billy Graham Does Political Favor for President Clinton

In the U.S.A., the world's most beloved evangelist, Billy Graham, has assured passage of a shaky congressional bill conferring "Most Favored Nation" trade status for Communist Red China by writing a letter strongly supporting the bill. Hesitant legislators on the fence quickly caved in to White House demands and voted for the bill after receiving Billy Graham's politically charged letter. (Reuters, June 23, 1997)

This same Billy Graham is the man who once raved about butcher Mao Tse Tung's sayings, favorably comparing them to the Ten Commandments. Graham also once complimented a gulag-ridden Soviet Russia during the dark era for its "freedom of religion," and he called North Korea's vicious, bloody dictator, the late Kim Il Sung, a "great leader."

Now Billy Graham aids the Illuminati agenda as he seeks to gain financial advantage for a barbaric Red China. Red China's leadership slaughtered thousands in Tiananmen Square and, even now, persecutes and locks many Christian Chinese up in filthy jail cells.

Billy Graham has long been a water carrier and an errand boy for the Rockefellers, the Presidents, and other political and financial bigwigs. His recent scam, helping Communist China at President Clinton's behest, is just the latest in a string of political favors that Graham has tendered his influential and powerful friends in high places.

The unseemly behavior—and the political and moral compromises—of the world's most famous "evangelist" is one signal that the great falling away from the Truth foretold in Bible prophecy is underway (II Thess. 2).

Dr. Hedy Fry and Ruby Stone

Dr. Hedy Fry, shown here with local drag queen and transvestite, Ruby Stone, celebrates her election as a member of Canada's Parliament.

Drag Queen and Politician Celebrate Together

In Vancouver, Canada, at the fancy and luxurious Vancouver Hotel, member of parliament Dr. Hedy Fry celebrated her election victory to the Canadian Parliament. Fry, a close friend and supporter of Prime Minister Jean Chretian, enjoyed a toast with a wide assortment of corporate bosses, abortionists, one worlders, gun controllers, labor leaders, environmental activists, and feminists. Also invited to the gala affair was a Fry associate, the local drag queen and transvestite homosexual, Ruby Stone. (Westender, June 5, 1997)

Hong Kong Handed Over to Communists

Great Britain has willingly turned over a thriving and democratic Hong Kong to slavery under Red Chinese tyranny. To tumultuous applause by the world's media, a treasonous Prince Charles, the royal monarch who rates Mohammed on a par with Jesus and whose adulterous affair with a married woman broke up his own marriage, gave a little farewell speech at Hong Kong's harbor. Then the New Age prince sailed off into the sunset aboard his royal yacht. Within hours, four thousand Red Chinese Army troops marched into the city as the bulk of its citizenry quaked behind closed doors. (Reuters, June 17, 1997)

Notorious Abortionist Honored

In Texas, Republican Governor George W. Bush, the son of former U.S. President George Bush, honored a baby-killing abortionist with a highway designation. Bush, who, like his father, is a member of the satanic secret society known as the Order of Skull & Bones, signed into law a House bill which names a section of State Highway 35 near Houston the "John B. Coleman Memorial Highway."

According to the National Coalition for Life, Dr. Coleman was named in 1991 by the Houston Post newspaper as one of the state's 12 most sued doctors. The newspaper noted that there is a "long list of malpractice suits against Coleman involving botched abortions and deaths."

Governor Bush, elected to office while proclaiming himself a "pro-life" candidate, is a front-runner for the Republican Party's nomination for the presidency of the U.S. for the next election campaign.

Pro-Homosexual Bishop Chosen

In Philadelphia, the conference of the Episcopal Church U.S.A. (2.5 million members) chose as its presiding bishop Frank Griswold III. Griswold promptly announced that he is a keen supporter of the gay and lesbian agenda. The new Episcopal Church head said he wants his denomination to okay same sex marriages and ordain homosexual clergymen. (USA Today, July 22, 1997)

Demonstrators Protest—Want Jobs

Thirty thousand protesters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, were brutally suppressed by riot police during a demonstration against the

In Amsterdam, thirty thousand demonstrators demanding more jobs protested the economic mire of Europe.

plans by European politicians to unite all of Europe under a common economy, currency, and government.

Amazingly, they were not rioting for the cause of national sovereignty. The demonstrators believe a United States of Europe to be a good idea. They were angry, however, that the economic unity movement by corporate chieftains had already thrown millions of people out of jobs. Theirs was a protest for money and for more jobs.

The enraged European demonstrators threw stones, broke windows of buildings, and caused property damage, shouting slogans in Dutch, German, and Italian. But in the U.S.A., a dumbed-down citizenry continues to sit quietly, like sheep to be slaughtered, as this country's politicians herd the people into the NAFTA/WTO sheep pen. (The Columbus Dispatch, June 15, 1997)

The People Love Their Crooked, Immoral Politicians

President Clinton is by now fully exposed as being under the money-grubbing influence of seedy billionaires from Asia. Meanwhile, both political parties are proven guilty of accepting payoffs from Communist overlords in China. Clinton is also unmasked as a sexual harasser of Paula Jones and other women and is laughingly viewed by even his friends and supporters as a "liar par excellence."

Though scandal after scandal rocks the White House, Gallup, Roper, Harris, and other pollsters report that the President's approval ratings are up—way up. The people love and adore this man. Bill Clinton feels their pain. Clinton is just like the vast majority of the people of America. He reflects their values and morals. They deserve him, and vice versa.


Spawn, a warrior from hell, is the new superhero for the under 14 year-old and the X generation.

A Superhero for the Millennium

Clinton is the acknowledged hero of the pot smoking, heroin and cocaine shooting-up, MTV Baby Boomer generation. But for the X'er generation and especially the under 14-year old crowd, a new superhero has emerged on the scene: Spawn.

A modern-day comic book legend, Spawn is the younger generation's version of the superhero. He's a hip counterpart to obsolete, traditional heros like The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Superman, and Captain Marvel. Spawn, you see, is qualitatively different than his older models. They were pictured as the epitome of wholesomeness and decency. But this new superhero, Spawn, is a war-like killer from hell.

Here's, how entertainment reporter Rene Rodriguez, in the Miami Herald (August 1, 1997), describes Spawn: "Spawn is a minion of the devil. His face is so horribly burned, he'd give Marilyn Manson nightmares. He lives in dark, shadowy alleys among rats and bums. He wears a crimson cape. He bleeds green goo. He can make deadly chains pop out of his rib cage. And he's the good guy."

Spawn is further described as "dark, moody, and extremely gory." That's why the movie is "an instant smash," says Rodriguez. The plot of the movie has a murdered man going to hell, but asking Satan to be allowed to come back to Earth to exact revenge. Satan makes a covenant with the man, who becomes Spawn. The devil allows the "superhero" to return to Earth to do his deeds, but Spawn agrees to return to hell afterward to lead hell's army against humanity in the apocalyptic battle of Armageddon.

The rock generation finds Spawn to their liking. "Spawn," writes David Ramsey of KMLE-FM rock radio in Phoenix, Arizona, "is a superhero for the Millennium."

Christians Long for a Better World

Considering the above scenes of a depraved world gone mad, Christians could well conclude that the planet has become a vile, buzzing mess of confusion and chaos. That may be so, but I believe this remarkable outgrowth of darkness has also, strangely enough, brought tremendous clarity to our present-day situation. Now we see the world for what it really is: A fiefdom and the province of its cunning master and overlord, Satan.

As Christians, we yearn for a better world where righteousness and sanity prevail, where goodness is supreme, and where mercy and kindness are in abundance.

As Christians, we have come to loathe and despise this present-day world with its chaotic wickedness and treacherous immorality. We know without a doubt that this is not our home. We refuse to bow down to its "god." We reject its compromises and its "fabulous" new superheroes. We long for our true home—the gleaming and joyful Kingdom where our glorious King Jesus triumphantly sits on the regal throne.

Yes, we acknowledge that Satan is god of this corrupt and transient world. But he is not our god. He has none of us. He's a defeated and pitiful tyrant whose time is swiftly drawing to a close. Soon, Lucifer's pathetic, confused world shall be no more. As men and women of God, we pray for that day to come soon. And so it is today, that true Christians everywhere view this wicked world with sadness, and plaintively cry out, "Please, come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

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