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Exclusive Intelligence Examiner Report

Texe Marrs

Devil Tries to Stop New Book

Oh, how the Evil One despises Texe Marrs and Power of Prophecy Ministries! Every time we are on the verge of tackling a major new project or publishing an important new book, the tricks and foul deeds come barreling our way. Satan empties his arsenal, slinging arrows left and right at us.

Recently, we have had deaths in the families of three of our staff members. Wanda and I are saddened also to discover that our grown daughter, Sharon, has been diagnosed with esophageal and stomach cancer. The doctors give her little chance for survival. But, we know and believe that God performs miracles, and prayer opens doors.

Then, lightning (or maybe something else?) struck our ministry building causing significant damage and mini-fires. Most of our computers burnt up, our postage meter was fried, two of three air conditioning systems were incinerated. The automatic gate into our area wouldn't open—the motor was toast. Also, the operating unit of our telephone system was destroyed. The lightning bolt made a hole right through our roof and burned up some of the electrical wiring. It even hit and burst a water pipe and left us without water.

Interesting is that this tragedy occurred on September 11th. In other words, 9/11. Coincidence?

But now the good news. No one was hurt. The blast occurred over the weekend while we were out. Only our poor cat and heroic mouse and scorpion catcher, "Prissy," was home. She was really freaked out and had a mini-nervous breakdown. Poor thing. However, she's recovered, happy and back at her old tricks.

We went right to work and much of the damages are repaired and problems have been fixed. The insurance regrettably will not cover all our losses. We are praying that our cherished, faithful friends—you who receive this newsletter—will assist us with the financial loss. Your help will be greatly appreciated, and I know our Lord will richly bless you for your love gifts and support in our time of need.

More good news: Miraculously, we got our finished, ready-to-manufacture, manuscript and cover art for my newest book off to the printer, even with all these obstacles in our path. God gave us the strength. Praise Him!

The title of the new book is Codex Magica—The Secret Signs, Mysterious Symbols, and Hidden Codes of the Illuminati. It is a massive 624 pages in length, large format, and has over 1,000 photos and illustrations. It will be available for order November 1st and will be officially announced in the November (next month's) Power of Prophecy newsletter.

Codex Magica has taken me five long years to produce. The disclosures and discoveries in this book will put a huge dent in Satan's wicked kingdom. It's no wonder that he's furious and angry with us. But God is always in control. He is our shield and our deliverer. We are the overcomers. The Adversary may delay us, but he'll never stop us!

Thank you, my dear friends, for all your prayers and support, and thank you, too, for your kindness and your patience. I am always in remembrance that Power of Prophecy is here solely to serve God. We will continue our fight for Truth, remembering, also, that we represent you in this glorious endeavor.

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