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Texe Marrs

History's Greatest Secrets Revealed

Few Things are ever what they seem. Those of us who truly understand the magnitude of the global conspiracy which confronts us know this. We have been changed by the knowledge we have acquired. We now read newspapers and magazines in a different way. We watch TV news programs and so-called documentaries on high alert, with our mental antennae up and operating.

We know that much of what passes for "news" at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox is rank propaganda. It is designed to gull and deceive the masses, and it does. Lies, deception, and propaganda work! But not on we who understand.

"The Wise Shall Understand"

Why?—Why is it that only we, a tiny minority, have the ability to discern? We are able to put the news—both print and electronic—to a smell test. And we are quick to reject the majority of mass media programming as pure baloney—laughable, sometimes silly, possibly dangerous disinformation.

But only a few of us possess this keen, much to be desired, gift of discernment. Why?

I believe the answer can be found in the Scriptures. In the prophetic book of Daniel (12:10), we are told:

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

What a majestic God we serve! Yes, the majority are easily controlled and motivated through propaganda and disinformation. Mind controllers call it "psychic driving." Woefully and tragically, the Bible informs us that "none of the wicked shall understand." But the wise—those who trust and obey the Lord—shall understand. God reveals the truth and sets aside all the confusion.

History's Greatest Secrets Revealed

For over sixteen years, since 1986 when I co-founded this international ministry and gave my life over completely to serve Jesus Christ and to foster Truth and dispel Lies, God has been generous to me. He has provided me with sensational—often mind-boggling—documented facts about historical events, people, and world affairs.

Much of what I have discovered totally flies in the face, and is wholly opposite, of what we have been told by our controlled media outlets. Again and again, I have been amazed at how God is able to heighten my awareness, enlighten my understanding and increase my wisdom, especially in areas that, to the world at large, remain unsolved mysteries and enigmas. The secrets and hidden things have been made known to me, often by divine intervention.

I am not alone, either. The few whom God, in His grace, has chosen as His endtime servants are privileged to share this incredible understanding and knowledge.

God has a divine purpose in arming his servants with the key to understanding endtimes mysteries and riddles. However, the gift of discernment is not intended for our titillation. Nor does it empower us to pridefully "Lord it over" the ignorant masses who are not privy to this awesome knowledge.

God's desire is that we who are His disciples see all things in a visionary way—as a whole, for we understand by revelation that all things fit together for good. When God opens our eyes, we experience what I call the "Ahh, now I've got it!" factor: The "Eureka!" dimension. The value of godly discernment and knowledge is that, being made aware, we are able to view the world, its events and people, from a unique and powerful prophetic perspective. We realize that nothing happens by accident. Everything is part of God's prophetic plan. As the prophet Daniel was told by an angel, these things are "determined" by God.

Jesus stated this same principle when, after revealing to His disciples a coming scenario of events to occur in the end-time, He proclaimed, "Behold, I have told you before."

Blind Bats, Rank Fools, More Jesters

Tragically, the ignorant, unruly and rebellious masses have little or no regard for God and His prophetic Word. Therefore, they are blinded and cannot possibly unravel these endtimes mysteries. They are like blind bats, flying and frittering to and fro, banging into the rock walls of dark caves, their radars disabled.

Likewise, the elite who control the masses are themselves deceived and in darkness. The men who comprise the Illuminati cult of the legendary, but misnamed, god with the all-seeing eye think themselves to be all-wise, all-knowing, all-omnipotent. But they are, in fact, rank fools—mere jesters. They have no idea they are up against supernatural powers which they shall, in no wise, be able to fend off. Their doom is sealed for they refuse to repent of their evil works.

It is for us, the remnant, a privilege to be honored with a special insight into these last days. God instills in His people a precious foreknowledge, a stunning ability to see through the maze and steer clear of the gauntlet of lies that confront each of us almost every waking moment of our lives. But knowing the truth places upon us a grave responsibility. It is our assigned task to spread this truth far and wide, to awaken as many as shall listen. We must do our work now while there is still time, for surely, "the night cometh," when no man can work.

History is Bunk

In my audiotape series, I show that much of what we have been told about "history" is bunk. Our kids' textbooks are biased, flawed, and riddled with errors and untruths. Our universities, our media, and our politicians foster the lies we have been taught and perpetuate the deception.

This is understandable, for the entire world is not what it seems! How can it be, for the Scriptures reveal the staggering disclosure that this whole world—and all its kingdoms—temporarily belongs to Satan. He is god of this temporal world. To prove it, the Devil once even attempted to tempt Jesus our Lord by offering Him all the kingdoms of this earth—an offer which Christ rightly refused.

"The Whole World Lieth in Wickedness"

The Apostle John wrote that whereas the people of God are free, the vast majority, being of the world, are blind and in bondage, for "the whole world lieth in wickedness" (I John 5:19).

As the Apostle Paul testified: "The god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not..." (2 Corinthians 4:4)

So, we must conclude that for a brief time—for a flickering moment in the long and unfathomable aeons of eternity—God has allowed Satan, that old Dragon, the Devil, or Lucifer, to possess and reign over planet earth as a "god." His human agents have used mind control technologies and the Lie to hypnotize the masses. The whole world now lies in a narcotic, trance-like state, its people awaiting their savage fate like so many lemmings.

Only a select few—those who have Jesus within and are born again in Him—are able to wake up from their dream state and escape the clutches of the Evil One. The multitudes cannot for they are under a Strong Delusion. They are blind to the fact that Satan, the Master Liar, has manufactured a corrupt world of deceit; his minions and agents constantly lie to us and feed us propaganda. They can't help themselves. They serve a liar and are themselves accomplices in the Lie: "...because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved" (II Thessalonians 2:10).

The Spotlight of Truth

That is why I take delight in shining the spotlight of truth on some of these great lies and fabrications. I say with enthusiasm: Let the light of truth be revealed! Truth is like an antiseptic, cleansing and healing, bringing goodness and joy. Jesus was so very profound when He declared, "Ye shall know the truth. And the truth shall make you free."

Satan and his leaders, of course, prefer for you to lie shackled in the dark, to remain bound up in the Lie. So how does a man break free and dispel the illusion that the Adversary has created? Simple. The pathway to freedom is clearly marked: The Scriptures say that in Christ Jesus there is liberty. When Christ sets you free, you are free, indeed.

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