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At the Camp David peace talks, President Clinton and his puppet, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, threatened Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat, warning him he would be a "dead man" if he did not yield and allow the Jews and the Catholics sole control over Jerusalem. To emphasize the point, during one negotiating session, President Clinton sat across from Arafat rudely wearing a bright, blood-red University of Arkansas T-shirt emblazoned with the image of a huge razorback hog. Arafat, like most Arabs, is a Moslem who despises pork. The insulting, symbolic nature of Clinton’s blood-red hog T-shirt was not lost on Arafat. Aides confide the Palestinian chieftain returned to the Middle East visibly shaken. "Arafat was frightened to death and shaking violently," said one official.

Our shocking revelation that Hillary Rodham Clinton has been chosen by the Illuminati elite to be future President of the United States raised many eyebrows. In World News Review (Jan-Feb 2000), the very astute Dr. John Coleman wrote: "Do not underestimate the determination of Hillary Clinton to end up in the White House—this time without husband William Jefferson Clinton. Neither should we underestimate the enormous financial resources which have been made available to Hillary, befitting one who is the darling of the Socialist-Marxists and Communists, worldwide."

On my Power of Prophecy radio program, undercover investigator Alex Jones related the gruesome facts of what transpired at the recent conclave of the Bohemian Grove elite. Screaming in agony, what appeared to be a live white man was burned as demonic chants rang forth: "Burn, white man, burn...yeah!" For a full account, I recommend you order the radio audiotape of the Alex Jones Interview—Exposé of The Bohemian Grove (available in Tape or CD). Also available is my 60 minute exposé, The Wicked Men of the Bohemian Grove (available in Tape or CD).

A carnivore, says Webster’s dictionary, is a prodigious "meat-eater." Carnivore is also the name for the FBI’s super-secret new software program designed to stealthily break into any computer in the world. Now the FBI can read your e-mails and view every bit of data you have stored in your personal or office computer system. After news about this privacy-invading program broke out over the Internet recently (U.S.A. Today, July 25, 2000, pg. 3D), House Majority leader Dick Armey (R-TX) promptly called for a congressional investigation. (In my book, Project L.U.C.I.D., I reported on this FBI and NSA capability to snoop and invade computer privacy).

Sources tell us that Representative Henry Waxman is the IRS’s
Congressman Henry Waxman, the short, balding man with moustache standing with Bill Clinton and Donna Shalala, secretly orders the IRS to attack Christian groups.
point man in Congress. When the Clinton White House or a liberal Democratic Party operative want the IRS to investigate and intimidate a certain Christian or Patriot leader or a pro-life group, church or conservative nonprofit organization, they simply call on Mr. Waxman. The California Democrat is a secularist, Hollywood-type Jew known to especially despise Christian groups and leaders. He then refers the matter to the IRS audit division, and presto!, it’s a done deal. Within days, the IRS descends in force on the targeted victim. Waxman’s abuse of the IRS system is a criminal violation of law, but a little thing like the law doesn‘t deter Waxman. He and crony Bill Clinton are above the law.

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