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Texe Marrs

God's Prophetic Vision Always Accurate

"Dear Brother Texe," the letter began, "when I first became acquainted with Power of Prophecy, I honestly thought, this just can’t be! After all, the revelations in your newsletter, in your books and videos, and on your radio program, clashed with everything I had been told and was reassured about in the mass media. I decided that either Texe Marrs is telling the truth and CBS, ABC, NBC, and Time magazine and all the others are covering up—or Texe Marrs is nuts."

"Well, after testing your Ministry for almost two years, I can tell you, you are right on target. Now I know why the established powers want to destroy you and Power of Prophecy. Your voice is strong and sure, and what you predict inevitably comes true. As I now tell my friends, if you don’t believe the often astonishing things that Texe Marrs says in this month’s fascinating newsletter or on today’s radio program, well, just wait a while. You’ll soon get the picture. It will be proven correct."

We get these kinds of letters on a regular basis here at the Ministry. What we write and reveal here at Power of Prophecy often defies the smooth lies and deceit Americans and good citizens around the world are being fed by the Illuminized, controlled media. We tell the truth even when it hurts, and sometimes it really hurts!

What’s more, everything I report aligns with Bible Prophecy. God forecasted the future to perfection in His Word. As His faithful servant, it is my duty to show how all things are happening today in perfect accord with His miraculous script.

Frankly, I give God all the glory. It is simply amazing how God will send information and facts my way. He literally makes people contact me and divulge the most mind-boggling undercover truths. After corroboration and fact-checking, I am pleased to pass these unheralded revelations on to you, our beloved Ministry partners.

Thankfully, God has given me a keen "smeller," also. With this God-given gift of discernment, I am able to sniff out all the disinformation and garbage that conspiracy spin artists and agents-provocateur vainly attempt to steer our way. The enemies of truth are ever active, but the spirit-filled believer need not fall victim to their trickery and deceit.

In this special issue of Power of Prophecy newsletter, I bring readers up-to-date on a number of important stories that were first revealed by us in months past. At the time, brick-bats were thrown our way by the doubters and skeptics who angrily cried out, "This just cannot be so—Texe Marrs is dead wrong!"

I pray these and other cynics will stay with us over the months to come. Truth is like an antiseptic and healer. The more truth you digest, the better will be your spiritual and mental health. So I invite all—friends and foe alike—to "stay tuned!" God willing, Power of Prophecy and Texe Marrs have many incredible new truths still to come. As the bold Admiral John Paul Jones, during the American Revolutionary War, hollered out to the British who had demanded he surrender his battered but still defiant fleet. "We have only begun to fight."

In due time, my friends, victory will be ours, for ultimately, the truth shall win out. It always has, even against insurmountable odds. And anyway, we have only just begun to fight.

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