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Black Pharaoh

"There is scarcely a king (or would-be-king) in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharaoh—get first all the people’s money, then all their lands, and then make them and all their children slaves forever."

Thomas Jefferson
Writings of Thomas Jefferson

What is the significance of the mysterious pyramids, obelisks, and other Egyptian architecture and monuments rising across America? Will Barack Obama become America's first "Pharaoh?" Could the intuitively intelligent Senator from Illinois be destined to become the second coming of Osiris, the Egyptian Sun God? It was Osiris, the ancients believed, whose spirit was reincarnated in the person of the Pharaoh. Honored as the Lord of the Underworld, the divine Osiris is the very same deity depicted on America's one-dollar bill—as the All-Seeing-Eye in the capstone hovering over the Novus Ordo Seclorum pyramid.

Obama is "The One"

Commentators have noted the stunning messianic tone to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. His followers reverently speak of Obama as "The One;" they print impressive eye-catching posters of their candidate's handsome face, glowing, surrounded by radiant sun rays. They boast of Obama's extraordinary oratory skills and point to his uncanny ability to inspire the masses.

In all these things and more, the countenance and leadership qualities of Barack Obama seem to be amazingly reminiscent of those attributed to Egypt's ages-old Sun god. Egypt, of course, is situated geographically in north Africa. Obama's roots, meanwhile, can be traced to three continents. His birth to a white mother was in America; he was raised as a boy in Indonesia, in Asia; but his biological father, a black man, came from Kenya, in Africa.

Tut in Common?
Obama & Osiris: Fascinating Parallels

The Egyptian deity Osiris was usually depicted as black, but sometimes, in his guise as god of agriculture and vegetation, as green in color. Obama is ideologically a doctrinaire environmentalist and is portrayed by Democrats as the ecologically correct "Green" candidate.

Osiris had many titles, including "The Great Word." He was said to be endowed with "the creative power of speech." Likewise, Obama's creative power of speech has enabled him to draw huge, cheering crowds of 75,000 in Portland, Oregon, and some 200,000 in Berlin, Germany.

Osiris was proclaimed to be the "World Teacher," a great, traveling teacher-god who "civilized the world." Barack Obama's recent travels to Israel and to Europe were, indeed, remarkable. In Berlin, he declared, "This is our moment...This is our time." We have it in our power, he assured the masses watching on television around the globe, to "remake the world."

Osiris was deemed to be a "living god," for his spirit entered into the body and soul of the living Pharaoh, leader of the people. As a man-god, the Pharaoh taught the people the proper form of worship. He consolidated and unified the diverse religious sects of Egypt and established himself as the incarnation of Osiris, "God above the gods."

It perhaps deserves noting that in his Berlin "New World Order" speech, Senator Obama spoke of the necessity of uniting the three major world religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Osiris required sacrifice of the people and made slaves of millions. Barack Obama, in his speeches, has warned, "sacrifice will be required."

Osiris united all races and ethnic groups. Obama, in his Berlin address, urged that the barriers between ethnic groups, tribes, and races be dissolved. Immigrants, he said, must be welcomed by all nation-states. Obama also announced that he considers himself a citizen not only of the United States, but "a citizen of the world."

Tut's Sarcophagus Michelle Obama

Osiris was a god of peace but also of war. Obama has called for uniting the nations of Europe side-by-side with the United States in a perpetuation of the ongoing bogus "War on Terror." Far from being a peace-maker, in Berlin, Obama made a clarion call for intensification of global conflict, with the pretense of this being a holy war against the remnants of the dreaded Osama Bin Laden and his rag-tag band of fanatical Moslem separatists and zealots.

Obama, then, portrays himself as a type of priest for the whole world and all its populace. Like the ancient Pharaohs, whom he emulates, he is the One who promises to bring peace, prosperity, and plenty—new life—to the land. But, at the same time, he threatens his rebellious enemies with ruthless and imminent military destruction. Osiris, after all, was known as the "Avenger."

Obama & Israel

Obama's promises to Israel are especially significant. While in Israel, he met with Prime Minister Olmert, Netanyahu, Barak, and other militant Jews and publicly pledged his loyalty to the nation of Israel. He fawningly declared Jerusalem to be their inviolable capital, laying waste to Palestinian and Arab claims to the city. Obama wore the heinous "skull cap" on his head and prayed at the wailing wall on the Temple Mount, a clear mark of his spiritual and political unity with Jewish cabalistic ambitions to reign over a reconstructed, "Israeli-triumphant" Middle East.

Obama threatened the potential enemies of Israel—for example, Syria and Iran—with destruction and promised his Jewish hosts that Iran would never be permitted to develop nuclear weapons. This in spite of the fact that an aggressive, ever saber-rattling Israeli military force bristles with over 400 nuclear bombs and missiles, courtesy of the U.S.A.

Israel Prophesied to Become "Sodom and Egypt"

But, exactly what connection does Barack Obama's alliance with Israel have to do with the modern-day revival of the spirit of Osiris, the Egyptian Sun God? Chiefly this—that the prophecies of the Holy Bible plainly and unmistakably identify Israel spiritually as latter-day "Sodom and Egypt." That's right. Revelation 11:8 minces no words, painting Jerusalem (thus Israel) as the Great City, Mystery Babylon, the endtimes, demonic headquarters of the whole world. It is in Israel's prophetic role of Mystery Babylon that she not only slays the faithful witnesses of God, but then celebrates their blood being shed by a global orgy of gift-giving.

Obama draws a crowd
Enthusiastic crowds follow Obama.

Israel has now become spiritual Sodom and Egypt. That is God's judgement and decree. And his judgement and decree will stand, though Barack Obama and all the denizens of Hell vainly attempt to overturn it.

Barack Obama, Osiris, and Change: Divining the Future

Could Barack Obama, as President of the United States, become the reincarnated Osiris (Satan)? Will he take the reins of a Police State erected by his corrupt predecessors, Bush and Clinton, and make himself like unto a Pharaoh?

Is that the promised change we can expect? Is this why many new pyramids have risen in both Israel and throughout the United States? I do not say this is so. Time will tell. But given the calamitous times in which we live and the striking similarities between the two, Osiris and Barack Obama, should we not carefully watch...and pray?

The Bible says that God's Chosen—that is all who trust in Christ Jesus—will not be taken by surprise. In due time we will know. Of that you can be sure.

Here are just some of the eye-catching campaign posters created by Obama followers. Observe the clear message presented.

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