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Texe Marrs

Lieberman, Gore, and God

The media praised Al Gore to the hilt for choosing Connecticutís U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman as his vice presidential running mate. According to the Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, and Peter Jennings red brigade at CBS, NBC, ABC, etc., Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, is honest, endowed with integrity, etc. The Associated Press, dripping with honey, called Lieberman the "Conscience of the Senate."

Beware of any politician on whom the media lovingly bestows such gushing praise. In fact, Lieberman is an evil deceiver of the highest order. He voted in the Senate to continue the murderous butchering of babies through partial birth abortion. He strongly promotes the disgusting homosexual agenda. After winning brownie points by publicly "criticizing" his long-time pal, Bill Clinton, for the Presidentís immoral behavior, Lieberman promptly voted against impeachment of Clinton. Lieberman also consistently votes for Big Government programs and for foreign aid giveaways to Israel, and he supports more IRS powers and Big Brotherís police state. He is, in fact, an Illuminatus.

During his acceptance speech, Lieberman used the word "God" nineteen timesóin just one minute and a half! The most sickening was when Lieberman attempted to paint his pal, Gore, as a true man of God. Lieberman said of Gore, "He has never wavered as a servant of God."

In his book, Earth in the Balance, Al Gore rejected a personal God and promoted the New Age Goddess religion. Gore has also strongly endorsed abortion and homosexual depravity. Thus, Liebermanís praise of him as a wonderful "servant of God" is nothing less than blasphemous mockery.

Expect the media and also the Christian establishment to continue to go "gaga" over Joseph Lieberman, mainly because heís Jewish. But maybe someone should ask Mr. Lieberman how he can justify the hate-filled Jewish Talmud, the "holy book" which he reveres as an Orthodox Jew. The Talmud that Lieberman adores calls Jesus Christ an illegitimate "bastard" and says that our Savior and Lord Jesus is now burning in hot excrement in Hell!

Goreís choice of a Christ-rejecting Orthodox Jew for VP is not a surprise. First, Gore himself is a hater of Christ and Christianity. If you doubt that, just read author Al Goreís Christian-bashing book, Earth in the Balance. Second, Liebermanís Jewish blood means many more billions of dollars will flow into the Gore campaign from rich Jewish donors. Finally, choosing Lieberman helps fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in her own, close race for the U.S. Senate post in New York State, where Jewish voters can swing the election her way. There are more Jews living in New York than there are living in Israel.

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