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Texe Marrs

Ukrainian Jewish Commandos Trained by Israel Defense Force

Early this year, when unseen snipers operating in the city of Kiev blew away the brains of numerous police, government officials, and protestors, we wondered, “Who are these monsters? Who is behind them?”

Well, now we know. In the authoritative Foreign Policy (see, in an article by CFR reporter Josh Cohen, a Jew, we find this “romantic” statement:

“In what sounds almost like a made-for-TV movie, the Ukrainian Jews who had migrated to Israel and served in the Israeli Defense Forces, actually returned to Ukraine to teach a group of 40 Ukrainian fighters.”

Cohen’s disclosure in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) publication was confirmed by the Jewish News Agency. Some say that the 3,000 or so members of the CFR—80 percent of whom are Jewish—run the U.S. government. They certainly are disproportionately found in government positions, in the media, and in the Congress.

Ukraine commandos

The Jewish commandos trained by Israel’s Defense Forces in Israel are working closely with the neo-Nazis in Ukraine (shown here—notice the swastika tattoo). Israel uses whatever evil force it needs to succeed in its nefarious goals. They have portrayed themselves in the past as “Christians,” Moslems, as Arab Freedom Fighters, and now, as neo-Nazis.

Cohen’s article, Why Jews and Ukrainians Have Become Unlikely Allies, also says that pro-Israel leaders make up the top strata of Ukrainian government:

“Jews occupy a number of positions in the...Ukrainian government. Volodymyr Groysman is a deputy prime minister, while another Jewish Ukrainian, Ihor Kolomoisky, was named governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region.”

The Jewish connection is prominent. Israeli Jew supports Ukraine Jew. Dual allegiance is the name of the game. That is why the Jews run the Ukrainian government, yet make up only .05 percent of the total population.

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