Special Bonus Report
by Sandra Myers

The Lastest Trends in Seeking Immortality

I Will Be Like the Most High

Sandra Myers

Sandra Myers

“Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with thee, thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass.”

Job 14:5

God made man in His image and Satan has been trying to remake man into his own image ever since. Following are reports from news outlets reflecting some of the current lengths to which man is seeking to gain immortality.

    Texe Marrs told you in his book Robot Alchemy as well as in his audio, Transhumanism and Immortality, that the goal of man has been to remake himself into a god. More recently Jerry Barrett and Pastor Matt Furse discussed Yuval Noah Harari whose vision, shared at the World Economic Form, is that humans will attain digital immortality. Harari does not believe in God. In his world, humans are hackable organisms who will become cyborgs. Transhumanism is his goal. (See Setting the Stage for the Antichrist with Jerry Barrett and Pastor Matt Furse.)

The best way for me to illustrate the latest height of this madness is to reprint small portions of articles from my research. There is so much more.

From The Guardian, Hollie Richardson:

“Until recently, Bryan Johnson was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to infuse one litre of his teenage son’s youthful plasma into his own ageing blood stream every month. ‘I’ve never paid more attention to what he’s eating... because that was going into my body,’ the 46-year-old American tech entrepreneur says on new podcast The Immortals. He also pumped his own plasma into his 70-year-old father’s body to help improve his declining physical and cognitive health: ‘It was one of the most meaningful moments in his entire life. And it was the same for me.’ Johnson continues to pay $2m a year for a research team to investigate how we can live longer - and he is certainly not the only rich guy in Silicon Valley dedicated to the search for eternal life [emphasis mine].

“I’ve never paid more attention to what he’s eating“... Bryan Johnson, 46, and his son Talmage, whose blood plasma was infused into his own. Bryan (the Dad) also infused his own blood plasma into his 70-year-old dad. (Photograph: Magda Wosinska/Magdalena Wosinska)

“Johnson is just one of the extraordinary people technology reporter and psychologist Aleks Krotoski speaks to who are trying to defy death. It is a ludicrous, fascinating and at times terrifying investigation - one she started as part of her PhD in 2003. The dawn of the internet meant ‘it felt like all these sci-fi dreams could be made possible,’ including technological singularity - technology merging with humanity to create a ‘post-human existence.’ Ultimately, she says, this means ‘we shall be immortal beings.’ At the time, like everybody else, Krotoski wrote this off as ‘mad.’ Two decades later, though, the fringe idea is entering the mainstream: ‘It has become entrenched in Silicon Valley, particularly because technology has become so advanced in the last five years.’”

    Johnson seeks his immortality in the flesh so he can enjoy his fleshly pursuits. Harari is content with preserving his warped philosophies for eternity sans flesh.

    Elon Musk seeks to merge the two with his Neuralink. On the surface, in these early stages, he presents benefits to those who are paralyzed by regaining bodily function. Insert chip in brain, bypass, reprogram the body to respond to his chip. A less benevolent outcome could be almost mindless automatons to do the elite’s bidding with no will to refuse beit super-soldier or chauffeur.

    As a side note: The number of autistic children (thus adults) unable to care for themselves is exploding. Is more unauthorized human experimentation on the way? I can hear it now: “If we insert this chip in your autistic child’s brain, program them and make them more functionable, they will have a better life because, after all, what’s going to happen after you are gone?”

Who Needs Human Beings? From Reuters:

“EHOVOT, Israel - Scientists in Israel have created a model of a human embryo from stem cells in the laboratory, without using sperm, eggs or a womb, offering a unique glimpse into the early stages of embryonic development.

    “The model resembles an embryo at day 14, when it acquires internal structures but before it lays down the foundations for body organs, according to the team at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science.

    “The study joins six other similar human embryo-like models published from teams around the world this year.”

More Areas of Research

A tiny glimpse into the research to solve the immortality dilemma is being conducted on varied fronts: Anti-aging drugs and supplements—some of which you may even take; Nanotechnology such as cell-repair machines; Cloning and body parts replacement; Gene editing—if cancer runs in your family we can edit that right out; Senescence—rejuvenation by removing aging damage via the use of stem cells and tissue engineering.

    Is it any wonder that these men should be afraid of aging and death? I feel bad for them. Their vanity drives their frenzied exaltation to be like the Most High, but all our lives are as a vapor.

“Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

James 4:14  

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