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Wicked Earthly Jerusalem

Time magazine (April 15, 2002) gave us this sickening photo of a clean-cut, unarmed young Palestinian mowed down by Israeli troops. The Israelis were evidently in the process of stealing the young manís watch right off the corpse when they saw the nearby photographer. Where are the American Christian leaders? Why do they stand idle when such atrocities are perpetrated?

Ariel Sharon, Israelís Prime Minister, has properly been dubbed the "Butcher of Lebanon." Previously head of Israelís armed forces, Sharon once gave the order that troops massacre every man, woman, child, and animal in a Lebanese village. For this crime of genocide, many are demanding that Sharon be arrested and tried by an international court. Only because of the strong support he receives from the Bush Administration has this Nazi-like Jewish monster been allowed to escape the hands of justice.

This man, Ehud Yaton, former head of Israelís secret service, the Shin Bet, admitted in 2002 that, for years, he and his agents tortured and beat shackled Palestinian prisoners to death. "It was our assigned mission," Yaton told police in Jerusalem. No charges have been filed against Yaton and his fellow killers. (The Jerusalem Report, January 28, 2002)

This grotesque and bloody Star of David was painted on the wall of a Palestinian home by marauding Israeli soldiers (Newsweek, May 20, 2002). For every Israeli slain by Palestinian suicide bombers, Jerusalemís military and police have killed twenty Palestinians in retaliation. The Old Testament talks about "an eye for an eye." Todayís Jewish leadership obviously practices "20 Palestinian eyes for one Israeli eye!"

Israeli pimps like these two above, are legion in todayís Israel. Ina Friedman (The Jerusalem Report, March 12, 2001) reported that thousands of Gentile women are lured to Israel each year to work by promises of work, but are instead forced into slavery and prostitution. Many are beaten and raped by their Jewish pimps, says Friedman. Why is it that U.S. feminist groups are silent about this? Could it be because Gloria Steinem and most other feminist radicals are Jewish?

A young Palestinian boy whose mother and sister were brutally murdered by Israeli troops in the refugee village of Jenin moans and cries over his loss. Why do evangelical Christians in America seem to have no compassion for the suffering Palestinians?

The Jerusalem Report (July 16, 2001), a pro-Israel magazine, published this revealing picture with the caption, "An estimated 50,000 gay men and women and their supporters paraded through the streets of Tel Aviv in celebration of Gay Pride Day." Interestingly, Jews provide key leadership roles in most Gay organizations in the U.S.A. as well. However, the controlled media have no desire to report thisóall the American TV networks are run by Jews.

The International Jerusalem Post (October 12, 2001) had this picture of Israelís fourth annual Love Parade, a carnival-type event to celebrate sexual freedom and the hedonistic lifestyle. Why do misguided Christians insist on calling todayís Israel the "Holy Land?

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