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Texe Marrs

Exposing the Links Between... Communism, The Illuminati, and Islamic Terrorism

What do Communism, the Illuminati, and the Islamic terrorists who committed the recent heinous crimes against America have in common? Plenty!

The World Marxist/Communist Movement was spawned from Illuminati conspiracies. When Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and their henchmen seized control of Russia and its republics and set up the Communist-led U.S.S.R., they were simply following The Plan of Adam Weishaupt’s Order of The Illuminati and Albert Pike’s Palladium of International Freemasonry.

Many today believe that Communism is dead but, not so. The beast has dug into American soil and its tentacles reach out in the form of extremist Red subversion of our political, economic, religious, and social systems.

Immediately after the bloody and devastating terrorist attack on New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania, yours truly began to earnestly investigate the active and philosophical links between Communism, the Illuminati conspirators, and the Arab terrorists. Each of these groups has its prime objective the establishment of global tyranny and worldwide totalitarian dictatorship. Though there are significant differences, I have uncovered an astonishing correspondence between recent catastrophic events and these three totalitarian groups.

Communist Politicians Subverting America

I have found that, in the San Francisco bay area, and in nearby Oakland, California, a pro-Communist Party cell exists which, I believe, is exceedingly dangerous to American security. The political and social influence of this Marxist cell is far-reaching, even entering the hallowed halls of Congress.

The Congresswoman who represents this district—the 9th Congressional District of California—is a black woman, Barbara Lee. Ms. Lee is the only person in the Senate and House to vote against the U.S.A.’s use of force to defeat the terrorists. The vote in Congress was 420-1. Ms. Lee, a rabid Communist sympathizer, was the 1.

Long known as a fan of Fidel Castro and an enemy of United States security, Ms. Lee has nevertheless been rewarded by the Democratic Party leadership of Congressman Richard Gebhardt with plum, key positions on the powerful committee that oversees our nation’s banking and finances. She also sits on the Committee on International Affairs.

Congresswoman Lee’s mentor was Ron Dellums, who previously held the same seat in Congress but retired in order to give Lee a promotion. Lee was Dellum’s chief lieutenant. In my opinion, Dellums is more pinko and commie than even Mao Tse Tung, Castro, and Gorbachev. He has endorsed the notorious terrorist group, the Black Panthers, voted to fund the Marxist Sandinista guerrilas of Nicaragua, openly assisted Cuba’s boss, Fidal Castro, and held leadership positions in Communist front groups like the World Peace Council.

In 1993 Congressman Dellums was rewarded for his traitorous anti-American activities by being appointed Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, which oversees our entire military establishment. The Democratic Party leaders also gave the Marxist Dellums a seat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence.

Dellums was recently a prized delegate at the Illuminati’s annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Why would the capitalist corporate elite invite a Communist radical like Dellums into their inner sanctum?

Like his successor, Barbara Lee, Dellums despises capitalism and opposes the U.S. Constitution. He has called for a New World Order to "move us past nationalism." He and Lee demand that America’s military be placed under the control of the United Nations and that American intelligence be dismantled.

Barbara Lee

Ron Dellums

Marxist Congresswoman Barbara Lee (left) was the only one to vote against the U.S.A. effort to stop future terrorist acts. Her mentor, Congressman Ron Dellums (right), is a fellow traveler of Communism. Dellums has demanded that U.S. military officers be put on trial for "war crimes," and has stated, "We should totally dismantle every intelligence agency in this country, piece by piece, brick by brick, nail by nail." Dellums often uses the clenched fist salute sign of the Communist Party and once spoke under a Viet Cong Communist flag. He and Congresswoman Lee are both admirers of Cuba's Fidel Castro. Yet, amazingly, the Democratic Party elevated both to sensitive, high leadership positions in the U.S. Congress, and Illuminati corporations like Bank of America have praised Ms. Lee!

A Shocking Picture of Coming Destruction

Also in the Oakland area is a music company called "Dog Day Records." One of its performing groups is a pro-Communist Party hip-hop black rap group called The Coup. The Coup has used the Communist red star emblem on its album cover. One of its more popular CDs, filled with profanity and violent lyrics, is called Kill My Landlord. Another is titled, Genocide and Juice.

The All-Music Guide 2001 describes The Coup as "one of the most overtly political bands in rap history." Its leader, Boots Riley, is head of the Young Comrades, a Communist Party organization that once stormed the Oakland City Council.

This June, the rap group, The Coup, put up on the internet a picture of its next music CD (a scheduled November release) titled, Party Music (as in Communist Party), to be produced by yet another music company, 75 Ark Records. At the time, the cover art drew little attention. It showed Boots Riley and friend holding a bomb detonator while the World Trade Center explodes behind them. If you examine the depicted explosions, you’ll notice that they are around the relative height on each of the towers as the real explosions.

Immediately after the carnage of this Arab terrorist act, the music company withdrew the image from the internet and changed the name of the CD album. Riley, band leader, openly admitted the "remarkable similarity" between the cover and the event of September 11. He stated that the cover was intended to symbolize the group’s opposition to capitalism and claims he knew nothing about what was to happen on that fateful day. "Unfortunate," he added.

Coup Rap Group CD Cover

This CD album cover for the black hip hop group, the Coup, was published on the internet in June, three months before the World Trade Center horror. Note the red star of Communism at top, left of the cover. The title of the CD, now changed, was "Party Music" (as in Communist Party!).

Democratic Party and Communists Working to Destroy America?

Unfortunate, indeed. It is highly unfortunate that we have such an abundance of Communist Party radicals within our midsts and chomping at the bit to destroy western civilization and our way of life.

True, there may be little physical connection between The Coup, Congresspersons Lee and Dellums, and the Arab terrorists who committed these atrocities. But the philosophical and spiritual connections are clear. What’s more, the fact that the Democratic Party leadership in Congress would reward and elevate these Communist monsters to high positions of leadership on sensitive committees charged with overseeing America’s military and economic security is an indicator of the grave and present danger which now confronts us all.

Radical white and black leaders are, I believe, now using the Black Muslim movement for Communist Party aims. Meanwhile, the Shriners, a Freemasonry organization, continues to indoctrinate many men and initiate them into a cult of adoration of Islam’s Allah and Mohammed. God help us all! And, God bless America!

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