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Texe Marrs

Immigration and Gay Marriage Cases Highlight America’s Perverted Judges and Perverted Politicians

Secession is Best Solution

Federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker
Can we take America back? Is there any possibility that America can be restored to its former greatness? Will this nation ever return to the constitutional principles of our founding fathers? The answer, I am convinced, is NO!

Recent events have certainly confirmed my pessimism. At this point in our nation’s history, I believe that secession is in order. Yes, we who love liberty and tradition must secede and begin again. More on that later, but first, let us review these recent events which definitively prove that America is no longer the domain of the free, but is in the grip of a tyrannical, satanically perverted minority of evil men and women.

When Federal Judge Vaughn R. Walker recently declared California’s ban on gay, same-sex marriages unconstitutional, it was not unexpected. After all, Judge Walker is a homosexual, a fact of which he openly prides himself. Reprobates stick together and homosexuals are certainly reprobates. So Walker gave the go-ahead for ridiculous marriages between those of the same sex.

We know that Judge Walker is a sexual deviate. But what about President George Herbert Walker Bush, the Republican who actually appointed the sociopathic Judge Walker to such a high judicial office knowing he was a deviate? Bush, Sr., like his son, George W., only pretended to be conservative and Christian. Most of the Washington, D.C. crowd always knew that both Bushes, father and son, were themselves limp-wristed closet gays. That explains Judge Walker’s appointment.

Ted Olson: Democrat, Republican, Gay Activist

Ted Olson
Then there’s Ted Olson, the sicko attorney who represented the gays in this historic case. As it turns out, Olson served under George W. Bush as the President’s Solicitor General, the top Justice Department lawyer acting on behalf of the White House. You may recall that Olson’s third wife (though he’s been married four times, insiders insist Olson is a closet gay as well), Barbara Olson, was said to have died having the misfortune to be a passenger on the fateful American Airlines Flight that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. Olson had claimed that his wife, Barbara, had called from a phone aboard the Flight 77 aircraft and apprised him of the hijack situation. It was later proven that the phone call was a fabrication—it never happened. Apparently, Olson lied in an attempt to buttress the White House’s bogus 9/11 myth.

Olson first entered government service as a Justice Department appointee of Ronald Reagan. As an Assistant Attorney General, he defended the President during the Iran Contra Affair. Though Reagan was blatantly guilty of criminal misconduct, Olson got him off.

Today, attorney Ted Olson, former protégé of Republicans Reagan and Bush, specializes in representing gay clients. He and his new wife were contributors to the political campaign of Barack Obama, a Democrat. So much for the supposed differences between the two major political parties.

Susan Bolton: Jew, Democrat, Judicial Activist

Judge Susan Bolton
We move from Walker and Olson to yet another miscarriage of justice—the ruling by federal judge Susan Bolton that Arizona’s law enforcement cannot so much as even inquire into a suspected criminal’s legal status as a citizen. Ms. Bolton, life-long activist Democrat and appointee of former President Bill Clinton, was already somewhat infamous for her on-the-bench support for radical environmentalism. In this case, Ms. Bolton backed the Obama Administration’s pro-illegal alien stand.

Not surprisingly, Judge Bolton is Jewish. The Jewish agenda (see the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) calls for open borders and the end of national sovereignty. All nations are to be merged except for the Jewish theocratic state of Israel from where the Antichrist will rule.

As for Judge Bolton’s sexual orientation, the press is keeping that under wraps, but why should we doubt that she is likely a lesbian? Most judicial activists are, especially if they are Jewish.

Elena Kagan: Lesbian, Jew, Activist

Meanwhile, Elena Kagan, definitely a lesbian and a Jew (real Russian name: Kaganovich), was confirmed on the U.S. Supreme Court, having been nominated by liberal Democrat President Barack Obama. Among the Republicans casting votes for Jew/Lesbian Kagan was South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham. Graham, Zionist bosom buddy of liberal Senators John McCain (Republican) and Joseph Lieberman (Democrat-Independent), is also a homosexual.

Perverts Rule Over Us

No matter what the political party, our nation is under the iron fist of sociopathic Jews and homosexuals. The citizens of California voted to ban gay marriage. One single homosexual Judge, Vaughn Walker, exercised more power on the social and religious issue of marriage than over 20 million California voters who had voted against same sex marriage. The same in Arizona—one evil Jewish woman, Judge Bolton, threw out a law embraced by over 70 percent of Arizona’s voters and the State legislature combined. One single, perverted judge.

This is the way they did things in Soviet Russia and Communist Eastern Europe. Now it is the system we have in the United States of America.

Frankly, there is no hope whatsoever that we can take back this country. It belongs to the perverts, and they fully intend to convert America into an immoral satanic prison and cesspool. Our politicians, our judges, our media, our education systems—of both political parties—have fallen into grave error. We are unable to effectively counter their wicked behavior.

A Solution: Secession

Sociopaths will not easily give up tyrannical control of this country. But there may be a glimmer of a possibility that good citizens can perhaps take back at least one state. I’m speaking of secession, done legally and, I pray, peacefully.

Secession is a constitutional method, too, regardless of what you may have been told to the contrary by liberal educators. These United States were once each separate and independent. They can be again, if we but have the will to get the job done. We can start small, with just one state. The perverts may kill many of us to stop us from once again tasting freedom. I say, better to die a free man than to serve these human devils on our knees.

Nevertheless, no man should run swiftly to violence, and all things should be done lawfully and ethically, without rancor and violence, always keeping in mind that God is still on the throne and oversees the affairs of men.

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