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The Report From Iron Mountain

Was the Oklahoma City atrocity plotted out in advance as part of a "Blood Games" agenda? How about other recent historical "terrorist acts" and the whole array of bloody movies and popular modern entertainment brimful of violent, blood-soaked, sadistic acts, death and destruction? Are these, too, part and parcel of the Illuminati’s Blood Games agenda?

In fact, there is such an agenda, deadly in nature, that has been foisted on the American people and, indeed, on the inhabitants of the entire planet.

The Report From Iron Mountain Cover
In 1963 a special Top Secret commission of government experts met secretly underground in a place called Iron Mountain, a highly protected and shielded defense installation deep inside the earth in New York state. Its mission: To devise goals for the worlds’ governments to pursue to insure continuing control of the people of Earth, once the Cold War of the two superpowers was ended and global peace enforced.

It was believed by our hidden rulers that wars had been tremendously effective in channeling the peoples’ energies and permitting governments to establish and maintain social control. The masses were told that war is necessary for state security and defense needs, to present a common front against the enemy, protect the people’s way of life, etc.

If however, wars were abolished, the committee’s task was to come up with alternative mechanisms and methods of social control.

In its final report to the President of the United States, informally entitled The Report From Iron Mountain, the distinguished men of this committee presented five substitutes for war in the event the worlds rulers chose to end the Cold War and to establish a New World Order based on peace and cooperation among the world’s superpowers. The substitute for war which stands out from among the others is: "Blood Games."

A "Blood Price" Must Be Paid

I have in my files a copy of The Report From Iron Mountain, and I am astonished at the blunt proposals of this Top Secret committee. Obviously, the government and its hidden rulers never thought for a moment you and I would have access to this classified information, but here it is, from pages 70 and 71:

"When it comes to postulating a credible substitute for war capable of directing human behavior patterns in behalf of social organization...the motivational function of war requires the existence of a genuinely menacing social enemy...The "alternate enemy" must imply a more immediate, tangible, and directly felt threat of destruction. It must justify the need for taking and paying a "blood price" in wide areas of human concern...

"Games theorists have suggested, in other contexts, the development of "blood games" for effective control of individual aggressive impulses...It was left not to scientists but to the makers of a commercial film to develop a model for this...on the implausible level of popular melodrama, as a ritualized manhunt.

"More realistically, such a (Blood Games) ritual might be socialized, in the manner of the Spanish Inquisition and the less formal witch trials of other periods, for purposes of "social purification," "state security," or other rationale both acceptable and credible to postwar societies."

Real Life Blood Games

The high-level government intelligence operatives who gave us The Report From Iron Mountain proposed a plan to carry out popularly accepted, new forms of ritualized Blood Games:

Combining this function (blood games) with sophisticated, modern forms of human slavery, based on the precedent of organized ethnic re-pression, warrants careful consideration.

The United States has recently conducted a series of popular, real-life Blood Games—each of which was watched by the cheering, bloodlusty masses who observed the Games on big-screen televisions from the comfort of their living rooms. First, there were the smart bombs and missiles rained down on the Third World nation of Iraq. Our destruction of Iraqi forces was delivered with deafening blows by American military "gladiators" from the relative safety of high tech tanks, armored vehicles, jet aircraft, and computer-run ships.

Next on the Blood Game schedule was the U.S. initiated aggression against the Serb nation in Bosnia/Yugoslavia. Americans and Europeans saw on television the visual feast of U.S. air strikes raining fire and death down on civilian skyscrapers, passenger trains, once tranquil neighborhoods, even fleeing flocks of refugees. We massacred tens of thousands supposedly to get at one man, Mr. Slobodan Milosevic, who happened to be this poor nation’s sitting political leader. A Roman Emperor Commodus for a new era—that’s what Milosevic was.

Sadam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden—each has been portrayed as a type of Commodus, worthy of death—but first, the Blood Games must be conducted. Call forth the American Gladiators!

He whom the elite rulers have chosen to be sacrificed must first be smeared and demonized. Randy Weaver?—he and his family were branded by the media as "white separatists." So—away with them. Off with their heads. Call in the gladiators!

David Koresh and his peaceful, if confused, congregation? "Cultists... weapons possessors." Oh my!—Kill them! Bring in the heavy artillery! Let the gladiators do their bloodwork!

Death and Blood Games as Entertainment

What we are seeing in the U.S.A., then, is a fascinating, if gruesome, updated reenactment of the ancient Blood Games of Rome but with a new, internet and television age, high tech slice of favor. In ancient Rome, Christians were seen as dangerous criminals. These "criminals" were executed, and their executions became a vehicle for mass public entertainment.

Today, American audiences are clamoring to watch on television convicts be put to death by lethal injection, by firing squad, and by electric chair. Better yet, public bloodlust demands that entire classes and groups of designated public enemies—even rogue nations!—be killed, with the TV-wired public viewing the action live, staged as huge entertainment.

It was only natural that public lasciviousness progress in its debauchery from movie dramas like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream to greater, more jaw dropping realism. Even thrills and chills television shows like the "reality-based" Survivor, Fear Factor, Spy TV, Jackass, Cops, and others soon lose their ability to titillate. The desensitized masses will always want more and more. Shock value is fleeting. Bloodlust never diminishing.

Returning to Gladiator, my friend, Allen Woodham, director of South East Christian Witness, in Australia, observes:

I have read reviews of the new blockbuster movie recently released called Gladiator. The fact that so many are going to see it proves that the same perverted bloodlust now exists in people that was present in the early Romans. Soon, they will grow weary of high tech "special effects" and demand something more "in your face" to obtain the same thrill...

The deranged butchery of those early Roman days (when Christians were persecuted) should cause everyone to see where worldly entertainment is truly headed... The day could soon arrive when people will be in the bleachers watching Christians die.

That might appear to be an over-reactionary statement to some. If you think this, it is only solid proof that your mind has already been satanically brainwashed by Hollywood. (South East Christian Witness, April-May 2000, p. 14).

The Designated Enemy

The Holy Bible says that near the end of time, one, very special group shall be cast as the designated enemy—as the villains of society, as a collection of dangerous misfits. The Bible-believer who refuses to compromise his or her faith, who clings to Jesus, who says no to false Bible versions, no to homosexual perversion, no to murder of little babies through abortion, no to other gods and other religions—he or she shall become the publicly despised sacrifice of the prophesied Blood Games of Revelation.

Jesus said, "They will kill you and thinketh they do God service."

This, then, is how we as Christians should view the current mania for bloodlust. This is how we must understand and interpret the flood of fiendishness so prevalent in today’s popular culture. The devil is now preparing and training the final generation of killers— desensitized and unfeeling, modern-day gladiators.

The ultimate Blood Games are about to begin. The lions are hungry and in their cages. The new Emperor is about to take his throne and will oversee the bloodletting. Let the Games begin!

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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