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Political Graft and Treason:

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the White House are guilty of taking bribes from corporate interests and committing treason against this nation. One of the chief criminals is Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. McAuliffe, who arranged for Bill and Hillary Clinton to get the cash to buy their million dollar-plus estate in New York State, turned a $100,000 initial investment in the stock of now defunct Global Crossing, Ltd., into an $18 million bonanza in less than a year and a half. That's a nifty 18,000 percent profit.

Terry McAuliffe

Tom Daschle

The same company, Global Crossing, sponsored a fundraising dinner for Senate Majority Leader, Democrat Tom Daschle, and paid a Janet Reno aide $2.5 million for her "services." After Global Crossing went bankrupt, its most important technological assets were transferred to a Communist Red Chinese company, Hutchinson Whampoa. The Reds may someday end up using these assets against the U.S.A. in a World War III sneak attack. Truly, our federal government has the best politicians that money can buy!

Not the End:

Barry Smith, New Zealand prophecy teacher and dear friend of Power of Prophecy ministries, went on to be with Jesus, June 27th, while preaching in England. Many people came to know our Savior as a result of Barry's sincere teaching. Rushed to the hospital following a heart attack, the weakened evangelist assured bedside friends, "This is not the end. It's just the beginning."

Brother Stair in Jail:

R.G. Stair, shortwave radio evangelist who went by the title "Brother Stair" and boasted he was the last day's prophet, has been arrested by South Carolina law enforcement. Reportedly, Stair had sex with numerous young women living at the isolated farm commune over which the "evangelist" reigned. One 18-year old black girl has testified that Stair had sex with her 70 times. He also had intercourse with the girl's sister.

Meanwhile, a corpse has been exhumed at the commune, and Sheriff's deputies are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death which had never been reported to the authorities. (Note: Some years ago, Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy unmasked Brother Stair and his unholy works. At the time we were roundly criticized and skewered by Stair and his followers who warned that we would suffer hellfire for our unfair attack on "God's anointed.")

Billy Graham's Friends:

Dr. Cathy Burns' documented exposť book, Billy Graham and His Friends continues to make a stir. Christian bookstores are angrily banning the book, and many lie and pretend it doesn't exist when customers ask about it.

Meanwhile, a major secular publisher, Warner Books, has rushed into print a syrupy book defending the famous evangelist. Billy Graham: A Tribute From Friends has essays from well-known celebrities gushing with praise. Among the celebrities: President George W. Bush, an initiate of the occult Order of Skull and Bones; former President Jimmy Carter, a liberal, a supporter of abortion and homosexuality, and member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations; former President Bill Clinton, Bilderberger, confirmed liar, perjurer, rapist, and serial adulterer; former President Gerald Ford, 33rd degree Mason and a conniving liar who sat on the Warren Commission and helped cover up the truth about the JFK assassination; Ruth Peale, wife of the late Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, 33rd degree Mason and advocate of spirit channeling and worse; Reverend Robert Schuller, 33rd degree Mason and TV huckster; Korean evangelist David Yonggi Cho, who teaches Christians to access the spirit world in search of prosperity; and Chuck Colson, convicted Watergate felon who accepted a one million dollar "gift" from New Ager John Marks Templeton at Chicago's occult and ecumenical conclave known as the Parliament of the World's Religions.

Dr. Burns was certainly right on target. The truth about Billy Graham is revealed by taking a look at who are his friends. Birds of a feather do flock together!

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