Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

Soros and Gates Team Up

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

So Gates and Soros have bought Mologic. Why?

    Mologic was founded in 2003 by CEO Marc Davis and his father, professor Paul Davis, who was one of the original developers of widely-used ClearBlue pregnancy test. The company is currently a leading developer of the deep-nostril technology used to deliver rapid Covid-19 screening tests.

    Since Gates and Soros do not share their philanthropic approaches, it seems an odd partnership. What could each be hoping to gain from this new acquisition?

    The Gates Foundation’s mission statement is about “vaccinating” the world’s underserved, developing nations.” (But we’ve heard about the lawsuits and side effects, right?)

    Why then should they buy the testing company? Not to be left behind, Gates and Soros are getting into one of the most lucrative businesses in the world now: Covid-19.

Follow the Money Instead of the Science

For Gates, the self-appointed global health expert, more tests mean more positive diagnoses. His goal is to process 10 million tests per day. With the many positive results sure to follow, the means to create hysterical programming, the message for vaccination will be expanded into the farthest reaches of the earth.

    You know what’s next: With Gates’ stated goal in mind, is it any surprise to find that Gates also owns a large stake in a vaccine company, CureVac, who is currently undergoing clinical trials on their own mRNA-based Covid vaccine?

    Gates tried to block worldwide vaccine formula sharing—that is—to protect his patents (money). In other programs Gates has repeatedly attempted to exclude others from producing lifesaving drugs, including allowing the Gates Foundation itself to acquire substantial intellectual property. So much for Gates’ philanthropic heart. In this instance, after worldwide pressure Gates had to reverse his stance on protecting vaccine patents in the interim.

    By creating his own vaccine and already having inroads into developing countries, he can corner the market for testing (‘identifying’ the problem) and vaccinations (offering a ‘solution’) as well as his stated goal to expand into the area of therapeutics. In the targeted poorer countries there will be little oversight and the liberal elite will practically elevate him into sainthood.

Bill Gates Dreams Come True

Gates has been planning and positioning himself for an event such as the Covid pandemic for a number of years.

    In a March 2015 Ted Talk, Gates stated, “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.”

    In September 2015 he teamed up with Jeffrey Epstein supported thinktank, International Peace Institute, and hosted “Preparing for Pandemics” in Geneva, Switzerland with the WHO, CDC, Red Cross, Pasteur Institute and Soros’ OSF present as well as civil society organization, Third World Network.

    In 2017 he wrote an op-ed for Business Insider outlining a scenario where millions die.

    Gates is also funding Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System containing Luciferase. The claim is that it will make tracking his vaccine participants easier—much like cattle branding or maybe the mark of the beast.

    Although the Gates Foundation does do some good in treating river-blindness, dengue fever amongst other ills in developing countries, it is not without cost. The Gates Foundation also uses their patients, reportedly, for clinical trials, sterilizations and more.

Soros and His Goals: “Open Society”

So why has George Soros’ expanded into the health services arena? Soros’ social justice advocacy group OSF’s primary mission statement quotes, “The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and inclusive democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens (nation building in the image of Soros/Marx).”

    Buying into this new testing company will give his foundation greater ingress into these developing nations so he might mold their governments, by cultural upheaval if necessary, into his ideal model of a Marxist nirvana, much like he is doing here in the U.S.A., and like he’s attempted to do in Hungary, and other countries, where he is no longer welcome. Accept the dangled carrot and these struggling poor countries have no choice but to accept all the conditions that come with it. They dare not bite the hand that promises medical or other support, but the devil is always in the details.

Last thought: If you think that the tests (and vaccine) are intended only for the poorer nations you would be wrong. The lands of deeper pockets (USA, UK, Europe, etc.) are also targeted—whereever there is money to be made and power to gain.  

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