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Who Killed John F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Hillary Rodham Clinton had her political game plan mapped out. First, she would win election as U.S. Senator from the heavily populated state of New York, the "Empire State." Then, in the year 2005, Hillary would ascend the throne as the first woman ever to be inaugurated President of the United States. From that lofty vantage point, husband by her side, like the ancient Jezebel she would rule the world as High Priestess and Queen of a triumphant New World Order.

This magazine touted Hillary Clinton as "Empress of the Empire State." Only one man stood in Hillary's way blocking her path to political stardom: John F. Kennedy, Jr.
Only one major obstacle stood in her way: a handsome and popular celebrity named John F. Kennedy, Jr. Sources have revealed to Power of Prophecy that John F. Kennedy, Jr. fully intended to directly challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democrat Party's nomination as U.S. Senator from New York. He was to announce his candidacy this coming Labor Day, to signify his connection with the working man and woman.

Almost all the top politicos in the Empire State had privately agreed to ditch Hillary Clinton and throw their full support to John F. Kennedy, Jr. The ambitious Hillary Clinton was to be politically cut off at the knees!

Apparently, the Kennedy clan had its own master plan for political supremacy. They envisioned the charismatic JFK, Jr. first as U.S. Senator from New York, and then, in 2005, as President of the United States. Upon taking charge of the White House, John, Jr. would have been 44 years old, exactly the age of his assassinated father, President John F. Kennedy, when he took the oath of office.

So, the heated race was on. Who was to be the dominant political force in the New Millennium—the Kennedy Dynasty or the Clinton Dynasty?

Enter the new Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, political stooge of the Clintons, puppet of the New World Order. Barak owes his political fortunes to Bill Clinton, who almost single-handedly deposed Barak's chief political opponent, former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Enter also, according to Barry Chamish, noted Israeli investigative journalist, the murderous Israeli Secret Service and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad.

Exit John F. Kennedy, Jr., who, according to Chamish, committed the cardinal sin of seeking the truth about the Israeli Secret Service's assassination of the late Prime Minister Rabin. Chamish says that JFK, Jr. intended to expose the killers in his magazine, George. Would the names "Bill and Hillary Clinton" also have surfaced in JFK, Jr.'s stunning expos‚ report?

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