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The Coming Great Thirst

Son of man, eat thy bread with quaking, and drink thy water with trembling and with carefulness.

Ezekiel 12:18

Grim reports about our water supplies and sources have been much in the news lately. A crisis of biblical proportions is at hand.

USA Today newspaper, in an eye-opening special supplement (Oct. 21, 1998) titled "Drinking Water's Hidden Dangers," listed a growing number of threats to America's water supply. The report also described a rash of waterborne illnesses plaguing America's citizens, including severe nausea, diarrhea, fevers, and deaths.

The newspaper further noted that in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1993, a devastating parasite infecting the city's water system actually killed 111 people and made a staggering 403,000 more violently sick.

"River Blindness" Plagues Africa

As bad as was the situation in Milwaukee, in Africa, things are tragically worse. News reports tell us that up to ten million Nigerians are currently afflicted with onchocerciosis, a horrible disease known as "river blindness." Overall, over 150,000 victims have been left permanently blind from this disease, which is now rampant in 16 African countries. Health authorities fear that a similar outbreak of "river blindness" might soon erupt in the United States.

The Coming Great Thirst

Stunning new video (60 minutes, VHS or DVD) reveals Bible prophecies about coming water disasters.

In Israel, A National Catastrophe

In the nation of Israel, authorities recently announced that a "national catastrophe" exists because the whole country's water supply is found to be packed with dangerous, parasitic bacteria. Declaring the water system "on the edge of collapse," Environmental Minister Dalia Itzik requested that the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) set up an "emergency water regime." The damage, said Itzik, is "irreversible." (Jerusalem Report, July 20, 1999, Page 1)

Y2K Water Disasters

On the border of the U.S.A. and Canada, at a recent Y2K conference sponsored by the White House, a warning was given that on January 1st, 2000, over 30 million people will be stunned to discover their water faucets and water taps will suddenly be bone dry, thanks to the dreaded millennium computer bug. Jim Lord, of the Westergaard Year 2000 research group, warns that based on the most recent government study, "Water will end up being the core issue of Y2K."

Bloody Wars to be Fought Over Water, Says UN

In New York City, at the headquarters of the United Nations, a new study just published suggests that in coming years, nation will take up arms against nation in bloody wars and conflicts fought over water rights. Drinkable water, said the UN report, is a globally diminishing resource, and world peace is definitely at stake as thirsty nations are expected to bicker furiously over dwindling supplies.

Last year, 1998, the United Nations had declared as the "International Year of the Oceans." This emphasized the importance that the globalist community attributes to the Earth's oceanic stores of water. Yes, undoubtedly, UN officials—and their overseers, the Illuminati elite—recognize the vast significance of man's competition for the scarce and quickly vanishing water supply of this planet. They well know that disastrous water shortages are imminent.

What Lies Ahead?

But, one might object, water is everywhere, everywhere. Great rivers and their tributaries still seem to flow unimpeded, emptying into gargantuan seas. Lakes and streams are not totally empty, and after all, Americans have always been able to simply turn on a water tap and--voila!—a clear, amply flowing supply of life-enriching water has unfailingly been produced.

However, dramatic changes lie just ahead. The question becomes: What will happen to our water in the days soon to come? Can we continue to depend on our governmental authorities providing us with never-ending flows of safe water?

Bible Prophecy Has the Answer

Bible prophecy provides the answer. Read the Scriptures and you will readily know why the UN and the Illuminati are now beginning to focus maximum effort and energy to the issue of preparing for coming, severe water shortages.

Take Revelation 8:10-12, for example. There, we are told of a spectacular event to come in which waters and oceans become poisonously toxic as a burning star, called "Wormwood," falls upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of water: "And many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

Might this vivid image of a burning star called "Wormwood" be a picture of a fiery meteor plunging into the sea from outer space? Or is this the image of flaming, Russian intercontinental and sea-launched missiles bearing chemical or biological toxins which crash into oceans and rivers, making the waters bitter and poisonous?

Waters Contaminated by Nuclear Radiation

Former high-ranking Soviet military men, such as General Alexander Lebed and Colonel Stanislav Lunev, have been warning of miniature bombs so tiny they can be fitted in briefcases. Such devices are now reported missing from Soviet Army inventories.

Could the fiery explosions of these transportable nuclear devices cast a megatonnage of poisonous and deadly radiation contamination into the water supplies and reservoirs of our cities?

Could such a ruination of water supplies by suitcase bomb-carrying terrorists be the fulfillment of the prophecies in Ezekiel 12:19? These prophecies grimly reveal that, in the last days, people will "drink their water with astonishment...because of the violence of all them that dwell therein."

"And the Water Turned Into Blood"

There's also the dramatic finding by scientists that a number of America's rivers and sea beds are fast being polluted by deadly pfeisteria bacteria, which literally turn the waters blood-red! Many people in North Carolina and other eastern states have lately been hospitalized after eating fish infected by this mysterious bacteria.

What an amazing thing, for the Holy Scriptures speak of the sea turning to blood in the last days. (Revelation 8:8) The Bible says that when this occurs, one-third of all living things in the oceans are destroyed--and a third of all ships.

Illuminati Eye Big Profits

The devil is preparing his filthy legions of dark angels and wicked human disciples for the coming, brutish times. The devil and his agents well know of the prophesied, scorched-earth droughts, seas of blood, and life-destroying water shortages to come. Indeed, Satan and his human helpers are the "change agents" who have planned and are now engineering most of these catastrophic water disasters!

Illuminati chieftains like billionaire Maurice Strong intend to get even richer from the sale of water to the desperate, thirsty masses.
As I uncover and expose in my latest video, The Coming Great Thirst (Available in VHS or DVD, the super-rich of the Illuminati have quietly been buying up shares of stock in water companies. They have also been acquiring huge expanses of raw land in Colorado and other states, under which flow billions of barrels of water through underground aquifers. They intend to haul in truckloads of cash on the back of the miserable masses who will be willing to pay anything—exorbitant sums—to stay alive by buying scarce water to drink.

One such Illuminatus, billionaire Maurice Strong, former Chairman of the UN's Environmental Program, is now the chief shareholder and the managing director of Ontario Hydro, Canada's largest water corporation.

Strong also has acquired thousands of acres of land in the thinly populated, but expansive, Baca Grande region of America's West. As a result, Strong and his rich pals now own aquifer water rights affecting almost the whole of Colorado as well as several other western states. When the crunch hits and people in those states are dying for lack of water, it is to Maurice Strong and his associates they must turn. They will be forced to grovel before the former United Nations bigwig on bended knees, begging for a few drops of the world's most precious, but rare, resource: pure, clear, water!

UFOs Spotted Over Waters

Even UFOs and extraterrestrials are getting into the mix of coming events. More and more UFOs are being spotted rising up out of the oceans and out of rivers and other bodies of water. Are these UFOs of demonic origins?

God's Advance Warning to the Saints

I believe that God wants His people to know of The Coming Great Thirst. He never leaves His children in the lurch. We perish without knowledge, but God promises us (see Daniel 12:10) that we will know in advance of the momentous disasters to overtake the world.

My new video, The Coming Great Thirst, is God's warning to His saints. He is saying to us, "Know now. Get ready. Prepare yourselves and your loved ones for that astonishing day just ahead when water shall be no more."

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