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Satan Casts a Dark Shadow

"The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves."

—Isaiah 3:9

Satan has cast a dark shadow over America. The end-times are upon us and that is why insanity seems to reign on every front. America has turned itself into a crazy house, an obscene and vulgar place, void of God's spirit and empty of civility and common sense.

Case in point: Our President, George W. Bush. President Bush's standing has sunk to an all-time low in public opinion polls. Obviously, this has angered the nation's Chief Executive and he is responding like an immature brat—just like the draft dodger and cocaine dopehead playboy he once was. Reliable internet news sources (for example: report that, "White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him."

A Dirty Mouth of an Angry Man

"I'm not meeting again with that g...d....b....," Bush screamed at aides who suggested he meet again with Cindy Sheehan, the war-protesting mother whose son died in Iraq. "She can go to hell as far as I'm concerned."

Informed of his slippage in the polls over his inept handling of the New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina disaster and his ineptitude in Iraq where the rebel insurgency is roaring, Bush hollered to aides, "I don't give a flying f... what the polls say."

A recent video showing a blustery, childish President Bush shooting people the finger didn't help to boost his off-color reputation either.

Meanwhile, Vice President Cheney was captured on TV by reporters telling a U.S. Senator inside the Senate Chamber, "Go f... yourself." Later, while Cheney was making a photo opportunity stop to give a brief press conference in the hurricane devastated Mississippi coast, news reports tell us of a man who bellowed at Cheney, screaming, "F... you, Dick Cheney." It turns out that the man and his family had lost their entire home and all their possessions in the flood. They had received no help from Bush and Cheney's corrupt and incompetent FEMA.

George Bush is so vulgar that, according to Fox TV News, he actually calls his chief advisor, Karl Rove, by the pet nickname, "Turdblossom." Bush thinks that's cute. He's too dumb and too unrighteous to realize how disgusting it is. And of course, there is the example of First Lady Laura Bush. At a White House dinner and banquet given for the press corp, the First Lady joked about her, Lynn Cheney (Dick's wife), and Condi Rice (Secretary of State) going to men's strip clubs and sticking greenbacks in the almost naked men's g-strings. Then, Laura Bush made a squalid, obscene joke about her husband masturbating a horse! The jaded press correspondents, wicked to the core themselves, laughed with glee. They appeared to be delighted over Laura Bush's degrading of her high office. The dignity of the First Lady was sullied, maybe beyond repair.

Hand signs and vulgarities punctuate the end-times. President Bush’s obscene language and his middle-finger gesture is bad enough...
...but, as can be seen from these pictures, when Jordan’s King Abdulla met with Russian President Vladimir Putin recently, he slyly displayed the "El Diablo" sign of the horned devil.

America's New Propaganda Minister

It's not just the vulgarities and obscenities that mark this White House as one of the most ungodly and irreverent in history.

Over at the State Department, Karen Hughes, Bush's long-time public relations advisor, set up a new office. Her new role is to serve as America's Minister of Propaganda (Herr Goebbels—move over!) Hughes will be active planting fake stories in newspapers issuing lies, slander, and other propaganda trash. The first thing Hughes and her Nazi-like assistants did was to issue a press release warning the public to stay away from conspiracy web sites. The State Department warns that misinformation is being spread by "conspiracy theorists" and others who are not to be believed. According to the Bush White House, people who believe in conspiracies are potential terrorists. You can believe the government, says Hughes and her press release. They're here to help you. "Big Brother loves you," says Ms. Hughes. "Trust him."

Recently, however, it came out that the Bush Administration is freely distributing "payola"—long green as they say—to radio and TV talk show hosts and editorial writers who cooperate by putting out U.S. Government approved propaganda pieces. It's bad enough that the Jewish-owned networks are spreading the lies thick. Now, our taxpayer dollars are going into the pockets of men and women of the press who sell-out for big bucks.

One such government shrill is black journalist Armstrong Williams. He pocketed the nicely sum of $240,000 last year to be a mouthpiece of Bush's neocon, fake "conservative agenda."

Once upon a time, Americans bragged about a free press. Our country was a First Amendment bastion of liberty. Now we discover that today's press is a bag of wind—they are all paid-for automatons who sell their soul for a pot of green-colored porridge.

Colin Powell Embarrassed

Our intelligence services (CIA, NSA, etc.) are also tainted, crooked, corrupt, and untrustworthy. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell now says he's "embarrassed" that he went before the United Nations Security Council and lied about Saddam Hussein's nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Powell says that was the "low point" of his entire career. But then he dodges, blaming it all on "intelligence failures."

No one takes blame in today's Washington, D.C. When Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi suggested to President Bush that investigative hearings needed to be held to find out why we had the failures of FEMA during the Katrina debacle, Bush retorted, "What failures? What are you talking about?"

One week later, the head of FEMA, Michael Brown, resigned in disgrace.

Fake Christians Praise Him

President Bush is still praised to the heavens by the Southern Baptist leadership, by TBN's Paul Crouch, evangelist Jerry Falwell, and all the other spiritual reprobates. They don't care about his obscenities and vulgarities. They don't even care about the fact that Bush has nominated for Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, Judge John Roberts, an avid and enthusiastic supporter of homosexual depravity.

Roberts was the lead lawyer in the Romer vs. Colorado case, which gave the homosexuals and lesbians special rights. That case was the one that led to gay marriages and a score of other homosexual barbarisms. A gay lawyer said Roberts' leadership on the case was "brilliant." A lesbian gay activist thanked Roberts and said his help was "crucial" to the homosexuals' victory in the Supreme Court.

Now get this: Reportedly, John Roberts was so happy when asked to work on this despicable case he shouted aloud, "Let's get started!" That's not all: Roberts spent hundreds of hours helping the homosexuals win a victory in the Supreme Court, and he didn't charge them one red cent for his services.

Steamy Lesbian Sex Novels

Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. is abuzz with stories of homosexual atrocities in the White House and on Capital Hill. Roberts is reputedly a queer, the President himself is claimed to be a bisexual. And it has been confirmed that Lynn Cheney, the Vice President's spouse, is author of a number of "steamy lesbian sex novels" that have been published. The Cheneys' daughter is an avowed lesbian.

Equally disgusting and sick, the Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara, recently attended the wedding of good friend, homosexual Erwin Gomez, to his sodomite lover, James Packard. According to The New York Daily News, Jenna and Barbara were thrilled and excited about the abominable joining of two queers in matrimony.

Headed Toward Oblivion

The Bushes and Cheneys are mirrors that reflect the sin and degradation common among the entire U.S. populace. The New York Post reported that last year at Halloween, the most favored costumes for young kids were those of prostitutes for girls and pimps for boys. "Kiddie pimp and hooker Halloween outfits are all the rage," a headline trumpeted.

Take careful notice: America is this planet's cultural and spiritual role model. If America is depraved, all the world follows. That is why world rulers in great numbers are now openly honoring Satan. Recently, Jordan's King Abdullah slyly signaled the "El Diablo" hand sign to President Vladmir Putin during a visit to Russia. I could cite scores of other examples.

Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, America is fast headed toward oblivion. We will surely see God's judgement on this satanic-filled nation. From the President on down, they declare their sin as Sodom. Pride and rebellion are the hallmarks of America. Shame, shame!

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