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United Nations "Peacekeepers" Raise Hell

"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?" (Revelation 13:4)

Now it can be told. The United Nations forces are not "peacekeepers" as they are claimed to be. Instead, the blue-helmeted troops of the UN are proven to be sinister, war-waging hellraisers. The evidence is accumulating that the UN and its subsidiary NATO soldiers rank with Hitler's SS Gestapo, Stalin's Red Army, Gorbachev's Spetznatz (Special Forces), and Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge as this century's most brutal and bloody occupation forces.

The UN forces are regrettably buttressed by American military units, money, and military high technology. With U.S. assistance, they are plundering, raping, and murdering people at an alarming pace. The goal of the UN overlords is not to bring forth peace out of chaos but to install Communist, pro-New World Order regimes in every nation on Earth. Any national leader who opposes this UN scheme is immediately targeted for destruction, and his country's citizens are scheduled for genocidal massacre.

The controlled media—CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.—are doing their best to coverup and conceal the atrocities of the UN peacekeeper forces. Most Republicans and Democrats in Congress remain silent.

Meanwhile, the Christian establishment—James Dobson's Focus on the Family, Pat Robertson's The 700 Club and others—are not interested in exposing the United Nations' horrors. Indeed, some Christian groups, such as Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship, are actually affiliated with the UN and are officially accredited as UN NGOs (United Nations non-governmental organizations).

Peace Tools: Roasting, Worms, and Vomit

Surprisingly, I credit the ultra-liberal, alternative press for first going to bat against the UN terror. Following their lead are several patriotic groups. As a result, the grim facts of UN crimes are now laid bare for all to see.

One of the liberal publications exposing the UN is New York's Village Voice newspaper, which reported the following in its June 24, 1997 edition:

Two United Nations soldiers from Belgium will stand trial in their own country beginning next Monday on charges of roasting a live Somali child over an open fire during "peacekeeping" operations...A third Belgian soldier will stand trial for forcing another Somali child to drink salt water, vomit, and worms.

The Village Voice article was accompanied by shocking photographs documenting these and other gruesome crimes against human beings.

Court affidavits indicate that many additional crimes have been committed by this same, UN, military unit from Belgium, as well as by UN troops from Canada, Italy, Turkey, Germany, and the United States.

Sent to strife-torn countries such as Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, and Burundi, UN forces engaged themselves in harsh genocide and acts of terror. Crimes committed include padlocking young boys in metal containers left outside in the scorching sun until they died from the heat. UN troops have also urinated on suspects, applied electrodes to victims' genitals, burned the soles of prisoners' feet with hot irons, and stripped flesh away from peoples' bodies with razor wire while those tortured screamed in agony.

Proud of Their Evil Works

The UN peacekeepers have appeared rather proud of their foul deeds. Canadian troops took pictures of each other tormenting and slaying a captured Somali (African) youth. They sent the photos back home to friends.

One photo pictured elite paratroopers grinning as they stood beside the lifeless, blood-spattered torso of a teenager who had been beaten with a metal pipe, wooden baton, fists, and boots. The teen's feet were burned with cigarettes.

The White House and its UN cohorts portray their global peacekeeping forces as imbued with humanitarian goodness. When then President George Bush first sent U.S. troops into Somalia under the UN insignia, the public was told that this was "Operation Restore Hope." We're going there to feed a suffering people, said the President, and to bring peace and an end to chaos. We were portrayed by the media as the good guys, saviors of humanity.

Evidently, the Somalia people knew better. When UN Secretary-General Boutros-Boutros Ghali subsequently visited the capital city of Mogadishu in 1992, the people rioted. Angrily, they stoned his armor-plated, luxury limousine, hurled epithets at Ghali, and tried to kill him.

Then, in October, 1993, 18 U.S. Army rangers were killed in a pitched battle with civilian militias in the streets of Mogadishu. An unruly mob spit on and disfigured the bodies of their former tormentors. They dragged the dead soldiers' corpses through the streets, creating a grim display for the controlled world press.

The American public was crushed. How could this be, many asked? We spend billions of dollars to send our elite troops there on a UN peace mission to feed these people, and they hate and fight us. Why? The answer was never forth-coming. The truth was censored out.

Making War and Exalting Communism

The fact is, from Burma and Rwanda to Peru and Haiti, UN peacekeepers are now busy making war on local leaders and their followers. Entire populations are being subjected to illegal, house to house searches. Suspects are rounded up and routinely tortured and abused. Young girls are often molested and raped.

Communist chieftains are being exalted and installed in power while opposing locals are tracked down and hunted like wild beasts. The UN forces constantly stir up one faction against another, such as in Rwanda (Africa), where successive genocidal massacres occurred among rival Hutu and Tutsi tribesmen.

Libya, the Sudan, Iran, Iraq—wherever there are holdouts to the New World Order, leaders are being threatened: "Comply, or else—you're next!"

Once employed, the lawless troops of the United Nations move against the local people of invaded countries with supreme arrogance and consuming bloodlust. In Somalia, enlisted Italian soldiers of the UN kidnapped a pretty girl off the street, tied her to the front of an armored personnel carrier, and raped her. Their officers looked on. One Italian battalion commander, who happened to be a pedophile, ordered his troops to strip and hold down a young Somali, 13-year old boy. After the youth was sexually abused and sodomized, the Italian UN officer strangled him to death.

"They are Just Niggers Anyway"

One Italian paratrooper, justifying these vile acts, was quoted as saying, "What's the big deal? They are just niggers anyway."

Could the troops of Italy's late Fascist Dictator, Mussolini, been any more cruel, savage, and callous than these 1990s Italian forces under UN command?

Putting it another way, columnist Joseph Farah, writing in the patriotic magazine, Media Bypass (August 1997), posed this question: "Do you think the Somali people will ever forget the lessons they learned from their (UN) saviors?"

Some U.S. Soldiers Are Disturbed

Some U.S. soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines are extremely disturbed over what is happening. But increasingly, American servicemen who oppose integration into UN peacekeeping operations are being persecuted and rooted out. They are being told they are "no longer fit" for military duty in this New Age of global unity and UN hegemony.

Here is the testimony of just one career soldier, stationed overseas, upset and concerned over this revolting turn of events. His testimony was recently published by Officer Jack McLamb in his excellent newsletter, Aid & Abet (May 1997):

The political climate being what it is, I trust you will keep my identity confidential...Many soldiers feel something is wrong with some of our missions and some of the things we are commanded to do..Soldiers can't serve under the United Nations without violating our national oath...

American soldiers and the soldiers of other nations have been used to take guns and freedom away from poor black, Asian, and Hispanic people who need their guns to try to retain their freedoms by fighting against Communist renegade leaders in their own nations.

The people of Somalia were a prime example. Going in, we were not aware that they were fighting to resist the barbaric, UN/US-backed Communist war lords. Some of us lost good friends in that "peace enforcement" effort against the poor Somali people. Many of them now detest us, for good cause. In Haiti, we accomplished the same, installing a Marxist dictator...

When we inquire of our military superiors why, we get no logical answer. World peace under UN Communism is a fraud. Our military leaders go about bewildered, but undaunted. One wonders if they understand these geo-political machinations.

We have been instructed that any U.S. military individuals or groups that espouse or publish patriotic causes, or who help to expose constitutional violations and government conspiracies, will be considered "subversives." It will do our careers severe damage to get involved or even to express interest. Having a leftist world view is beneficial at promotion time.

We see this more and more, and discuss it quietly, but it does seem the day will come when we will all have to decide whom and what we shall serve.

America Not Immune From UN Atrocities

In his thought-provoking essay, the soldier who wrote these words went on to warn readers that it is not only the impoverished people in Third World countries like Somalia, Guatemala, and Cambodia who are at risk. A pretext will someday soon be created so that the people of America will, themselves, fall under the crushing jackboots of the UN oppressors. Remember—the rampaging UN forces do not have a Constitution, law, or military code of conduct to restrain their lecherous acts of murder, rape, and torture.

Many U.S. troops, ignorant of the big picture, will simply follow orders. Germany's common soldiers did the same in the 30s and 40s when they obeyed their Nazi superiors. Later, they obeyed their Communist bosses in East Germany by shooting unarmed civilians attempting to bridge the Berlin Wall.

In the view of cold-eyed UN soldiers, you and I are just objects. In the eyes of the UN's bureaucrats and the Illuminati elite who covertly run the United Nations behind the scenes, we who continue to stubbornly love our country, proudly salute its flag, and endeavor to uphold the Constitution of the United States, are worse then mere objects. As Joseph Farah ominously notes, to them, "We're all just niggers anyway, right?"

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