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by Texe Marrs

Kabbalah: Ultimate Secret of Freemasonry

Texe Marrs

Texe Marrs

Albert Pike, 33, former Sovereign Grand Commander of Universal Freemasonry called it the “Mystery of the Kabbalah.” It is, in fact, the ultimate secret of the Masonic Lodge and from it spring this cult’s strange, antichrist doctrines.

    The Kabbalah of the Jews is an occult system of magic and witchcraft first invented by the infamous Rabbi Simeon Bar Yochai. Rabbi Bar Yochai is one of the most celebrated rabbis in the history of Israel. In the second century, it is claimed, he spent over a dozen years deep inside a cave. During this time he wrote the Kabbalah and its primary textbook, the Zohar. He was supposedly given these books by a team of once heavenly angels, demons and followers of Lucifer.

    Since that time, the Kabbalah has spread throughout the world. It is today prized highly within the religion of Judaism. Rabbi Bar Yochai’s grave is a prime tourist attraction in Israel.

    The Kabbalah is at the very heart of Judaism. It is also the primary source for the world’s witches, occult teachers, and magicians. It is the manual for numerology, necromancy, astrology, goddess worship, sexual deviancy, psychic mind powers, serpent veneration and idol worship. It is also the very foundation of Masonry, constituting the Mystery religion of the Masonic Order.

All Masonic associations owe to Kabbalah their secrets and their symbols, says Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma.

    Freemasonry has long been enthused with the occult teachings of Kabbalah. In the 19th century, Albert Pike revised Masonic rituals and its 33 degrees in strict accordance with the Kabbalah. Pike writes, in Morals and Dogma:

“The old primitive faith that is the Freemasonry religion is derived from the Ancient, pure Kabbalah.”

    The Kabbalah is claimed to be pure, but Christianity is flawed and has errors said Pike. Innumerable high-level Masons agree. “One is filled with admiration on penetrating into the Sanctuary of the Kabbalah,” wrote Pike. “It is,” he said “a doctrine so simple, yet so Absolute.”

    The Kabbalah of Rabbi Bar Yochai is vastly different than the Holy Bible. It proposes that there are many gods and goddesses, most of whom are sexually promiscuous. However, the true Messiah is none other than the Holy Serpent! Thus we see how depraved and wicked is the Masonic Lodge. Rejecting the Bible as false and inaccurate, the Kabbalah only is worthy of adoration and worship. It alone is “pure,” boasts the Masonic synagogue of Satan.   

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