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The Christian Establishment-Greedy, Ignorant, Apostate

"And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." (Ephesians 5:11)

The Christian Establishment is asleep, ignorant, apostate and dead. However, the Christian Church is awake, aware, holy, and alive. There, I've said it, and I meant every word of it. If you are a member of one of the thousands of churches that are part and parcel of the Christian Establishment, I warn you: Get out now...Leave "Sodom and Egypt" far behind and enter the light of true Christianity. Do it today!

It's been over 20 years now that Wanda and I went into Christian ministry full-time, and in these two decades I have, regrettably, become a heart-sickened authority on pastors, ministers, "reverends," theologians and other "priests" of the devil who pretend to be Christian. Tragically, of the hundreds and hundreds of these would-be pillars of the Christian world that I have encountered in my labors, I can probably count on my ten fingers the number of godly men and women I have met in the ranks of today's vast majority of foul-minded, grotesque clergy.

On the other hand, I have been pleased and honored to meet and profit spiritually from fellowship with untold numbers of little known, unheralded, and, often, much despised true Christian believers. To my amazement, I have found that rarely are true Christians ordained pastors or theologians. True Christians are never invited to speak at the pulpit of the Establishment churches. The 700 Club and TBN would not dare to have a true, godly man or woman guest on their milk-toast, silly, hoaxter TV programs.

"You're too old-fashioned"

Almost every day Power of Prophecy hears from sincere, faithful, Bible-believing Christians who have been told by new-style pastors that they are no longer welcome at their churches. "You're too old-fashioned," they're told, "too set in your ways."

Anyone who refuses to go along with hip-hop and rock music, who still believes in such a thing as sin or concepts like judgement, heaven, and hell, who sticks with the King James Version, who complains about the modern "God wants you to be rich" dogma, or believes Jesus is the only way to salvation is in jeopardy of being told to "hit the road, you are not our kind of Christian."

What we have today are legions of devilish, politically correct, Establishment pastors and leaders who don't care a plug nickel for Bible truth. These are the goats that Jesus divides from the sheep.

Am I being too hard on these poor, stupid, 21st century so-called "Christian" leaders? No way! These big name liars and pretenders are workers of darkness, masquerading angels of light, ministers of unrighteousness, and we owe them nothing but contempt. They are walking side-by-side with their Master, Satan, and millions of souls are perishing because of their greedy, wicked conduct and stupidity. Why should you and I honor the obedient servants of Abaddon and Apollyon (Revelation 9:11).

"New Age? What is that?"

Let me, dear friends, give you just a few examples of the slothful, unseemly, willful ignorance of such men. Several years ago I was invited to dinner at the home of a prominent Austin, Texas physician and his wife, both of whom are Christians. At that dinner was their pastor, a man who led a large evangelical congregation of a Bible Church located in Westlake Hills, one of Austin's most affluent and ritzy suburbs. This pastor had previously been Professor of Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary, an acclaimed training ground for evangelicals and especially for Zionist Judaizer types.

Introduced to this pastor as an author, he asked me what type of books I wrote. "I expose the New Age Movement," I answered.

"New Age? What is that,?" he responded, a puzzled look on his face. Seeking to avoid embarrassing this man, I simply suggested to him, he might find New Age Lies to Women, a book by my wife, Wanda, of great interest, particularly since he had taught the Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. The book, I assured him, examines and discusses the unfortunate revival in America of the ancient worship of the Great Goddess.

Seeing once again a bewildered frown on the man's face, I decided once again to try and help him out of his difficulty. I said, "You know, Pastor, remember the goddess, the 'Queen of Heaven' mentioned by the prophet Jeremiah, where the women of Israel angered God by baking cakes as offerings to her, right in the temple." "And of course," I added, "there is the Apostle Paul's controversy over Diana, the great goddess of the Ephesians, as discussed in the book of Acts."

"I never heard of those things," the pastor said, "are you sure you are not making this up?"

Friends, I later found out that at that very time, this apostate minister was introducing "Jewish dance" into church ritual, and the congregation at his Church was eating it up! And many more abominations were going on in his ecumenical, worldly Church.

A little later, I met up with yet another "learned," would be Christian teacher, a well-known Southern Baptist Pastor from Roswell, Georgia. This guy went on to become the President of the Southern Baptist Convention. He, too, said he didn't know what I was talking about. All this fellow seemed to know about the Christian faith could be found inside the covers of the latest Norman Vincent Peale or Robert Schuller book.

Reading the Bible More Important than Degrees

I can tell you this...I would trust a man or woman with a 3rd grade education who actually reads his or her King James Bible far more than I would trust these ignorant men who have PhD, DD, and all the other stupid degree acronyms behind their names and yet have never once read their Holy Bible in its entirety.

In fact, I can't seem to find but a very few pastors today who even believe in the Holy Bible any more! They almost universally claim the Scriptures have errors and mistakes that they and their crummy theologian pals need to fix! I asked one of these lukewarm pastors who called in to complain about me on a talk show in Phoenix, Arizona, which Bible did his professors at his seminary teach from. His answer was: "None! We never read and studied the Bible. We used books written by learned men; the scholarly."

"Well," I retorted, "there's your problem. You claim to be a minister and preacher of God, and you don't even know God's Word. You only know the words of men!"

Ghostwritten Sermons for Ignorant Men

I have also discovered over the years that not one pastor in a thousand actually prepares his own weekly sermon. They're ghostwritten for him, you see, by unseen and unknown teachers. Apostate publishers put out (sell!) and distribute hundreds of canned, pre-printed "sermons" for dumbed-down pastors. Of course don't ask the apostate pastors who spout all this drivel what it means. They are just "readers"—ignorant, lazy, serpent-following plagiarists of material written and published by other stupid men who also don't read the Scriptures for themselves.

Of course, at most charismatic, misnamed "Full Gospel" churches today, the pastors don't even bother to use the canned, pre-printed sermons. They just come to the pulpit unprepared and depend on the unholy, disorderly confusion and chaos of dozens of people pretending to be super-holy by "speaking in other tongues" all at the same time (a gross violation of the Apostle Paul's admonition in I Corinthians 14). Then the incompetent and slothful pastors pitch-out 15 or 20 minutes of occult psychobabble nonsense about positive confessions and prosperity thinking. They mix in a clamorous, windy bag of jived-up, sensuous rock music and the people then leave the church all emotionally hyped up, imagining they really met God that day. Unbelievable!—also sad and wicked.

There is a True Christian Church

But wait! In the midst of all this apostasy, even as the "Congregations of the Dead" continue to spin out the devil's foolishness, there remains a true Christian Church. The wicked and their leaders are greater in number, and the world holds its filthy-lucre pastors in higher esteem. But the faithful people I like to call "The Little People"—men and women who pray and humble themselves before God and who proclaim the power and perfection of His Word—are still out there.

True, the people of the real and authentic Christian Church are hated and despised by the pastors of the bigger "Christian Establishment" churches. Usually, true Christian believers don't even have a church home; at least not a church they go to labeled Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran, or Assembly of God. They're not welcome at these places. But then, they do not desire to enter these big and rich sanctuaries of hell!

Instead, they recall and cherish the precious words of Jesus: "Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

Just as vital, the true Christian does not need a popular group of Christian Establishment fun and celebration entertainers, a showman in the pulpit, or an imposing Cathedral of brick or glass and stone. The true Christian has Jesus Christ living in his or her heart. He is drawn nigh to Zion by God's miraculous love. He or she is an overcomer. True Christians know what they are and who He is! They also know who the fakers and pretenders are and are gifted with discernment to understand and appreciate the power of the "mystery of godliness." That's why they don't confuse big numbers and dollars with the spiritual things of God.

Don't be Loved to Death

Today, the world loves it own, and you will be much loved if you are an active member of Sodom and Egypt's big-time tent, the Christian Establishment. Just remember, Satan's Church will love you all right. It and its people will love a wicked person right to his death. But Jesus and His Christian Church, though they have no money to give you, no fame and sensual delights to offer, will love you to life.

That, dear friends, is the clear choice every person today must make: the choice between the establishment's sure death or Christ's guarantee of eternal life. Have you made your decision yet? Do so quickly. Time may run out very, very soon.

"Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities."


(Revelation 18: 4-5)

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