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Waco Travesty

No Justice for the Branch Davidians, thanks to two 33rd degree Masons
Just as we predicted, the Danforth Commission findings were a travesty. Former U.S. Senator John Danforth completely exonerated the federal killers and blamed all the deaths on the victimized Branch Davidians. John Danforth is a 33rd degree Mason and, in the Senate, he was an Illuminati toady, so we knew this was coming.

In San Antonio, Federal Judge Walter Smith, also a 33rd degree Mason, personally appointed six cronies to an "advisory jury" in the civil law suit regarding the Branch Davidian massacre. As predicted, his handpicked jury found that the government killers were saints totally innocent of any wrongdoing: Mother Theresa types. Smith is the same judge that earlier presided over the Branch Davidians’ criminal trial and so his sitting as the judge for this civil law trial was a farce. The jury wasn’t even chosen according to Texas State law, so arrogant and lawless was this Masonic Judge Smith.

This travesty of justice should confirm to all patriotic citizens that in America today, it is carte blanche for the FBI, ATF, or any other federal police bureaucratic thug force to murder, bully, torture, rape, and ravage innocent citizens. With 33rd degree Masons at the highest levels of government to back you up, go to it, federal boys and girls—Kill!...Kill!...Kill!

The Burning of America

A "controlled fire" intentionally set by environmental sociopath rangers of the National Park Service ended up burning down over 400 private homes, over 40 miles of forest, and threatening Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Historic fires are blazing all over the U.S.A., bringing huge forests to heaps of ashes and cinders and sending shockwaves of fiery destruction. The government has admitted that many fires, like the tragedy at Los Alamos in New Mexico, are intentionally set to fulfill radical environmentalist goals. We had warned in Power of Prophecy newsletter that such fires would soon engulf all America—caused by "insane criminal environmental extremists." This will continue because, in fact, those who proclaim their love of the earth are profound haters of God and witches in rebellion. Their plan is to rewild America and drive people out. God has identified such environmentalists in the book of Revelation as reprobate "Destroyers of the Earth."

Multicolored Currency

Coin World reports a new multicolored currency is ready to go.
In my best selling exposé book, Millennium: Peace, Promises, and the Day They Take Our Money Away, I predicted the eventual issue of colored currency (blue, pink, lavender, in addition to green). Now, Coin World magazine (April 17, 2000) announces that, "The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) is actively engaged in yet another redesign of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills." The new notes could circulate by 2003 and be tinted with a variety of colors. In his excellent publication Criminal Politics, Lawrence Patterson adds that BEP official, Thomas Ferguson, was recently on Capitol Hill, testifying before a congressional committee about the new multicolored currency. Ferguson told the Congress that advanced, high-tech printing presses to print the new, multicolored money are already installed and are ready to go.

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