Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

What Happens After November Third

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

“Men must be governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania

I’m no Trump apologist, but you can’t ignore the overall improvement of American life during his presidency. The attempted coup d’etat by the “never-Trumpers” was thwarted (for the time being), the economy was booming, unemployment was at an historical low, income was up. Homeownership was rising for more people than ever. Things were looking up for people from all walks of life.

    This year, 2020, is possibly the strangest, most pivotal year in the history of modern America. First came the coronavirus pandemic and the initial lockdown to “flatten the curve.” This, of course, has come at a very high economic and societal cost. Next we had the George Floyd spark that ignited violent social upheaval and the ensuing non-stop “protests” funded by liberal foundations intent on destroying America’s culture of freedom.

    Now, we are faced with the most contentious election that I know of. This is, indeed, a year we’ll never forget.

    First, I don’t believe we’ll have instantaneous election results this time. With mail-in ballots and cries of voter fraud, results could take days... maybe weeks or longer.

No matter who wins:

1) “The vote was rigged,” will be the cry from the other side.

2) Rioting and looting.

    a. If President Trump wins the rioting and looting will be worse than ever because the liberals will want to make everyone pay for having returned Trump to office.

    b. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win, the rioting and looting will be somewhat celebratory, but will also be a display of power to put the conservatives in their place.

If President Trump and Vice President Pence win:

1) America continues to be the top priority in trade.

2) Encourage companies to bring important manufacturing back to the U.S. (starting with drugs and medical equipment).

3) Plans to take the U.S. out of NATO and the UN.

4) Continue the border wall and restricted immigration.

5) Military stays strong.

6) Continued Space Force (which is important in light of China’s ability to destroy satellites in space from the ground).

7) Addition of more conservative judges to the Supreme Court, etc. Can Trump get Roe v Wade overturned?

8) Will President Trump target the Federal Reserve? Some have speculated so.

If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win:

1) Near instantaneous rollback and repeal of everything Trump has done. (Remember, these are ‘never-Trumpers’. It doesn’t matter how good it was or who it benefitted—any program or idea of Trump’s is gone!)

2) Your personal taxes will skyrocket to support all of the new social programs.

3) Here comes the Green New Deal. Climate change will be back at the forefront. Some of the goals are ‘meeting 100% of power demand in the U.S. with clean, renewable, zero-emission energy sources.’ Also listed in the GND platform ‘Guaranteed jobs at higher wages (economic security);’ ‘free college;’ ‘Social Security for all’ (even illegal aliens); Medicare for all.

4) More criminals released from jail.

5) Additional defunding of police. As such, crime will continue to soar.

6) Control of borders and immigration will be non-existent—open the floodgates, including violent criminals/gangs. Defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

7) A closer relationship with China: Turn a blind eye to human rights violations as well as free speech and religious limitations. Sell any part of America or it’s research and technology that China wants.

8) Your gun rights will be severely restricted.

9) Your right to free speech is tolerated only if you agree with the liberal platform. (Remember President Obama used the IRS to target Tea Party participants and other conservative groups? Biden/Harris will elevate it to a whole new level).

10) Your conservative Christian values and rights will be targeted.

11) Abortion access easier than ever before and government funded.

12) With Trump out of office, will he be forgotten, or will they continue to persecute and/or prosecute him?

Preparing for the Storm

No doubt, there is a storm on the horizon. Is it a big thunderstorm or a longer lasting, more devastating Category 4 or 5 hurricane? Given all that I’ve outlined thus far (and there’s so much more I could add), I’m going to go out on a limb to sound the alarm. As such I encourage you to prepare for the safety and security of yourself, family and your home. I encourage you to have, at minimum, an extra month (more, if you can) of medications, food, toiletries and other essential goods. It is not too late to buy extra food each time you go to the store (cans of tuna, chicken, stew, beans, containers of peanut butter, coffee or tea, etc.—buy the things you will eat). Also buy or save water now; have that flashlight and batteries. Does this sound extreme? Maybe so. But I would have never thought we would see elected officials not only stand by and do nothing to enforce law and order, but actually encourage the lawlessness. This leads me to believe that things could escalate even beyond what we’ve seen so far.

Above all else, Jesus is still on the throne

Ultimately, of course, the problem confronting America is not primarily political, nor even cultural, but spiritual. Truly, these past few months have shown us a truer need for faith in Jesus Christ in these last days. The turbulence and challenges of the last few months make us realize that there is only God’s Promise that we can hold on to. He will never leave us or forsake us. He is with us always.  

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