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Babylon 21

The advent of Jewish imperialism is only a question of time. The Empire of the World belongs to the Jews...Val Victus! Woe to the conquered!

Wilhelm Marr
Conquest of Germanism by Judaism (1879)
...and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy...And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints...

Revelation 17:3-6

Is it possible that the Israeli-American Jewish World Empire is the prophesied MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT of Revelation 17?

The power of the imperialist Zionist brokers has now spread across the face of the globe, thanks to their unholy alliance with the morally depraved, increasingly anti-Christian United States of America. The Woman (Israel and the Jews), whose spiritual name is MYSTERY BABYLON, sits defiantly upon the beast (U.S.A.). Together, they make spiritual war against God's People (Galatians 3:29) and threaten the whole world with blood and violence. We now must face the shocking truth square in the face: Babylon 21 is on the move.

The Great City Sits on Seven Hills

May I be so bold, dear friends, as to set forth what Bible prophecy has to say on the subject of Jewish designs and Jewish wickedness in these last days of man on earth?

Geographers tell us that, like Rome in Italy, the city of Jerusalem in the Middle-East has seven hills, or mountains. Is it mere coincidence that Revelation 13 depicts the bloody, world-flung empire of Mystery Babylon as that Great City which sits on seven hills?

Revelation 13 also describes this Great City as a wicked and adulterous woman riding a beast. In a real sense, tiny Israel, no bigger in size than Delaware or Vermont, is riding atop the behemoth U.S.A.—and it is whipping and keeping the behemoth beast in line with a strange, unequalled magical power akin to a sharp-edged, leather riding crop.

Two Percent Control One Hundred Percent

Though they comprise a mere 2% of the total population, the 5 1/2 million Jews who reside in the United States rule over us all. They sit at the controls in Hollywood and are unrivaled masters of the entertainment industry. Jewish moguls run the TV networks, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. They own the most influential newspapers—The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Newhouse chain, and so forth. Jewish talking heads dominate the nightly news programs and the radio talk show circuit (Larry King, Alan Combs, Dr. Laura, Mike Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken, ad nauseum, are all Jews).

Jews are the acknowledged masters of America's banking industry. Ben Bernanke, head of the Federal Reserve, is a Jew. So was his predecessor at the Fed, Alan Greenspan. So was his predecessor, Paul Volker. Jews hold all the levers of power in finance and banking in the U.S.A. and throughout the world.

Mystery Babylon is made up of all the world's Jews. As it was in Jesus' day, the Jewish population is spread throughout the nations. There are as many Jews living in America as reside today in the Middle Eastern nation of Israel. In these two nations alone—the U.S.A. and Israel—reside nearly 70 percent of all the world's Jews.

Evangelical leaders like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and John Hagee prattle on and on about how God wants all Jews to return to Israel. But these same Christian Zionist leaders quickly panic and shut-up when asked if this means that God wants the Jews living in America to leave and "go home" to that lush, desert, U.S. taxpayer-supported paradise called "Israel." Hypocrisy? You bet. If, as the evangelicals insist, the Bible really does teach that all Jews must return to a restored nation of Israel, shouldn't Hagee and the others be encouraging all Jews living in the U.S.A. to emigrate there ASAP? Wouldn't it be splendid if Abe Foxman, the Christian-hating head of the bigoted ADL, and his corrupt Hollywood producer pals all packed up and moved to Israel?

American Troops Die For Israeli Supremacy

Ariel Sharon, Israel's former hard-nose Prime Minister, reportedly told Bush, "Saddam Hussein's fall is a must." And the U.S. President dutifully sent thousands of our nations' troops to Iraq to shed blood and limbs. Who for? Israel, of course. America's military has became Israel's proxy—its Spear of Conquest. The whole world is alarmed and frightened at this prospect of the Woman (Israel) riding the Beast (America) and ordering the Beast's great and brutal military machine to and fro in a mad quest to establish a Zionist Colossus with Romanesque powers.

Diamonds, Gold, Oil, Computers and More: Commercial Babylon

The Bible revealed to us in Revelation 18 that the Great City, Mystery Babylon, would be a world commercial colossus. Its goods would be marketed, sold, and shipped around the globe, and her sins and iniquities, it was prophesied, would "reach unto heaven" (vs. 3-5).

Ah yes, the Jews in New York City do, indeed, have in their grasp the reigns of a mighty corporate, commercial empire. Wall Street is almost 100% Jew-run. Michael Dell, founder and head of the world's largest computer maker, Dell Computers, is—you guessed it!—a Jew. Bill Gates, richest man on the planet and top dog at Microsoft, the monster of the global software realm, is, uh-huh, a Jew. Jewish-owned. Google? Yep, Jewish.

Apple Computers, Silicon Valley tech leader with its best-selling I-Pod and other computer products, was founded by Stephen Jobs and Steve Wozniak, two Jews. Their first computer built was offered at a retail price of exactly $666—three sixes. Coincidence?

And now, thanks to their control of the Beast's (America's) military forces, the Jews and Israel control the flow of Iraqi oil, Iraq being the world's second biggest producer of the gooey black gold.

To gain complete control of the Middle East, it is necessary for Mystery Babylon (The Jewish Power) to continue to suppress the Palestinians and the Lebanese. They must keep the dull-witted Saudi Arabian and other oil sheiks in line, and also eventually conquer Iran, another country brimming with rich, rich oil supplies. That is why Iran is planned as the next target to be gobbled up by the U.S. war machine of the Bush Jewish neocons. Venezuela, another oil-rich nation that dares to defy the Jewish cartel, is also at risk.

David Ben Gurion, modern Israel’s first Prime Minister, (1948) shown here in a kabbalistic pose, predicted the Jews would someday rule the world. Ben Gurion wrote that a new Jewish Sanhedrin would "judge the nations" and that a World Supreme Court in Jerusalem would preside over disputes. Ben Gurion was an ardent Marxist/Leninist, as are today’s Jewish neocons who run the Bush White House. As Prime Minister, Ben Gurion used Jewish spies to steal America’s nuclear secrets. Today, Israel’s military threatens the Middle East and all of Europe and Asia with over 400 atomic bombs.

He Will Be a Wild Man

To do all this damage to the world, you've really got to be wild. And you know what? In Galatians 4, the Apostle Paul identifies Jerusalem (earthly Jerusalem—the Jews) allegorically as the bondswoman, Hagar, and her son Ishmael. NOTE: Most evangelical pastors teach just the opposite—that Hagar and Ishmael represent the Arabs, but this is not what Paul revealed.

In Genesis 16:12, the Angel of the Lord prophesies and tells Hagar: "He (Ishmael) will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man; and every man's hand against him." Revealing, isn't it? The Jews are branded by God as wildmen! Is this why, in every nation where they have taken residence, the Jewish clique is eventually identified as a bad and dangerous, revolutionary influence? Is this the root cause of anti-Semitism—the biblical prophecy that Ishmael (Jerusalem and the Jews) would be a "wild man" and that his hand would "be against every man?"

In Soviet Russia, Lenin, and Trotsky—two Illuminati Jews—were demonstrably "wildmen," evil and satanic. Their Jewish-led Cheka and KGB murdered and massacred 66 million innocent people! Now today, the Zionist "wild men," the Jews, spiritual descendants of Ishmael, are in charge of the world's most powerful nation, the globe's sole remaining superpower, the United States of America. Is this why blood is flowing in the streets of Beirut, Baghdad and Fallujah? Is this why torture centers flourish at places like Abu Ghralb in Iraq, commanded by U.S. and Israeli agents?

Is the Entire Jewish Nation Guilty?

Tragically, many Jews themselves have no idea of the horrible plans of their Zionist supremacist leaders. As Israel Shamir, a Jewish scholar who is also a Christian, writes in his perceptive book, Des Pardes, "...even religious Jews have a very limited understanding of the Jewish world-organizing plans."

"Your average Jew," Shamir notes, "has very little knowledge and understanding... Thus, there is no subjective personal guilt associated with individual Jews, unless their specific actions or inaction are sinful."

The situation is much like that faced by the German nation under the Nazis. Not every German citizen was responsible. However, Germany fell to flattery and deception, and the whole nation, even the innocent, suffered as a consequence. Today, the Jewish nation is likewise saturated by deception, and many are flattered by the seductive lie of their race being superior and "Chosen." It's no wonder that the prophet Daniel warned that the coming Jewish antichrist would win his kingdom through "flattery."

Shameful Legacy of Immoral Jews

Unquestionably, Jewish-founded organizations like the ADL, the ACLU, the Communist Party USA, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Norman Lear's People For the American Way, have attacked our Constitution, taken prayer from public life, and have turned America into a moral cesspool. This is the legacy of the antichrist leaders of the 5.5 million Jews who today comfortably reside in the U.S.A.

Meanwhile, their fellow Zionist Jews living over in Palestine (now called "Israel"), after almost 60 years of Jewish rule, have transformed that nation into a vile hell-hole. Its prisons are full of native-born Palestinians whom the Israelis regularly torture and torment. Israel leads the world in sex slave trafficking. Its porn kingpins fill the world with XXX-rated filth. Recently, press reports in Israel told of 35 Israeli airmen who all had repeatedly raped an 11-year old little girl. It wasn't even considered a big deal in that country—all in a day's news. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. Get my stunning documentary, Cauldron of Abaddon (Available in VHS or DVD). See for yourself the shocking evidence that 21st century Israel is, in fact, the most wicked and debauched, sin-filled place on earth.

Jerusalem called "Sodom and Egypt" by God

But then again, Revelation 11 said it would be that way. God prophesied that the Great City, Jerusalem, would in the last days be so monstrously wicked it would spiritually be called "Sodom and Egypt."

Sodom and Egypt! What more need we say, except that Jesus Himself prophesied that the Jews' "house" (Jerusalem / Israel) would be left desolate until He returns. (Matthew 23:38-39)

Desolate, that's what Jesus said about the last days Great City of the Jews. Desolate—i.e. devoid of anything of spiritual or moral value. This Great City now encompasses a global empire. The U.S.A. and Europe are components, but the head of the monster is certainly Jerusalem, the Great City, known also as Mystery Babylon the Great, as "Sodom and Egypt," and prophetically also as the city that sits on seven hills.

Jews Persecute Christians Everywhere

The New Testament and the annals of human history record that this Great City, the Whore, for many decades persecuted the apostles and the saints. Everywhere in the Roman Empire, the Jews conspired and sought the death and imprisonment of Christians. Little has changed over the centuries. Whenever and wherever the Jews are in power, Christians have been persecuted and killed by Jewish tormenters.

My audiotape/CD set, A Sea of Blood (Available in Tape or CD), amply documents the heinously cruel and violent nature of Illuminist Jews once they are able to seize control of a Gentile nation. Consider, if you will, the Jewish Communists in Russia who turned Christian churches into whorehouses and sent Christian believers to Siberian salt mines and other gulag camps to be mercilessly tortured and killed. We can clearly see that the Jewish global empire is, in fact, the Woman "drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus" (Revelation 17).

Jews Worship the God of Forces

All that's left now is for the Man of Sin to arrive on the scene—the antichrist, 666. Israel's prophet, Daniel, while in captivity in Babylon, said this latter day antichrist ruler would be a Jew! But he will be a Jew, said Daniel, who would not worship the God of his fathers. Instead, this Jewish World Messiah would worship the God of Forces, a strange god to whom he would heap great treasures of gold and silver and other vulgar things.

Babylon 21—world dominion of the Jews, assisted by Superpower America, presided over by a Jewish Messiah, incarnated by Satan, ruler of a desolate and decadent but rich global empire. The Bible prophesied it would come. Zionist promoter Dr. Michael Higger, in his book, The Jewish Utopia, foresaw its arrival; Theodore Herzl, head of the World Zionist Congress (1898), spoke of it; so also did Marxist agitator David Ben Gurion, modern Israel's first Prime Minister in 1948.

Wilhelm Marr, an astute Jewish historian of the 19th century, in his remarkable book, Conquest of Germanism by Judaism, published in 1879, painted a particularly poignant picture of the coming age of Jewish World Supremacy. It will, he wrote, follow the advent of a vigorous Jewish imperialism and conquest. But if the Jews be conquerors, then who will be the conquered, the defeated? That, of course, would be the Gentiles, especially Christian Gentiles, whom the Jews' holy book, the Talmud, scornfully declares to be less than human, dumb cattle, worthy of death for their idolatry and worship of Jesus.

"Val Victus!" declared Marr. "Woe to the conquered."

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