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Texe Marrs

Photo Evidence of Evil and Deception

Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood Madam, is reputedly now running a male bordello in Nevada. Here she gives the satanic "V" Sign. The true significance of this occult sign is explained in Codex Magica.

Having disposed of Princess Diana, Prince Charles was free to marry his perverted, adulterous lover, Camilla, shown here wearing a diamond-laden serpent around her neck.

Kid Rock, this filthy fellow calls himself. He and his music are popular among rockers and country music fans. He recently married Pamela Lee, the vulgar sex starlet who became famous for her role in TV’s Baywatch.

Skull and Bones initiate, President Bush, frequently gives the El Diablo horned devil sign. Here he is with Secretary of State Condi Rice. Ms. Rice often wears all-black dominatrix clothing and high-top leather boots.

Psychiatrist whacko and cocaine abuser Sigmund Freud gives the angry Mano Figo hand sign. The revealing caption for this photo in U.S. News and World Report (May 8, 2006) reads: "Freud, still provoking after 150 years."

We find each of these three depraved Hollywood actors (Paris Hilton in center) giving a different hand sign.

See anything out of place in this photo? At left is Jewish ADL Senator Charles Schumer; in middle is former Senate Majority Leader, Tom Daschle; and at right, Mississippi’s Senator Trent Lott, a 33rd degree Mason.

She ran off with actress Jennifer Anniston’s husband, Brad Pitt, but to the debauched media, sensuous actress Angelina Jolie is the loving and virginal Madonna of our age.

Michael J. Fox presents a revealing kabbalist Mason hand sign in a recent issue of the glossy Town & Country magazine (see Codex Magica for explanation).

Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, well-known as a New Age occultist and political liar extraordinaire, shares a Masonic handshake with Pope Benedict XVI.

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