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Blood Money and the Making of Human Cyberslaves

Is the corporate world actively involved in helping Big Brother government enslave mankind through the forging of a global, high tech order? My shocking, new exposé book, Project L.U.C.I.D., contains an important chapter entitled, "Blood Money: Corporate Profiteering and The Making of Human Cyberslaves." The staggering information revealed in that chapter demonstrates just how far corporate, or commercial, Mystery Babylon (Revelation 18), is willing to go in building the silicon cages into which all of us are to be herded like so many chattel cattle.

"A Chip Behind Everyone's Ear"

Consider, for example, what Ronald Kane, vice president of Cubic Corporation, a top maker of high tech control systems, had to say recently about the profit potential of the implantable biochip. "If we had our way," Kane remarked, "we'd implant a chip behind everyone's ear in the maternity ward."

Today, the making of human cyberslaves is a highly profitable enterprise. The business of creating human cyberslaves translates into big, big money. Trillions of dollars are at stake for able corporations supplying government with computerized, smart I.D. cards, iris-scanning devices, DNA blood analysis equipment, fingerprint digitization video displays, and other forms of human control technology.

Stock market (Nasdaq) records indicate how very lucrative the making of silicon cages can be. Recently, the stock of one tiny company, Comparator, shot up an astounding 2,900 percent in just three days. This occurred after the company's CEO announced that Comparator had invented an advanced type of portable, biometric, fingerprint identification device.

Satan certainly seems to be inspiring the work and activities of the world's largest, high tech corporations. As the Apostle Paul wisely stated in the Scriptures, "For the love of money is the root of all evil" (I Timothy 6:10). From the look of things, if enough money were to exchange hands, most of America's giant, multinational corporations would, today, eagerly compete to build better and more modern concentration camps and more efficient guillotines. In other words, these greedy, corporate chieftains have no scruples about making blood money.

Lucent Technologies Revisited

Some corporations seem to take strange delight in their provocative activities. Take Lucent Technologies, for instance. In a recent edition of Flashpoint, I asked of this AT&T spinoff corporation: "Does AT&T's new, baby Bell have horns?" In announcing the creation of Lucent earlier this year, AT&T unveiled the new corporation's mysterious logo: a rough-edged, red-colored circle. In response, I noted:

"To occultists, the circle represents their Satanic deity, the great and fearsome Solar Serpent. The fiery, red, sun orb, or circle, is his image. Scriptures reveal him as the "great red dragon" and his global system as the scarlet (red-colored) beast (Revelation 12:3 and 17:3-5). How interesting that the logo for Lucent Technologies is a red circle."

Of course, AT&T's choice of a rough, esoteric-looking, red circle for the corporate image of its bright, new spinoff, Lucent Technologies, could have been purely coincidental. Surely, the influential, unselfish bigwigs who are leading this behemoth, multinational organization into the brave New World of the 21st century had no malevolent intent, right? And the gentleman who works in management at AT&T and wrote me of his belief that the name Lucent (Luc ent) stands for Lucifer's Enterprises surely, he must be way off? Right?

Well, maybe. And then again, maybe not.

Lucid, Lucent, Inferno: Hellish Similarities?

It deserves mention that the name Lucent is remarkable in its similarity to Lucid, or L.U.C.I.D., which, I am convinced, means Lucifer's I.D. system.

But what really set my adrenaline flowing is the report just released by Lucent Technologies touting its latest innovation, a revolutionary, new "network operating system and programming environment." The name for this new Lucent product staggered my imagination: Inferno. Yes, Inferno.

What's more, the logo for this highly advertised product, Inferno, is the name "Inferno," decorated in fiery, brimstone-like, edged type and surrounded by bellowing smoke!

Then I looked at the top of Lucent's publicity release and discovered this quote, from Dante's classic work, The Inferno:

Day was departing, and the darkening air

Called all earth's creatures to their

evening quiet

While I alone was preparing as

though for war

The Inferno of Dante, Canto II

Dante's enduring work, The Inferno, was a tale of hell and of Lucifer! Thus, I asked myself, "Is Lucent not announcing that its new, global-wide internet connection product is of hellish, Luciferian origins?"

An Electronic Tower of Babel?

It was Lucifer, the master of hell, who, through his human servant, Babylon's Nimrod, defied God and sought to create a New World Order by building a colossal Tower of Babel. Nimrod's mighty efforts were ruined, however, when God confounded the builders by causing them to babble incoherently in different languages. Chaos ensued.

How spellbinding it was to also read, in Lucent's press release for Inferno, a promotional quote by Peter Bernstein, president of Infonautics Consulting, who praised Lucent's software product with these words: "Inferno is designed to take the chaos out of the electronic Tower of Babel."

I delved further into the Inferno materials and next discovered the statement by Lucent that, "Inferno (internet/computer) applications are written in a new language called Limbo which was designed specifically for the Inferno environment."

Limbo? Isn't that a word, like "purgatory," meaning to be suspended in a lower compartment of hell, awaiting judgment or punishment?

I also discovered that the "communications protocols" designed into Lucent's Inferno software are called styx. Now, in pagan mythologies and religion, styx is a synonym for the fiery, brimstone underworld region where devils reside. In other words: hell!

Lucent Offices at 666 Fifth Avenue!

I've noted that AT&T's Lucent Technologies has adopted as its logo the fiery, red circle. We've also analyzed the name Lucent itself. Is there an even stranger coincidence indicating this corporation's connection with the Beast, 666, and the globo-cop computer system, L.U.C.I.D.? Indeed, there is!

Crain's (formally, Crain's New York Business) is one of America's most influential and respected business publications. It is eagerly read by New Yorkers and the Wall Street crowd. In Crain's July 1-7 issue, on page one, we find this staggering bit of information, repeated here exactly as it was printed:

Lucent Technologies, the $21 billion former equipment division of AT&T, is cruising Manhattan for space. The company has already signed a lease for 40,000 square feet at 666 Fifth Ave.

What kind of mind-warping coincidence is this? Lucent Technologies, the company with the red, circle logo, the company with the amazing, new, internet software called Inferno, is moving into offices at 666 Fifth Avenue! The number 666, we know from the book of Revelation, identifies the Beast. The number "five" (as in Fifth) is the number of the dead in occult and Masonic numerology. So, once again, I ask: Are all these things mere coincidences? Or, is this evidence that Lucent Technologies is, indeed, an Illuminati proprietary group?

Goal 2000: A Brave New Technetronic World

Today, we have the Mark of the Beast identification system being constructed practically before our eyes. Meanwhile, under the watchful supervision of the Illuminati, all the world's military, intelligence, spy, and police agencies are laboring furiously to invent ever more effective, electronic, high tech shackles. The intent of the controllers is to force us, as slaves, into a Brave New Technetronic World. Their projected target date is the year 2000.

Could it be that the men who are the brains behind Lucent and other corporations have no conception of how their creative "children" products like Lucent's Inferno, Limbo, etc. fit in to the end-time scenario? Without definitive and irrefutable proof, I am not ready to label these men as willing and knowing agents of the Evil One. Still, Satan is more than capable of using even the most sincere of unwitting dupes and stooges to do his dirty work here on Earth. Incalculable damage can be done with the control products produced by the brilliant, but spiritually unaware, men who roam the halls and corridors of the world's premier, high technology establishments and laboratories.

"Watch ye, thereforeó"

The vast majority are fast asleep as monumental disaster gallops furiously toward us. What about you? Are you awake? Are you ready for the rapid-coming arrival of the Beast of Revelation and his dark, technological marvels? Are you at present a cyberslave of the Adversary or a bondservant of the Almighty God? Is your life in order? Are you trusting only in the Lamb of God for your protection and sustenance? Be alert, be sober, be vigilant, the prophetic scriptures warn: "Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping" (Mark 13:35-36).

Project L.U.C.I.D.The insider information we have obtained on L.U.C.I.D.© is tremendously important, unbelievably vital, and earthshaking. So much so, that I have produced a special book exposing this monstrous project and warning of its deadly implications for Christian believers and American patriots. Order your personal copy of this investigative book, Project L.U.C.I.D.: The Beast 666 Universal Human Control System, by using our on-line shopping cart. For faster service, please call our order line, toll free, at 1-800-234-9673.

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