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Texe Marrs

Face of the Devil

The face of the Devil
Where carnage, bloodshed, and destruction can be found, there you will also find Satan, aka the Devil. This mind-boggling picture is real. Printed on the web sites of The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper, Cable News Network (, and the pages of The Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper in Texas, this image was also broadcast over Fox TV News network. It clearly shows the devilís face in the fire and smoke of the explosions at the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. The Associated Press confirms that this is an unretouched photograph, a digitized close-up of the original.

In his short story, The Perverse of the Imp, famed horror fiction writer Edgar Allan Poe noted that murderers and other notorious criminals are somehow compelled to confess, even to boast, of their evil deeds. Here, in this bizarre image, we see that Satan is making his own, perverse confession. Just as the Arab terrorists led by the Devil left their own trail of evidence, wanting the world to know their names of infamy, so, too, does the Devil, as proven in this photograph, cackle out loud and boast, "I did itóand Iím proud of what I did!"

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