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Exclusive Internet Report

Texe Marrs

The Art of Unmasking Disinformation Agents

Almost every day I receive e-mails, letters, and phone calls from government-paid disinformation agents. How do I know that's what they are? Because they are the ones attempting to trash and besmirch the reputation of the most hard-working and dependable leaders in the Patriot and Truth Movements.

The CIA, FBI, Israeli Mossad, and other spy groups have "black budgets" in the tens of billions and are freely spending taxpayer dollars setting up fake "patriot" websites and radio programs and bankrolling trained disinformation agents. They also subsidize books and videos that specialize in defaming and smearing true patriots. Anyone who is genuinely and honestly exposing government corruption will eventually get on the list of these smear agents.

They'll stop at nothing, lying and deceiving, manufacturing false news reports and dredging up any personal junk they can get hold of, trying to spread confusion and chaos among patriotic Americans.

I am often the target of these government-subsidized rapscallions, but I consider it just part of the price we all have to pay for the privilege of publishing the truth. To me, it is a badge of honor to be attacked by those lying jackals and turncoats who have a blind eye as far as freedom is concerned.

How to Spot Them

How can you and I spot the government-funded fakers who, so often, pretend to be patriots and lovers of liberty? Here are some clues. Ask yourself...

1. Do they focus on the elite powers-that-be in high places of government, OR instead, do they waste their time attacking fellow patriots in the Truth Movement?
2. Do they constantly relish writing and publishing trash and smears against patriot leaders and truthtellers?
3. Do they call in to Patriot talk shows and target for smears and vitriol the host, the guest, or other patriot leaders?
4. Do they insist that only those who currently are exposing this or that particular group (whether itís the CFR, Trilateralists, Zionists, Jesuits, Neocons, Blacks, Russians, etc.) are trustworthy?
5. Do they rail at legitimate patriot authors and leaders, calling them names and accusing them of being greedy and "in it just to make money?"
6. Do they seize on virtually every word or statement made by a patriot leader or author, trying to find fault or some minor inaccuracy? (Note: One author I know was accused of being academically inept simply because he had misspelled the name "Zbigniew Brzezinski" in his otherwise excellent, 300-page book).

Disregard These Piranha Fish and Cannibals

The government shills and con-agents are like piranha fish, working and grinding their teeth, cannibalizing the flesh of good, honest, and sincere people in the Patriot and Truth Movements. Watch out for them and avoid their treachery.

Let us all keep our eyes and hearts on what really matters. The wise old saw is still operative, that either we, as freedom-loving, patriotic Americans, all stand together united or, surely, divided we shall fall.


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