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Two Scorpions in a Bottle

"Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."

(Luke 10:19)

Followers of two great and monstrous religions are today locked in a monumental struggle and contest for global supremacy. Each is evil to the core. Each is destined ultimately for the flames of hell. The two are Judaism and Islam.

The leaders and devotee's of Judaism and Islam hate and despise each other intensely. They wish only harm to come to the other. They are like two scorpions in a bottle, circling, dueling and fighting to the death for limited space, for land, for Jihad.

Both Judaism and Islam reject the world's only true religion, Christianity. Judaism's holiest book, the Jewish Talmud, declares that Jesus was a blasphemer who, today, as punishment, is burning in hell in fiery excrement. The Koran, the holiest book of the Moslems, is more charitable and kind to our Saviour. The Koran teaches that Jesus is not the Son of God, but does portray Him as a lower-level prophet and messenger. However, this in no way makes Islam any less evil, or less satanic a religion.

Islam unashamedly comes with a sword. The prophet Mohammed, in the Koran, instructs his disciples to make war on unbelievers. Judaism also makes use of the sword. It's state sponsor, Israel, armed to the teeth by the United States, readily kills, maims and terrorizes weaker opponents. Meanwhile, its propaganda (ADL, ACLU, B'nai B'rith) and commercial arms (media, banks and corporations) smash and destroy opposition by influencing public opinion and wielding the money weapon.

Goals Are Identical

Islam wishes to drive Jews and Christians out of its lands. If it had the power, Islam would conquer all the earth. Judaism is no different. Its Jewish advocates have as their immediate goal the oppression and ouster of Moslems and Christians from its captured territories in Israel, the intermediate goal of conquering and ruling all the Middle East, and the long-term goal of ruling over all nations on earth. The Jewish Talmud tells Jews it's their destiny. The Talmud assures the racist Jews that they are "gods," superior to the Gentiles, whom the Rabbis look down on and brand as goyim (cattle).

In sum, both Judaism and Islam have a hellish, war-making and destructive theology that is far, far removed from that of Christianity. The New Testament urges Christians to be peacemakers. ("Blessed are the Meek"—Jesus) and to love their enemies. The Talmud and the Koran both say, in essence, go out and seize. Plunder!

If there is a distinction in theology, the more favorable, more altruistic intent would have to be on the side of Islam. The Moslems are commanded to make Allah (not God—Allah) the focus of their lives. The Jews religion and theology persuades them that they collectively are God!

Truly, what we have here, on international display, are two deadly scorpions coming up out of a bottle. It would have been best to keep both the scorpions in that bottle but, stupidly, America has removed the cork on the bottle and the two have now come forth, boldly springing into action before our eyes.

America Empowers One of the Scorpions

It is sad and tragic, indeed, that America, as a nation, has decided to take sides. We have opted to boost, support, and lift to the pinnacle of global power one of these two scorpions. The Jews, with their wicked Talmud, is that favored scorpion—a pet scorpion, if you will. A pet of America that is constantly tended, fed, comforted, and sheltered. As a consequence, the Judaic scorpion has grown like a Rottweiler dog, muscular and mean, vicious and domineering, murderous and thieving. But tyrant though it is, the pet scorpion of Israel and the Jews is always patted on the head and regularly fed even more tasty morsels. "Good boy!" says our Congress and White House, to the gloating, overfed, grossly belligerent, ever more aggressive Judaic scorpion.

The Islamic scorpion, on the other hand, is left hungry, thirsty, emaciated, weak, barely able to function. It is continually attacked on every side by Israeli bombs and bullets and by marauding American military forces. Strangely, the American public is taught to fear this pitiful creature, slightly armed as it is with weapons barely better than those available to Neanderthal cave men—rocks, slings, home-made bombs strapped to young peoples' waists.

Meanwhile, the Judaic scorpion struts and parades about with high-tech military tanks, F-16 jet aircraft, missiles, rockets, nuclear submarines, and up to 400 atomic bombs! A Leviathan monster, indeed, as coming days will surely reveal. Yet, the American public are propagandized to believe that the Jewish juggernaut desires only peace, love, and harmony and wants to see its poor Arab cousins prosper and thrive. Good little scorpion, that Israel! But the scorpions' foul works and bloody deeds do not prove so altruistic.

Osama vs Ariel

Osama bin Laden is leader, we are told, of the Islamic scorpion. Inflicted with kidney disease, on kidney machine-dialysis, Osama is pictured on TV limping, cane in hand, walking along a crooked and difficult mountain path somewhere in Afghanistan. His enemy, Ariel Sharon, meanwhile, head of the Judaic scorpion, rules the roost of a rich, socialist, U.S. taxpayer funded nation bristling with helicopter gunships and cordoned off with military guards, its prison cells packed with Islamic prisoners in various states of being tortured.

Osama bin Laden and Ariel Sharon are the leaders of the two scorpion factions, the Moslems and the Jews.

Odd, isn't it, how Americans are taught to love and embrace an over-stuffed and greedy Ariel Sharon—and to fear and hate a lean and desperate Osama bin Laden. Strange how propaganda works.

Illuminati's Three World Wars

Yet, all of this was planned long, long ago. In the 19th century, the Illuminati's leaders, Pike and Mazzini, mapped out three great world wars to come. World War III, it was determined, would be centered in the Middle East. Devastating, it would consist of a cataclysmic conflict between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Out of this brutal conflict would come Satan's leader, the Son of Perdition, to lead a cabalistic Jewish Kingdom of unending evil. Amazing, is it not, that this Illuminati scenario is now being rapidly fulfilled to the letter?

How stupid can people be? Americans have been brainwashed into believing they can forestall the evil to come and make the world safe for democracy by making war with Islam while prospering the Jews and Judaism. In fact, the Bible has little to say about Arabs and Islam but a lot to say about wicked Israel and the Jews. The scriptures warn that latter days Israel and the Jews are "scornful men" who "have made a covenant with death" and who have entered into "an agreement with hell." (Isaiah 28:15). The Lord also says the leaders of Jerusalem have made "lies" their refuge. God declares that the Jewish nation and people are so wicked that God spiritually calls them "Sodom and Egypt." (Revelation 11:8).

No Feeding of Pet Scorpions!

Now, considering God's harsh judgment on the Jews and on Israel, you'd think that Americans, especially American evangelical Christians, would refrain from praising, feeding, helping and supporting the Judaic scorpion. You'd think they'd cast the pet scorpion out into the street and shy away from it. After all, scorpions can sting and hurt and America, having befriended the Judaic scorpion, is at risk. But, the evangelical Christians have been beguiled by the pet scorpion (Paul called it "bewitched"—see Galatians 1). Whatever the Judaic scorpion wants, the Judaic scorpion gets. The evangelical leadership sees to that. If even one morsel of food is not offered up by Washington D.C. politicians to the scorpion beast, the evangelicals cry out in protest. The Judaic scorpion, they say, is God's pet as well as ours. Feed it. Comfort it. Defend it. Give it more Islamic meat. Elevate its neocon representatives to the highest seats of U.S. government. Set the scorpion on the throne of world power. Exalt it as the Almighty Creature destined to rule over us all. If the evangelicals get their way, "God's Chosen," the Jews, shall ever rise upward and onward. All praises to the Judaic Scorpion!

But God Has Set a Different Destiny

Ah, but God has a far different future and destiny in store for the Judaic scorpion. He has already judged it. His Word declares that the Synagogue of Satan, which supports the scorpion, is vile, fraudulent, murderous, and rebellious. Therefore, His judgement has already been set, and God's prophecy will be hewn to the line:

"...and evil will befall you in the latter days; because ye will do evil in the sight of the Lord, to provoke him to anger through the work of your hands."

(Deuteronomy 31:29)

Evil shall come to the Judaic Scorpion in the latter days, says God. The Evangelical apostates are dead wrong. The Judaic scorpion beast is not God's pet. He is not of God at all. God would never favor a religion, a people, and a political system which rejects and scornfully and spitefully calls His Son a bastard and a blasphemer, as Judaism has done. To God "belongeth vengeance and recompense." That is the "latter end" of the hate-filled Jewish nation that has rejected the Lord God (Deuteronomy 32:29, 35-36). You can take this prophecy to the bank, my friends. It shall not fail.

True it is that as individuals, Jews can be saved. So can Arabs and Palestinians. God is no respecter of persons. He will graft into His Kingdom every Gentile and every Jew who repents of his evil ways and believes in Jesus as Lord and Saviour. But all who refuse are damned. Believe it.

I warn you: Do not be in close proximity to the Judaic Scorpion when its time for judgement is at hand. You, too, will be destroyed along with it. Do not yoke yourself with either the Jewish or the Islamic unbelievers, or you will share their fate.

Heads to Roll

In their Talmud's Noahide Laws, the Jews boast that once they have grabbed hold of the reigns of world power, they will chop the heads off all Christians and Moslems. They say we are idolaters and blasphemers. Likewise, even today, in many Moslem countries, innocent men and women who preach Jesus or convert to Christianity, often have their heads cut off. Yes, that is the punishment—beheading—that is meted out by the despicable Imams who today oversee Islam:

"...and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image..."

(Revelation 20:4)

Satan's two scorpions, Jews and Moslems, are both raring to get at Christian flesh. They lust to tear at it like a ravenous double-headed eagle ripping away at a pound of raw meat. This beast is Leviathan, that beast is Behemoth (Job 40). Two beasts, One Master (Satan), just as Revelation 13 describes, two end-time beasts, one from out of the sea, the other ascending out of the earth, yet both under dominion of the Dragon.

Two beasts, two deadly night creatures, two scorpions, previously together in one bottle but now rising up to do their hideous works. That is what we have. Now you, my friends, must decide. Favor the scorpion beast, either beast, and its fate shall be your own. You and it shall be taken together and cast into the lake of fire that burneth forever. Remember: If you embrace a skeleton to your breast, be quite sure, you will end up dancing with it.

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