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Special Request

Texe Marrs

Employee Appreciation Month

The staff at Power of Prophecy is simply amazing. Having visited ministries and patriot organizations around the U.S.A., I can say with assurance that none have employees as hardworking and dedicated as we are blessed with. Michelle, Sandra, Jerry, Rosario and Nelson love their jobs, they love the Lord, and they love serving you.

Yes, we have only five employees who complete our lovely staff, but they do the work of a dozen! And they never complain. They cheerfully work over-time to fill your orders or take care of urgent problems that arise.

To our employees, serving God and serving you gets first priority. Each has proven their faithfulness in years of service. Michelle has been with us 17 years, Sandra 18, Jerry 11, Rosario 9, and Nelson 7. Wanda and I are so blessed to have these trusted co-laborers beside us in this ministry.

Will you help us help our employees? I’d like to make this month of October “Employee Appreciation Month.” If you would like to show your appreciation for all that these five outstanding employees do, I appeal to you to please give a special offering to the ministry this month—over and above what you usually give.

Do let us hear from you. And, when you give, please let us know what portion of your gift is going for “Employee Appreciation.” May God richly bless you for your caring, for your kind heart, and for your faithfulness to His ministry.

All God’s Best,
Texe Marrs

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We are so very thankful to those of you who give to Power of Prophecy. You are a valued member of our end-time crusade for Truth and Righteousness on behalf of our Savior Jesus Christ. Click here for more info!

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